Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Go Beyond Ecommerce SEO With Web Presence Management Services

For an ecommerce site to thrive on the web, it is important that it makes use of various comprehensive marketing and promotion strategies. Though many online stores have made heavy investments in ecommerce SEO services and strategies, just SEO along may not be enough to survive the stiff competition.

In addition to ecommerce SEO services, a more complete solution is found through web presence management services which focus on a more strategic approach to both brand-building and web marketing. A strong web presence management is defined by five major pillars. Below we delve into each of these pillars and how to orchestrate a more all encompassing approach that goes beyond a standard ecommerce SEO service program.

1. Search Marketing

It is the process of gaining visibility and traffic from search engines, through various paid as well as unpaid efforts. It encompasses Organic SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC).
  • Organic SEO includes techniques and methods to obtain a high ranking on a search engine results page that are unpaid and algorithm-driven. Various popular strategies like optimizing for keywords, writing high-quality content, and building backlinks fall under this category.
  • PPC advertising is a highly successful method of capturing quality exposure of search engines for certain keywords which drives profitable traffic to the website. Web presence management services can include the creation of PPC advertising accounts, as well as the optimization and management of previously existing PPC accounts to boost their performance.

2. Content Marketing

Creation and promotion of excellent and significant content acts as a big step in attracting quality leads. Blogging is one of the most popular content marketing techniques. Web presence management services promote the e-commerce brand by making use of various opportunities pertaining to content marketing, ranging from blogging & articles to illustrations, images, graphics, and videos.

3. Social Media Marketing

Making use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to build and promote communities and relationships with users is known as Social Media Marketing. It involves creating attention-seeking content that is worth sharing. Over the time, social media marketing has gained significance for establishing long-lasting connections with the target audience.

Investing in web presence management services can aid in overall brand promotion and awareness. The website marketing team, together with the web service managing experts can together work to create an optimal approach for managing the social media pressure that the brand is facing.

4. Reputation Management

It is important that a brand's or website's image is positive on the Internet. A web presence management program from www.WebPresenceGroup.net ensures just that. It involves various techniques like publishing press releases, positive review generation and optimizing the company's web presence on various popular platforms like Google+, Facebook, Foursquare, and many more.

Some other useful forms of reputation management are timely responds to customer complaints, using the customer feedback for future developments, and making sure that no incorrect information regarding the e-commerce brand persists on the Internet.

5. Analytics, Performance Tracking & Reporting

The web presence management service providers analyze various rankings and the performance of your e-commerce brand to create a report which is used to improve the services and the marketing of your brand in order to get more leads. The analysis and tracking includes - finding the website’s conversion rate, calculations of the total number of orders placed, unique buyers, most selling products, and total revenue generated.

By making use of web presence management services, your online ecommerce brand gains the chances to thrive and succeed among its competitors. Using these services provides you with a web presence that's not only well-geared for SEO and search marketing, but also one that's top of mind with your target market.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Custom Tank Top Company Carves Niche in Neon

The Neon South began as an idea on the way back from a festival road trip in New Orleans among business savvy, creative individuals with ties to various college student and Greek organizations. By the end of the drive, the following company goal was established: create designs that capture a moment in time with the best possible buying experience for the customer.

American made, quality products coupled with personalized customer service and consumer friendly pricing, The Neon South has been at the forefront of the custom tank tops market since its conception. In doing so, the online business carved a niche in the vibrant market for customizable neon tank tops.

Custom Screen Printed Neon Tank Tops

The Dallas based ecommerce company is able to provide consumers with screen-printing on custom neon tank tops, tee shirts and hats. Their state of the art production floor is manned twenty four hours a day and each item is hand inspected before it is shipped to customers. In addition to screen-printing, The Neon South is able to provide custom embroidered apparel.

Their apparel services include: screen-printing, embroidery, hat/sunglasses/fanny pack customization, and direct to garment printing. From their production floor, they are able to produce more than 5,000 shirts per day and they pride themselves with expedient turnarounds for their products.

The Neon South also offers price matching in regards to their competition. Therefore, should you find a design, etc. from a competitor, they will match the price and print and deliver the product to you much sooner than any other. Whether you choose to browse their current inventory or submit a design idea of your own, the quality remains high.

Apparel Beyond the Tank Top

In addition to custom neon tank tops, the company sports a wide range of accessories and other forms of customizable apparel, including sunglasses, hats, head bands, fanny packs and much more.

No matter the occasion or the organization, The Neon South is able to create an apparel product that not only fits your need but will be guaranteed to receive multiple wears. The greatest bonus to all of this, is the fact that with each order, there are jobs, revenue and taxes retained within the United States. Absolutely nothing is outsourced abroad via this company. They are firm advocates for employing Americans and keeping as must revenue cycling through domestic channels.

All-in-all, although The Neon South is a company founded in the era of internet business, but it is grounded in the traditional beliefs and fundamentals that the industry giants of the brick and mortar age. They are able to remain on the cutting edge of technology in the field as well as provide trendy, relevant apparel at budget conscious pricing. They are truly the blueprint for social conscious, American worker friendly business.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eco-friendly Toy Store an Advocate of Natural Toys (for Many Reasons)

When it comes to the most epic of entrepreneurs in the natural toys market, Hazelnut Kids hails among the top for organic, wooden, and all-natural toys for infants, toddlers, and children.

But what really makes Hazelnut Kids stand out from the other natural toy stores on the web? In this post, we go deep into what makes the eco-friendly toy store one of the most well-respective advocates of the organic movement, in addition to retailers of natural toys for infants.

Spreading Conscious Awareness of Organic & Natural Toys

Content marketing has been evolving as one of the most powerful means to communicate a cause and reach new customers.

Over the past year, the content marketing campaigns unveiled by Hazelnut Kids go far beyond the standard approach of connecting with in-marketing audiences about natural baby toys.

Much of the content (i.e. articles, videos, blog posts, etc.) underscores the importance of buying eco-friendly and organic made products to support a health home. And when it comes to growing infants and toddlers of the family, the kids come first.

A Proponent for Organic & Eco-friendly Consumerism (Beyond Toys)

In light of Hazelnut Kids advocacy as a proponent for the organic and eco-friendly movement, the company does a lot more than just sell natural toys for infants. Here's a quick summary of some of the things this eco-conscious company does to support the eco-friendly movement.
  • Hazelnut Kids donates 1% of all sales to land conservancies so that future generations have a retreat to explore, learn about, and enjoy their natural surroundings.
  • For every natural toy that is purchased, Hazelnut Kids will have one tree planted through the Trees for the Future agroforestry initiative.
  • Hazelnut Kids uses 100% recycled gift wrap and gift cards from Earth Love'n Paper Products, an organization that utilizes a chlorine-free process.
  • The company uses 100% recycled gift boxes, in addition to cardboard boxes for shipments whenever possible.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Hazelnut Kids is role model among eco-freindly companies.

