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5 Ways to Promote Your Vegan Business Online

The strategies behind promoting a vegan business on the Internet are not much different than any other conventional business. However, because the universal vegan community is so strong, it can often be easier finding relevant online communities, networking and relationship opportunities, and exposure on other websites.
Vegan Protein Business

All of these elements, combined with a solid web presence, can help increase the visibility and growth of your vegan business in many ways. Below we delve into five of those ways, and how you can actively leverage each of these strategies to expand your traffic potential and grow your company.

Establish & Optimize Your Web Properties

First and foremost, it’s vital to have specific web properties to represent your online business. The most common, and often most effective, is a website. Other assets include social media profiles (such as your company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages,) as well as your Google My Business listing and other directory profiles (such as Yelp.)

The type of vegan business you operate will dictate your ideal web properties. For instance, if you sell vegan products and you’re trying to build your brand, then you may want to have a website and social media presence on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, if you operate a local business, then you could get away with having only a Google My Business page.

Overall, it’s best to have a website and few social media profiles that best represent your audience. You can even leverage “optimizing” these web properties to be better found in search.

Be Found in Search

Going back to the local business example, there are certain ways you can optimize your website and Google My Business listing. Otherwise known as search engine optimization, or SEO, there are specific strategies that help increase your business’ search ranking in Google.

In other words, you can optimize aspects of your site and Google My Business listing for specific keywords that reflect your business (i.e. “vegan restaurants in Seattle” or “vegan cat food.”) To learn specific strategies, then Beginner’s Guide to SEO from Moz is a good resource.

As for non-local businesses, choose your keyword targets wisely. It’s often hard to outrank and other high-authority websites. So if you’re thinking about optimizing your website for “vegan protein,” you should probably considering taking that further with something like “organic vegan protein supplement” or “vegan paleo protein powder” depending on what it is that you sell. Understanding your potential rank for keywords surrounding vegan protein powders is vital to your success.

Grow Your Online Footprint

One factor that’s going to help your site rank higher in Google is links directing from other sites. In essence, the more links pointing to a site, the greater credibility and authority that site will earn. For this reason, you should invest a great deal of your efforts conducting outreach and further your business presence on other websites.

Grow the online footprint for your vegan business by following some of these action items:

  • Get listed on local and business directories.,, Yahoo! Local, and Bing are good places to start for local directories. Beyond local, search around for vegan directories or other communities related to your product/service/cause/etc.
  • Be active on social media platforms and engage with influential people, businesses, and brands that resonate with you and your company. Establishing relationships can result in wider exposure in front of new audiences (i.e. an industry influencer with 100k twitter followers retweets an article you wrote.)
  • Reach out to other vegan websites for networking, sponsorships, link exchanges, and guest blogging opportunities. Contributing to other websites can help increase your online footprint all while generating some quality links back to your website.

Produce Content Regularly

To truly become an authority figure in your online vegan niche, I strongly suggest producing content on a regular basis. Whether that be weekly articles, a monthly video, or a combination of mediums, establish some type of content schedule and stick to it.

This can be both an enjoyable and creative aspect to growing your business. Coming up with great ideas for content marketing is not only fun, but highly effective for SEO and online exposure. When you produce interesting content that gains the likes and shares of your social media audience, you can really empower your company’s growth potential.

Stay Engaged on Social Media

Helping to facilitate the efficacy of your content marketing and outreach efforts is social media. In addition to being found in search, having a strong social media presence is the bee’s knees to building your vegan business.

Like we alluded to above, invest in handful of social media platform that reflect your business model and target audience. If it makes sense to be on SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, then do it. But if Instagram and Facebook are all that you need, then so be it. Unless you have advanced social media automation tools or social media savvy employee, managing all these platforms can be time consuming.

It’s time consuming because regularly posting and sharing content; reaching out and connecting with new people and brands; and engaging with your audience by responding to their comments; these are variables that define a stellar business.    
Tyler Tafelsky Vegan

Author Bio

Tyler Tafelsky is a search marketing specialists with eight years of experience in the profession. Tyler is an advocate of plant-based living and leads an active role in the fitness community. His current projects are Better Triathlete and, where he shares his ideas on specific areas of interest.

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3 Google Map SEO Tips for Local Entrepreneurs

Google Maps SEO is now an integral component to any local business or entrepreneur embracing search engine marketing. In essence, having a listing atop Google's local search results is a powerful way to drive in-market traffic. As a result, Google Maps SEO provides valuable returns for all types of businesses operating on the local level.

Google Map SEO Tips

Among the most popular references to Google Maps SEO is associated with the ever-present local 3 pack listings. Most often displayed just below the pay per click ads and above the organic search listings, the local 3 pack is the most prominent set of search results that are triggered for any keyword phrase with geographic relevance.

While the Google 3 pack is perhaps the most powerful traffic-driver from an SEO perspective, there is another aspect of Google Maps SEO that businesses often overlooked. This the ranked Google Maps search results which are displayed directly in the Google Maps search interface.

Google Maps SEO 3 Pack Marketing

The ranked Google Maps search results, which are based on slightly unique (but many overlapping) variables compared to the local 3 pack listings, make up the other side to local Google Maps SEO. Together, the 3 pack and Google Maps search results provide local businesses a great opportunity to optimize search visibility and increase the amount of traffic coming to their site.

In an effort to enable your business to rank higher in both the ranked Google Maps search results and local 3 pack listings, below we share three Google Maps SEO tips that have been proven effective in many different campaigns.

1. Claim, Optimize, & Verify Google My Business Listing

One of the most influential ranking factors to both the ranked Google Maps search results and local 3 pack listings is a company's Google My Business (GMB) page. Formerly Google Places and Google+ Local pages, GMB pages are the next most important web asset for a business's SEO next to its website.
Google Maps Listing for SEO
Make sure to verify your business's GMB page via phone verification or postcard submission.

Take the time to not only claim your business's GMB page, but optimize and verify the listing. This includes fully populating the page to 100% completion, uploading optimized images and videos, tagging the listing with most relevant business categories, and linking to/from your website to/from the GMB page.

2. Audit Your Business's Citations

Citations (or mentions of the business name, address, and phone number) on websites like Yelp, Manta, Facebook, Yellowpages, LinkedIn, etc. are the mechanism Google uses to validate credible businesses that are worthy of ranking in the local 3 pack listings. Similar to inbound links or backlinks, the more (accurate) citations a business has, the greater potential it has for Google Maps SEO.

Volume and accuracy of citations are the pivotal variables. Any misalignment in a citation (such as a missing suite or wrong phone number) can hinder SEO. For this reason, it's important to audit your business's citations