Small Roots. Massive Branches. 

With small roots as local organic toy store based in Traverse City, MI, Hazelnut Kids has grown to become an industry leader. At the company's website, HazelnutKids.com, the online store is abundant with one of the widest selections of organic cotton stuff animals and dolls (including the famous Waldorf dolls) and natural wooden toys for kids of all ages.

The company is also well-known for offering one of the largest selections of organic baby toys made in the U.S.A. This is perhaps one of the most popular reasons why so many conscious parents opt for Hazelnut Kids for their organic and natural baby toys.

As the company continues to grow, so does the environment. Sustainably driven and highly-respective among online retailers abroad, Hazelnut Kids is without question your go-to stop for eco-friendly natural toys for infants.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Truck Load Volume Scanner: Epic Engineering & Design

Innovations in science, engineering, and technology have improved all aspects of business and logistics. Advanced technology has made it possible to carry out complicated and time consuming tasks (such as measuring payloads in transit without having to weigh vehicles individually) thanks to innovations like the load scanner or truck load volume scanner. Load volume scanners incredible tools for logistics, payload valuation and management that can drastically improve efficiency.

Truck Load Volume Scanners Defined 

Truck load volume scanners are devices that measure the truck load's volume using special laser scanning. The load scanner looks like a tall streetlight with a monitor attached at the base or sometimes separate from the device. A loaded truck will pass under this device and the laser scanners scan the load while projecting three dimension images of the truck's tray to the monitor. The images show how the load is distributed on the truck's bed.

The truck load volume scanner can also be used to calculate the load's weight by using a special formula to calculate weight based on the volume. A load scanner is used when loading cargo onto the truck for better weight distribution that ensures safety during long distance journeys. The digital images projected to the monitor from the laser scanners guide personnel on where and how to place the cargo inside the truck's tray. The load volume scanner is able to warn the driver whenever the cargo exceeds maximum weight limit.

The video above shows the Walz load scanner in action. This one of the leading truck load volume scanners on the market.

Truck load scanners measure the densities of each type of load and these figures are important when loading cargo since one is able to distinguish fragile items that need to be stacked on top of higher density loads to prevent any breakages.

Advantages of Truck Load Scanners

These devices offer numerous advantages to truck owners or fleet companies. The truck's load volume scanner enhanced scanning can detect leaks inside the container. The advanced laser scanning feature eliminates the need for the driver or fleet manager to step inside a container so as to physically assess cargo on transit. In a business where punctuality is vital, the load scanner eliminates time taken to examine to examine the goods hence increase's overall fleet efficiency.

Load scanners help reduce the wear and tear on trucks through volume measurement and load distribution. The projected images show how the load needs to be arranged so as to evenly distribute the load to avoid any chances of overturning during transit. Even load distribution eliminates straining of the truck's suspension and this increases the shock absorbs for the life span of the load scanner.

Load volume scanners keep records on the cargo's volume and weight and the data is useful particularly for fleets in mining and shipping industries. Fleet managers are able to use data on loads and form correlations with wear and tear and determine the fleet's efficiency.

Another advantage is that load volume scanners are easy to install and use since they can easily be erected by the roadside and run on batteries or solar energy. One does not require special knowledge to analyse the data projected on the load scanner's monitor since the layout and data representation is quite easy to understand.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Walz Scale Offers Truck Scale Rental Solutions

For small and medium sized businesses, it’s not always cost efficient to purchase a mobile scale solution. It may make more sense for them to just rent a truck scale solution anytime they need it for temporary use. 

Walz Scale is a leading manufacturing company in the weighting scale solutions industry and among the most reputable brands. Besides selling the most accurate and high performance weighing scale solutions, now the manufacturing company also provides their customers with the opportunity to rent truck scales for their various temporary weighing needs.

A Leader in Truck Scales for Rent

Walz Scale manufactures, sells, and offers a wide range of truck scale rentals. From advanced truck scale rental solutions to portable truck scales for rent, Walz Scale delivers the most cost-effective truck scale rentals that are also highly reliable and top performance. Their truck scales for rent address a wide range of needs across many industries.

Customers in need of truck scale rental services from Walz Scale can enjoy many benefits:
  • A wide range of available options of truck scales for rent
  • The truck scales for rent are in like new condition
  • The truck scales manufactured by Walz Scale are top quality and provide certified accuracy
  • The truck scales rentals from Walz Scale are all fully tested
Customers interested to rent truck scale solutions from Walz Scale can learn more about the available choices on the company’s website. Walz Scale also provides portable truck scale rentals that are very helpful for short-term projects that individuals or small companies may have.

These portable truck scale solutions can be used for a wide range of measurement needs and they can be rented out for different periods of time. Among the many purposes suitable for portable truck scale rentals are situations where a truck needs to tow large items among different locations.

Construction Uses

Trucks are commonly used for various construction jobs. Usually these trucks have to carry materials with certain weight for the building needs. Construction companies have now the possibility to rent Walz Scale that can be used to measure the overall capacity of materials. This way it is ensured that the right materials weights are to be used in the construction process.

Harvest Season Uses

Portable truck scale rental is also an ideal solution for the harvest season, when the farming sites can greatly benefit from using them. such portable truck scale rentals.

A rental from Walz Scale may provide farm clients with access to the perfect tool for measuring crops, livestock, growth materials and many more. This kind of measurements are often useful when some major farm site changes have to be made or when at the beginning of a new farming season.

Retail Businesses & Logistics Applications

Retail businesses need scales in order to measure the weights of new items that come on their stock. They also need to weigh items shipped out. For this purpose it is best to have the items already loaded on the truck when their weight is measured.

As you can see, truck scale rentals are useful in many situations, across many industries, for many different functions. Rentals from Walz Scale providing companies with suitable, reliable and accurate portable weighing scale solutions.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Optimized Surgeons Makes Epic Strides with SEO for Surgeons

New search marketing company, Optimized Surgeons, makes epic strides in providing local organic SEO for surgeons.

There's no question about it. The World Wide Web is the number one source of information on a wide variety of topic. Name it and the Internet has it.

Businesses around the globe promote their products as well as services with the use of their website. The same is true with professionals like doctors.

In this day and age wherein looking fabulous is important to many people, it is inevitable that plastic surgeons are in demand. But with high demand, the competition also becomes tough for surgeons in this field.

This is why, for plastic surgeons, owning a website is huge advantage. But, it is not just about owning a website, because there are still a lot of factors that need to be considered.

Significance of SEO for Surgeons

So, how important is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for surgeons?

Simply speaking, plastic surgeon SEO is the process of alteration, research as well as scrutiny of a website so it can increase the chances that it will be displayed properly in search results.

As we all know, not too many Internet users browse beyond the first page in the search engines. This is why it is very vital that the website appears on the first page so many people can visit their website.

When the surgeon’s website is optimized, it increases its site ranking on various search engines including Yahoo, Google and many others. Surgeons make use of their service to bring healthy competition in the market.

A Skilled Practice in Local Organic SEO

Surgeons must always remember also that they must work with the right surgeon SEO company to ensure their site is search engine friendly. There is a need to take note that there are many doctors in their field who are also doing their best to make their website rank high on search engines.

When the website of surgeons is properly optimized, there are many benefits that they can get. These are the following:
  • Their number of their patients will increase
  • There can be improvement in the sales of plastic surgeries
  • Their website ranking will increase
  • There will be improvement in the performance of their organization
  • Leads as well as inquiries will be generated
  • Their revenue will increase

Optimized Surgeons for Plastic Surgeon SEO

The company Optimized Surgeons provides web marketing and SEO for plastic surgeons so they can promote their services as well as acquire new patients.

They help to assure surgeons that they will help their website rank atop various search engines. Optimized Surgeons focus is on SEO and search marketing. They also help surgeons so their geographical area as well as surgical specialty will be visible in the search results.

The company believes that SEO visibility is an ideal investment in marketing a service because these can connect professionals to their targeted clients who are eagerly seeking their services.

The services that they offer aside from SEO for Surgeons are the following:
  • PPC Advertising for Surgeons
  • Content Marketing for Surgeons
  • Branding & Web Design for Surgeons
  • Social Media Marketing for Surgeons
Indeed, the Optimized Surgeons provides ample support to surgeons who want to promote their services, generate more traffic to their website as well as connect to as many clients as they can.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Windstar Embroidery: An Epic Entreprenuer in Machine Embroidery Designs

Windstar Embroidery has become a highly popular name in the world of machine embroidery designs. The reputable online company offers all sorts of fine embroidery designs that fit in well with the many needs that people have for getting different types of embroidery projects ready and underway.

A big part of what makes Windstar Embroidery so prominent comes from how the company has created a strong niche. It has established all sorts of embroidery designs for specific sewing machines as well as designs that fit in perfectly for a number of specific holidays that all sorts of people celebrate with an emphasis on Christian holidays.

Windstar Embroidery showcases a wide range machine embroidery designs, and only sewing machine embroidery designs. You can explore the website at www.windstarembroidery.com, or learn more about the company's abundance of embroidery designs for sewing machines.

Embroidery Designs for Many Popular Sewing Machines

People who work with different machine embroidery projects often work with very specific sewing machine models. They often take embroidery designs from computer files and upload them to their units.

Windstar Embroidery caters to people who use these types of embroidery machines. In particular, it offers design templates that may be used on a variety of machines. It has specific files for Janome, Singer, Husqvarna, Brother and Tajima units to name a few. The number of options that Windstar Embroidery will have support for will more than likely expand in the near future as the system starts to get rather popular and appealing for all to see.

The designs that Windstar Embroidery has to offer are designed to work on a large variety of machines. These products are designed to give people good options for managing different materials as needed in order to get a good design ready on any surface. It can really be suitable and sensible as needed.

Countless Machine Embroidery Designs for Many Different Needs

Another point about Windstar Embroidery's work as an entrepreneur in this field comes from the use of different themes for the company's many designs. The company has designs that focus on all sorts of key events and moments in life. These include designs that are appropriate for Christian audiences like crosses and other religious embroidery designs and symbols. There are many religious symbols for all key religious occasions including marriages, reconciliation, baptisms and confirmation.

Many other designs are made outside the religious realm as well. The company makes designs that focus on all sorts of fine embellishments and designs that anyone might want to use. These include animal patterns, floral or nature-related patterns and even ones relating to sporting activities. Windstar prides itself in having many choices to offer. These can all be found right off of the site's front page.

Some border and frame designs have also been introduced by the company in recent time. These include a number of fine floral patterns. Windstar offers many options for people to enjoy when it comes to getting these fine materials in order to create a unique look that all people can enjoy holding.

The desires that people have when they are creating their own pieces of embroidery work. The choices that people have to go after when finding unique items can really bring out a good sense of creativity in anyone. Windstar Embroidery has created a strong business platform that focuses on the interest that people have for getting different quality designs ready for all their special requirements as they come around.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Benefits of Advanced Chiropractors over Traditional Chiropractors

Chiropractic is generally understood to be an alternative form of medical treatment that diagnoses and prevents mechanical disorders that occur with the muscoskeletal system of the body. According to the chiropractic studies of the human body and even animal body studies such as horses, the muscoskeletal disorders will mainly occur especially at the spine thus even affecting the nervous system thus causing several aches and pains and even limited body movement by the individuals suffering from this health disorder.

Chiropractors are trained to provide manual therapy on joints, the spine, and soft tissues of the body as well as provide their clients with a health and lifestyle counseling and exercise procedure. Even though all chiropractors have the same title, the level of proficiency and quality of care is vast among professional chiropractors.

For this reason, there's often a major gap in the level of chiropractic care offered in one's community. In short, some chiropractors are highly advanced and innovative with their practice, whereas other chiropractors are more traditional in their approach and offer select services in spinal realignment.

Below we define these types of chiropractors, and how you can find one that works for you.

Traditional Chiropractors

The traditional chiropractors use the assumption that the spinal joint dysfunction also known as the vertebral subluxation will directly interfere with the intellectual body functions. This treatment will mainly aim towards increasing the range of body motion while relieving the pain and muscle spasm.

The spine is seen to be the foundation block of the body’s stable movement and daily operations and many at times the individuals will either not sit or stand in a proper posture and this will result in the spine curving itself to these common positions. The traditional chiropractor will conduct several manual treatment procedures to ensure the straightening of the spine in order to induce a healthy spine structure in order to reduce the health effects of an improper spine structure.

Advanced chiropractors

Advanced chiropractic care offer a more modernized approach towards chiropractic practices. It does utilize the traditional aspect of assuming that the spinal joint dysfunction also known as the vertebral subluxation will directly interfere with the intellectual body functions. Thus the manual treatment is also provided for their patients and advanced chiropractors also intertwine the use technological advanced treatments such as the laser therapy and spinal decompression, which ultimately heals the patient’s condition.

These advanced chiropractic treatment procedures have been reported to create much better results than the traditional chiropractic treatments and they also have at- home treatment programs that their clients undertake at the comfort of their own homes.

Benefits of Advanced Chiropractors over Traditional Chiropractors

1. The advanced chiropractors utilize technological equipments to first identify the main problem with each patient before running the major assumption of the spine dysfunction. Whereas, in order to first receive traditional chiropractic treatment you do need to visit a professional doctor who will examine your main problem and identify it in order to get the right treatment from the traditional chiropractor.

The traditional chiropractor is not fully equipped enough to identify these problems in both skills and treatment however, the advanced chiropractor is equipped with both medical skills and equipment to treat each patient’s health condition.

2. The advanced chiropractor is specialized in using several types of technological equipment for treatment procedures such as in disc compression treatment. Medically one can actually have to undergo surgical procedure in order to decompress the disc whereas this surgery can be avoided with initial advanced chiropractic treatment.

The traditional chiropractor can perform some manual procedures. However, these procedures would need to be conducted every year to reduce pain and muscle spasm, which is a much harder procedure to undertake especially with the current technological advancements in this treatment.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Rail Scales: Advanced Rail-based Weighing Technology

Advanced weighing technology, such as rail scales, are important for a variety of industrial applications, especially in bulk material logistics. Rail scale weighing technology plays an indispensable role in rail operations to monitor product deliveries and avoid penalties on account of overloading.

Rail scales are otherwise referred to as railroad scales or train scales and used by many railway operators, rail vehicle maintenance workshops and mining companies. Whether you want to weigh rail cars when they are in at halt or as they move across a section of the railroad track the rail scales offer a reliable and accurate solution for you.

Demand for Rail Scales

Rail scales are simple, accurate and economical rail car weighing solutions. There is a wide array of accurate, reliable, affordable and robust rail scales that helps you to determine the accurate weight in order to prepare an invoice to be sent to the client for the total amount of products shipped. Some of the most popular are the rail scales provided at WalzScale.com - a global industry leader in rail scale and truck scale systems.

You can also have the peace of mind that the shipper is not overcharging and helps you to assess the weight of cars and wagons to collect the freight revenue. It is also necessary to install rail scales to avoid overloading penalties and to avoid erratic loading which can cause immense damage to the cars, wagons and the rail track infrastructure leading to derailments. Train scales are also crucial to considerably reduce high impact loads especially at track joints, crossings and turnouts.

Two Primary Types of Rail Scales

There are two primary types of rail scales. Below we go into greater detail about each.

Static rail scales

This type of motionless weighing ensures high degree of reliability and accuracy. As the name implies, static rail scales are available for weighing rail cars when they are motionless. In short they are specially designed for weighing an individual rail car when they are stopped on the weigh scale.

This rail car weigh scale system incorporates a weigh bridge that converts just a section of the railroad track into a weighing scale. The static railroad scales combine exceptional durability, proven performance and absolute reliability to assure years of dependable service.

In-motion rail scales

Here, in-motion rail scales are installed in the track and they weigh the train when it passes over it. They are simple to install and provides an excellent solution for spot checking to maximize car loading and eliminate penalties on account of excessive loading. These types of rail scales are absolutely safe, highly reliable and incredibly accurate to facilitate weighing of trains even at high speeds.

This eliminates costs and the hazards of detaching and placing of each car or wagon for weighing. It also assures transporting of goods to the point of destination faster. They incorporate advanced weighing software for efficiently managing and reporting the train weights. The weight data can be stored or transferred to remote locations with the help of a phone line or internet.

Rail scales are indeed crucial for the smooth rail car weighing operations. These scales are also available in multiple capacities and configurations to suit individual site requirements. Train scales are cost-effective, easy to install and designed to create a rugged and accurate heavy duty weighing system. Rail scale weighing technology is used in a multitude of railway operations from agriculture, mining, recycling to chemical applications.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Best Directories for SEO (Yes, They Still Have Value!)

There's no doubt that business directories still have value for SEO, particularly with local SEO.

With benefits like: natural link generation, citation building (for Google local SEO,) and targeted inbound marketing, getting your business listed on directories like Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Google+, YellowPages, LinkedIn, and countless other trusted directories, you can advance your business's local marketing efforts beyond the scope of just SEO.

However, in this short blog post, we are going to share a few of the best types of directories for SEO. These directories are often overlook yet offer the greatest value for SEO.

Vertical Directories

Whether you run a retail store or some other kind of local business, there is probably a local directory that is perfect for your business. Directories in a specific field can be perfect for generating more leads. Additionally, these types of directories offer a good source of relevant and inexpensive links that are best for SEO.


Just like standard vertical directories, associations for a local business can be a great source of targeted leads and traffic. In most cases, associations are considered the authority domain on a particular topic.

Most association memberships are reasonably prices, and members even source business to some other members. In addition to the link value and inbound marketing potential, having ties to authoritative associations can only help boost your reputation and local credibility as a brand.

BBB’s, Chambers of Commerce, other Local Websites

It’s better to conduct a Google search for your particular city and business directories. Some standard results will be chambers of commerce, local directories and other groups. In short order, with a profile listing of your business on a Chamber site or the BBB site, you can earn a powerful source of SEO-friendly links that are locally-relevant.


Localized Directories

Localized directories, like Yellowpages, are great to get some citations for Google plus local optimization. These websites are also occasionally ranked for localized searches. You will be able to choose from numerous websites. Submitting to these directories manually is never efficient. It’s better to hire a local search engine optimization company for the job.

How Directories Help with Local SEO

It’s very important to understand that Google always wants local business organizations to get links from some other local websites. There can’t be a better source than a trusted local directory relevant to your business. You can even get a contextual link in a news story or press release in local newspaper directories. A directory listing is very easy to submit, and gives better returns on your investment.

Local directory submissions are the most important way for local business organizations to get citations all over the internet. The best part is that you won’t have to invest a lot of money and time in creating relevant content. Not every online marketer has the time to write around 500-1000 words to get just a couple of links. However, many webmasters can easily submit the website to a few local directories every week.

It’s very important to hire professionals for the job. If you want your local SEO efforts to yield positive results, you should look for experienced, qualified and skilled local search engine optimization experts. A professional company will help you choose the best local directories for submissions, and make sure your website receives targeted traffic.

These days, you can look for organic SEO companies on the Internet. Most trusted local SEO service providers have their own websites where you can submit your queries and schedule an appointment. Since there are a lot of companies, you need to conduct an extensive research. This will help you make the best choice.

Friday, August 15, 2014

BookWear® Employee Thank You Gifts Win Big for Businesses

When it comes employee thank you gifts, it's not easy getting it right. Appreciative and well-received employee thank you gifts can be a complete game-changer in the workplace.

There's one company that's doing it right: BookWear®. BookWear® employee thank you gifts are unique, personalized, and customized to your company's liking.

Why BookWear® for Employee Thank You Gifts?

People remember surprises and when you combine an employee "Thank You" with a surprise package and gift, your message has impact. This "book" has your message and graphics printed on the cover. In a pile of mail, the recipient will choose this package to open because it's different, mysterious and creative. "Surprise is the most powerful marketing tool" says Harvard Business Review. Your surprise gift inside BookWear® will further connect the recipient to your message. It works. Choose from 30 gifts inside. Mail BookWear® like a thick postcard, or we'll mail it for you.

There are 25 hospitals in the Iowa Hospital Association. They all use BookWear® to emphatically communicate appreciation to their staff. "Caring for people is a massive responsibility, yet you have chosen to care and to make a difference. That difference will change lives, help people and make this community a stronger and better place to live. And for that, we say "Thank You." In five years they 25 hospitals have ordered more than 8,500 "books" to express their gratitude to their staff. It is a terrific team-building message and one where everybody wins.

BookWear® also specializes in college recruiting gifts, volunteer acquisition gifts, and much more. And beyond just a recruitment gifts, BookWear® "books" can be used as creative trade show swag, memorable branded giveaways, and other inspiring marketing applications. To learn more, visit BookWear.com

Berkeley's Dr. Mik Hamilton Evolves Practice as a Chiropractor

As one of the most reputable chiropractors in Berkeley, Dr. Mik Hamilton has evolved his chiropractic practice to the next level by adopting several unique systems, techniques, and technologies. The holistic and cutting-edge approach that Dr. Mik Hamilton offers his patients is based on The Pettibon System.

As the only chiropractic office in Berkeley that offers The Pettibon System approach, Hamilton Chiropractic provides integrative spinal restoration programs that include a variety of chiropractic treatments, unique tools, and functional exercises. In short, this advanced system that Dr. Mik Hamilton specializes in delivers profound and long lasting outcomes in his patients.

An Arsenal Unsurpassed by Other Chiropractors in Berkeley, CA

Since 1975, Berkeley chiropractor Dr. Mik Hamilton has been recognized as a pioneer in the chiropractic community of California. In addition to providing effective chiropractic care using The Pettibon System, Hamilton Chiropractic office in north Berkeley is home to a wide range of advanced technologies.

Critical to Dr. Mik Hamilton's chiropractic programs is the use of X-rays. After taking several X-rays of his patients, the Berkeley CA chiropractor makes measurements and determines angles of spinal displacement. This enables Hamilton to make calculated and precise spinal adjustments.

One of the most powerful tools in the Berkeley chiropractor's healing arsenal is laser therapy. Formally known as the K-Laser, chiropractic laser therapy emits a high power light laser to areas of the body that need healing and recovery. The laser therapy can help to reduce and relieve pain while stimulating cellular regeneration and healing.

Another highly sought-after technology that Dr. Mik Hamilton offers is disc decompression. Composed of a padded table that patients lie on horizontally, the disc decompression machine is designed to pull from opposite ends of the spine to decompress discs throughout the spine. During a session, the patient has complete control of the amount of pull or tension on the head and hips via a remote control. A vibration throughout the bed encourages disc decompression, and afterward, patients often claim feeling looser and better.

A Systems Approach to Chiropractic Care

What truly defines Dr. Mik Hamilton as the top chiropractor in Berkeley, CA is his personalized and proven approach to chiropractic care. Patients of Hamilton Chiropractic actualize sustainable and pain-free outcomes. Because his programs are often more long-term and blend a wide range of exercises and therapies, gradual changes are made to create balance and strength throughout the musclo-skeletal system.

The Pettibon System is a unique approach to chiropractic care that's beginning to grow in popularity as patients realize such profound results. With typical chiropractic programs with Dr. Mik Hamilton ranging from a many weeks to months, patients experience progressive changes, greater alignment and overall balance throughout their bodies. The systems approach of blending advanced technologies, like the K-Laser and disc decompression machine, with exercises, body weights, spinal adjustments, and bio-mechanics, patients of Hamilton Chiropractic are highly satisfied. Just check out the reviews of Hamilton Chiropractic on Google+. The testimonials distinguish Dr. Mik Hamilton among other chiropractors in Berkeley, CA.

To learn more, visit:

Hamilton Chiropractic
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
(510) 526-3362

You can also connect with Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic by contacting his website online.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Walz Scale Carves Niche in Truck Scale Rentals

Walz Scale has been providing truck scale rental for quite a number of years. The firm is well-known for being a global distributor of commercial and heavy-duty scales. It stocks a wide range of weighing scales that are suitable for industry as well as commercial applications.

Notable users and industries that use truck scales and heavy duty weighing equipment include mining, construction, agriculture, waste management, transport, chemicals, recycling, aggregate and many others.

Besides selling truck scale systems, Walz Scale also offers service support. It has a wide range of solutions that assist customers use the scales better. Other than selling the equipment, the company also rents out the scales to the public.

Types of Truck Scales Available

There are different types of truck scales available from Walz Scale. Each type will be appropriate for a specific application. Prior to renting one, it’s always important to think of the application at hand. The most common types are as follows:

  • Heavy duty axle scales: - Axle scales are usually made from heavy gauge steel aluminum. Portable axle scales are suited for very heavy objects and vehicles.
  • Portable truck scale: - Portable truck scales are simple scale made from steel. These portable truck scales comes in modules that can be assembled and re-assembled easily. The scale can be moved from one place to another and is suited for both off-road and on-road applications. Common areas of application include demolition, construction, logging, and agriculture.
  • Portable wheel weighers: - Wheel weighers the most portable truck scale. It features a flat panel that is placed under each wheel. The scale system can be used for light as well as heavy-duty applications.'

Benefits of Truck Scale Rentals

Truck scale rentals provide users with a wide range of benefits. Some of the most popular advantages include:
  • Short-term Use: - Many applications that require weighing will only last for a short period; for instance a construction, crop harvesting, or a one-off haulage. Renting the equipment ensures it will only be used during the exercise.
  • No Maintenance: - Maintaining truck scales can be a costly affair. It entails making certain they are protected from the elements, handled properly, regularly calibrated and more. However, when renting a scale, all these costs are borne by the leasing company.
  • Low Cost: - Truck scales are pricey equipment and also require skills to operate. Overtime, they will need to be repaired or serviced. This will cost a substantial amount of money. The cost of renting a scale is only the rental amount and nothing else.
  • Save Space: - A user who weighs objects on rare occasions may find that he lacks the space to store the equipment. Also, he may lack secure storage points. Renting the equipment relieves him of such worries.
Weighing loads or vehicles is necessary in many applications and industries. It may be done to ascertain the exact weight, or ensure the recommended load capacity is not exceeded. In applications that only last for a short while, it is more economical to rent the truck scale rather than buying it. Common scenarios include; crop harvesting season, construction, or moving a heavy load. Walz Scale offers various kinds of scales on rental terms.

The scales are well-maintained and almost new. They are regularly serviced and calibrated to provide high degree of accuracy. The truck scale rental features a large inventory to cater for the demand.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Neon South Takes Custom Tank Tops to Brighter Heights

When it comes to custom tank tops, no other clothing niche is filled with more self-starter success stories than the custom designer clothing business. Among these famous names include such brands as American Eagle, Torrid, and Hollister.

However, the face of the custom clothing industry has slowly began to turn to an online market. And in this new digital market, a name that has recently risen to carve their niche in custom tank tops is The Neon South.

The Neon South has filled this new role by providing a myriad of customizable neon tank tops for customers to browse and build. This customizability has become a popular addition on the face of the clothing industry.

Making it Easy to Design Custom Tank Tops

By using the website's "Design Studio," The Neon South has created custom tank tops easy and simple for their customers to obtain. This also allows customers the ability to custom make tops in mass (for gatherings or family get togethers). One popular new trend is for families to design custom tank tops and shirts for those attending a family reunion. This trend has also become apparent in corporate promotions, sororities, bachelorette and bachelor parties, fraternities, and church organizations. The intent to create a sense of team and comradeship.

The company has built a name for itself by building on the idea that customers can get designer clothing, literally designed by themselves. This theory has become popular among startups recently, with The Neon South proving the potential success in the idea of custom tank tops. The "Design Studio" allows customers to upload their own image for application onto custom tank tops or to simply design their own without an upload. The result being a unique piece of clothing that resonates with the creator.

The Neon South also offers the option to have custom tank tops designed by their own artists as opposed to done on their own. This allows them to see and approve any design while still getting a sense of individuality. Beyond custom tank tops, The Neon South also offers a plethora of pre-designed tops in their most popular styles and with their own most popular designs. This allows customers to purchase their clothing based on what is trending at the time.

Carving a Niche in Neon Tank Tops

The Neon South has proven the potential success in building a niche online marketplace that caters directly to their customers. Even more, the company has proven that customers are seeking more active ways to be involved in the design of their own clothing. This alone suggests a changing on the landscape of current fashion clothing.

The result being a break in the norm of what defines a "popular" clothing style. Instead, this suggests that customers would rather be unique. This could push for changes in more traditional clothing lines that sell clothing laced with similar logos and no differentiating style.

The company maintains its website at TheNeonSouth.com but is also active on a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, and LinkedIn. This too hints at the changing front of the industry, suggesting that customers like the idea of their accessibility in the places that they purchase from.

Apart from tank tops, the site also sells sunglasses and vintage snapbacks.Check em out online to see everything The Neon South has to offer.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Illinois Calibration Company OQ International

Illinois calibration company, OQ International, offers comprehensive calibration services for a wide range of measuring instruments. In short, OQI's calibration services focus on a unique calibration process: specialized instruments are checked and their measuring units are compared with the standard measuring units for the given device.

The given instruments are then re-aligned (or "calibrated") to the recommended standards to ensure the precision and accuracy when using the instrument to make future measurements. This process is critical in many different industries and professions, as calibrated instruments ensure measurements are accurate and precise in the data they yield.

Calibration Services Offered by OQI of Illinois

Among other things, the Illinois-based calibration company is best known for its wide array of calibration services offered as well as the quality that comes with them. At OQI, the members comprising the team of technicians and staff are well trained, educated and experienced.

Furthermore, they are all conversant with a wide array of different equipment, allowing calibration for different types of instruments and even technological equipment. As such, different professionals worldwide can get their equipment checked and calibrated to ensure effectiveness and accuracy. Furthermore, to effectively serve different clients, the staff is well versed with different countries’ standards as well as the international standard units.

At the Illinois calibration company's facility, clients can be guaranteed of:


The technicians of OQI are well trained and experienced with diverse instruments and equipment. Furthermore, only certified standards are used, ensuring reliability and hence accuracy when working.


Calibration is a vital task as it sets the standards for measurement of different things, including chemicals in drugs and electric voltage. Mistakes can hence be costly and even dangerous as wrong measurements may lead to unprecedented problems.

However, the calibration company relies on international as well as national standards when calibrating. Furthermore, there is a range of measuring equipment in place to ensure that minimal or no errors at all are done.


The calibration company in Illinois is one of the few well established and fully certified in the state of Illinois. All the technicians are well educated and trained. Furthermore, the latest equipment is used to measure and reset the standards on different instruments.

As such, clients are guaranteed of accuracy. Furthermore, the ample work force complemented by the equipment makes it possible to accurately and quickly calibrate different instruments.

The Importance of Instrument Calibration Services

The precision required in different industries and professions that require measurement make it necessary to ascertain the equipment’s accuracy regularly. This in turn ensures accuracy in the measuring process and safety in the final products.

As such, operations that ensure the measuring equipment is assessed and calibrated can take advantage of benefits like:

Precision - Among other things, calibration primarily ensures accuracy in the measuring equipment. This in turn ensures success in the final product. It also complies with the law as most countries demand precision when measuring and mixing ingredients.

Confidence - With the measuring equipment all checked out and calibrated, professional in different fields are better able to work confidently with the knowledge that the measurements are accurate and hence the outcome is more precise.

Furthermore, in addition to quality services and accuracy, the services offered are very affordable for different people in different industries. As such, everyone is able to benefit from the services and ensure accuracy when measuring.

Calibration is the best way to ensure accuracy and reliability in measuring equipment. For comprehensive calibration services, Illinois calibration company OQI offers the best services for a wide range of instruments at an affordable price.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Leader in Industrial Weighing Solutions: Walz Scale

Walz Scale has become a widely recognized company for mining scales, truck scales and industrial weighing equipments. Due to the variety of weighing solutions that Walz Scale provides (such as the agricultural industry, mining industry, chemical, transportation, waste and recycling industries,) Walz scale has managed to thrive for both the product and service needs of their wide client-base. And as a result, Walz Scale has articulated a uniquely fundamental concept of providing high quality services and products for all forms of weighing.

As on the leading forefront of weighing technology, Walz Scale focuses on creating newer more advanced scale systems that are enhanced with technological principles thus providing their clients with exceptional, durable equipment. They have combined the expert skills of software and hardware development in the creation of the scaling equipment that weight the equipment and automatically upload this data to the loading management and is also transferred to the consumer management systems that will ease the tracing of data for each industry.

Types of Industrial Weighing Systems by Walz Scale

Some of the most advanced scales and weighing systems offered by Walz Scale include:

Onboard Scales
Onboard scales are simple to install and offers the highest durability rate of onboard scale weighing machines. It can weight a very wide range of agricultural and industrial materials and has been reported to be a highly versatile system.

Floor Scales
Floor scales are a type of industrial scale that has a rugged digital floor scale that measure the equipment. Floor scales systems are also best used as agricultural scale measures as it can calculate the harvest weights.

Axle Scales

Axle scales are produced in different sizes and are great equipments as they are mobile and extinguished with their smooth top plates that enable to movement of industrial equipments up and down the scale, especially when weighing different equipment in the same day/ duration.

Load Scanner Systems
Load scanner systems come in many different sizes and designs and it has a load scanner platform that conducts the scaling purposes of the industrial equipments. Load scanner systems by Walz are reported to have a low maintenance technology scanner and is ideal for multiple industries such as the volumetric load scanner.

Portable Truck Scales
Portable truck scales produced with a variety of designs and are best for aluminum and steel construction industries. These portable truck axle scales are great for weighing over the road and/ or over the road vehicles and are ideal for logging, sand, gravel, demolition etc.

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridge truck scales are heavy-duty industrial scales as they weigh up to one hundred ten trucks per day. They are equipped with a reliable truck scale systems to ensure high performance and rendering of high quality services.

Wheel Weighers
Wheel weighers are a from of light weight scale machinery that is ideal for the aluminum construction industry. Wheel weighers have a static and in motion wheel weigher that can weigh industrial equipment in both position i.e. static or in motion.

Rail Scales
Rail scales are designed in various sizes and capacities in accordance to the need of the client. Rail scales, also known as train car scales can measure equipment that are in motion and provide local support for many industries such as industrial, mining and agricultural.

The Walz Scale also implements the best software in their technological equipments that offer high quality services to their clients and assurance of accurate measurements.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Embracing Community-Based Assisted Living in Peoria

People are naturally social creatures. Certainly, aging does not change this fact. Older members of society find that it is difficult for them to interact with others on a social basis. Therefore, they feel isolated from society and drift away into a lonely existence. Often, this is due to the older adult living alone without regular companionship.

The people at Snyder Village, a retirement community and assisted living facility near Peoria, Illinois (located in Metamora) are well aware of this fact. Most assuredly, assisted living facilities provide a way for older adults to connect with other older adults and enjoy social interaction once again.

Snyder Village: A Model Among Peoria Area Retirement Communities

Snyder Village truly believes in providing a warm and loving Christian environment for those under their care. Studies show that older adults that live with other older adults in an assisted living facility live a longer and more productive life. They are able to make new friendships that last for a lifetime.

Many older adults are at a point that they wish to give up because they think that they do not have a purpose in life or anyone that truly cares about them. Our older adults live in a warm and welcoming community that provides them with renewed purpose and friendships. Our belief is that we provide support for the older adults under our care spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

The professional staff of Snyder Village encourages socialization among the older adults within the Peoria assisted living facility. Often, the staff does not really need to encourage social interaction. The warm, friendly, and Christian atmosphere of the facility encourages social engagement and provides a number of opportunities for those at the facility to connect with each other through conversations or social activities.

The social activities will provide a way for older adults to keep mentally and physically active. Some examples of activities include exercise sessions, trivia games, bible devotions, movies, bingo, local entertainment, and more. Family members should contact the facility for more information on activities.

A Caring Retirement Community

The primary mission is to provide one of the best retirement communities in Peoria, IL that allows the older adult a certain amount of freedom, which allows them to also maintain their dignity. Snyder Village assisted living provides residents with 40 apartments that are designed to make life easier for the older adult.

Single or double bedroom apartments are available. Older adults at the facility are perfectly safe and secure. The facility provides around the clock care and security for all residents. The facility also provides a few other amenities. For example, delicious home cooked meals and special assistance with daily activities.

More About Snyder Village

Snyder Village is in a beautiful, quiet, rural setting. Shopping and other entertainment is nearby in Metamora and Peoria. It is the perfect retirement village for the older adult. We encourage family members to take a look at the facility and all the amenities and activities provided to the older adults under our care.

The warm and inviting atmosphere is the perfect setting for older adults to engage in social interaction, activities, and make many new friendships. Persuade your older adult to seriously consider our facility and all we have to offer them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bloomington, IL Chiropractors: Bly-Hillman Chiropractic

In Bloomington IL, Bly-Hillman Chiropractic has made quite a reputation in providing Chiropractic services since 1985. They have had the chance to work with patients from all walks of life and believe in co-operation as a way to work, doctor-doctor-patient cooperation.

Known for flexibility and easiness to embrace technology when offering chiropractic services, Bly-Hillman Chiropractic uses all existing and latest techniques to ensure that patients get the best they can and deserve.

Services provided by Bly-Hillman Chiropractic

The Bloomington, IL chiropractors of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic will screen you first before they prescribe any procedure for you. Popular Chiropractic services they provide include:
  • ART technique
  • Massage therapy
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Spinal decompression
  • Pro-Adjuster
  • Dietary supplements; like pillow and support among others

Cold Laser Therapy

Sometimes referred to as low level laser therapy is a procedure prescribed for people with: Fibromyalgia Myofascial pain, cervical neck pain, low back pain and thoracic pain. Also, it is used to curb inflammatory conditions such as tunnel syndrome, Epicondylitis to mention, but a few.

More so, cold laser therapy is also effective when performed to people with neurological injury disorder, ruptured discs and headaches. Simply, cold laser therapy accelerates body’s natural immune systems and is quite effective in providing pain relief and reducing damage to injured tissues.

Active Release Technique (ART)

This service is specifically aimed at people engaging in tedious physical activities. It’s been reported that intense workout and exercises often results to complications in neuromuscular system around the; muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments.

Once a problem is detected on a patient, the doctor prescribes the best procedure for them. Pressure is usually applied on specific spots in order to ease the pain. The technique is often used on people complaining of mild headaches, back pain, shoulder pain among many others.

Spinal Decompression

This procedure is effective on people suffering from pain as a result of bulging discs, pinched nerves, headaches and facet syndrome. Depending on where you feel the pain, a procedure will be used to ascertain the exact cause of your condition.

The spinal decompression table pulls you spine gently separating the vertebra from each other hence creating vacuum inside the discs being examined. The vacuum created in turn sucks the bulges and herniations back into position. Though the technique doesn’t work with spinal conditions it does reduce the pain significantly and corrects 100 of complications.


Usually, when a Chiropractor palpates your spine, they are able to determine whether the vertebra’s motion is too fluid or too rigid. Normally, the spine is supposed to be in between, not too fluid and not too rigid. Pulstar uses space age technology to check the alignment of spinal vertebras enabling the Chiropractors to fix the problem in the most appropriate and safest way possible.

Massage Therapy

As an alternative medicine, massage is used to ease pain on people who are experiencing pain as a result of muscle tension. The patient works closely with the chiropractor Bloomington IL explaining to him/her the exact events that led to the pain. They staff an experienced team of massage professional who have an innate touch for massage therapy.

Dietary Supplements

There are patients who may be enduring excruciating pains as a result of health complications resulting from either deficiency or over use of some items and exercises. For them, there may be no exact procedure to deal with their condition but still there is something that can be done. For instance, advising these patients on better ways to sleep, and also prescribing dietary supplements that when consumed will boost body defiance mechanism helping their bodies heal and repair faster.


This team of Bloomington, IL chiropractors are the practitioners you need if you are experiencing any pain or need bone and spinal corrections. In addition, to their vast knowledge and experience, they are well knowledgeable in human relation and will work with you closely making you feel home during your journey to healing.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Best Recruiting Gifts to Acquire Awesome Volunteers

For starters, the most effective recruiting gifts aren't just creative, useful, and practical, but are also given unexpectedly - triggering emotions of excitement and surprise at the same time.

Likewise, recruiting gifts could leave an impact on any recruitment campaign. Whether you're planning to gather volunteers for an event or a cause, these giveaways could always be a tangible tool that will engage recipients and motivate them to cooperate. Here are some recruiting gifts that your volunteers would definitely love.

1) Personalized Magnets
If you're on a tight budget, personalized magnets would be great as recruiting gifts. You could get magnets the size of business cards for only $10/25. Just create a fun message with some graphics and adhere it to the magnet. This would be truly appreciated by your volunteers as it'll always remind them how much they were acknowledged.

2) Journals
You could give them away during an event or a cause. To make your journals more customized, design the cover with your brand's logo and don't forget to include a pen with your logo on it. You could also wrap them in cellophane and include a thank you card to make it more personal.

3) BookWear
One of the best recruiting gifts is the BookWear. These are small custom-designed "books" with surprise giveaway inside. Recruiting gifts with BookWear could be sunglasses, compressed t-shirts, backpack, socks, etc. They could be customized with your brand's logo, message, design elements, and a lot more. Likewise, you could mail a BookWear to your recipients since it's like a thick post card.

4) Unique “Thank You” Chocolate Bars
Also great employee thank you gifts, chocolate bars are always a great idea. You just need to buy flat chocolate bars and design the wrappers with your logo and/or design. Also, don't forget to write “thank you.” These chocolate bars could be handed out as individual recognitions or during group events.

Likewise, you could easily change the design so they'll always be unique. Aside from that, there are several software packages that could be used when it comes to designing. Flat bars are the easiest to use and when they're distributed, they instantly generate smiles.

Additional Tip: You could also use an embosser with a logo and a “thank you” message on it. Emboss your seals, envelopes, or wrappers directly. This could cost a lot, but it's definitely worth it. Adding class and making your efforts more recognized.

5) Framed Quotes
This is very simple, yet a very meaningful recruiting gift. Give your volunteers a framed quote relating to volunteerism and it'll capture their hearts. They could put it on their desk or hang it on the wall. Most volunteers would find this gift special, because every time they'll look at it, they'll be reminded of the service they have provided.

6) Placemats
You could take random photos as your volunteers do their work and print them on placemats. The possibilities with these thank you gifts are endless, so get creative and come up with something unique and original.

7) Unique Bookmarks
As ideal recruiting giveaways and gifts, you could make your own drawings or you can use children's drawings to make a bookmark. Just laminate them and include a “thank you” message at the back. Aside from being inexpensive, this could be a meaningful recruiting gift.

8) Totebags
Totebags aren't that expensive, especially if you buy them in bulk. Likewise, if you have more than enough time, you could also make them by your own. Just print your logo on these bags, with the brand name on one side. Don't forget to include a tag that says “thank you.”

9) Mouse Pads
If your event or cause is technology related, this would be a wonderful giveaway gift. Likewise, you could also use this idea even if it isn't. Just print your brand's logo and a thank you message on the mouse pad and you're all done.

Do you have an creative ideas for recruiting gifts? Let us know in the comments section below.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Epic Entrepreneurs of Morton, IL

When it comes to economic development in Morton, IL, there's no shortage of epic entrepreneurs.

Morton, IL is a city that preserves a "homey" small town feeling, however the modern day renovations give way to a more innovative and progressive community. Since its foundation in the 1830’s, Morton has maintained a conservative vibe, and yet a growing economy. The Irish, Swiss, and German inhabitants who settled in Morton are well known for their entrepreneurial spirit and economic stability. And today, the town is famous today for several notable companies that have established there throughout history.

Before the settlement of the town, Morton started as a swamp. However, this swampy land has developed fast and the swamps were replaced with extreme fertile land. By the 1860's Morton several successful businesses already brought to town a well developed economy. Among them were grain elevators, a blacksmith, a tile factory, hotels, drug and grocery stores. In 1872 was built Illinois Midland Railroad in order to connect Morton to Peoria. In 1885 the Conibear Drug store housed the very first telephone in Morton.

The fertile land in Morton, along with the advances in technology and the growth of industrialization set a foundation on that the town will grow on and live by for the centuries to come. The first settlers in town have been utilizing the fertile soil for farming. Since then, many industries in Morton started developing quickly, bringing success and economical growth.

Today Morton is not a big town, but it is the center of many companies and industries, preserving its small town’s charm. The location of Morton has served it well throughout history and its unique placement and easy metropolitan access makes it today an economic hot spot for business development.

Morton is famous as being home to “Libby’s Pumpkin cannery”. From its massive Nestle USA food plant and Libby's Pumpkin, today Morton is known as the "Pumpkin Capital of the World." More than 80% of the world’s pumpkin production is processed at Libby's, making it the largest output of pumpkin production in the world. In order to display their pride, the inhabitants of Morton organize each year the four day Pumpkin Festival, which attracts up to 100,000 people.

Morton is also home to the International Parts Distribution Center of the Caterpillar corporation, a reputable manufacturer of heavy duty earth-moving equipment. For more than 85 years, the company has contributed with their heavy equipment to the progress and sustainable change for many countries from every continent. Caterpillar Inc. has its main office in Morton.

Besides being home to Caterpillar and the town’s pumpkin heritage, Morton also has a strong history of pottery. Its beginnings can be traced back to the late 1870’s, when the Rapp Brick and Tiles Work business was launched. The company produced drainage tools for the swampy area. The sister company, named Rapp Brothers Pottery Works has lasted to the modern days and it is still in operation today. They started by producing utensils, bowls, and dishware and today they are famous for their pottery pieces, such as the pumpkin collectible pottery.

American Tire Distributors is another notable company present in town. They are distributors of private labels, major brands, and discount brands of tires, tire service equipment, and wheels. American Tire Distributors has invested 6 million dollars in a new distribution center on a surface of 120,000 square foot, locator on Erie Street in Morton. The new facility will generate 40 new jobs in town and contribute to the further economic development of the region.

Among the construction projects they worked on we can mention the 74,000 square foot school facility in Las Vegas, John F. Miller School. Another remarkable presence in Morton is the first U.S. headquarters for a large Chinese company, Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery Co. Ltd. They have purchased a 50,000-square-foot facility on Commerce Drive in order to establish their U.S. base subsidiary, called Yinlun USA Inc.

This choice proves once again the great economic potential of the town. The Chinese corporation has chose Morton for its strategically located world-class facility based on town’s location and development potential. The new facility has created around 100 engineering jobs in research and development in Morton.

Lastly among the notable businesses in Morton, IL, CORE Construction is a family owned company with a history of more than 70 years. CORE Construction participates to construction projects across the country since the year 1937. The construction company based in Morton has gained a good reputation on the market due to its high level of professionalism, quality works, innovation, integrity, commitment, and experience.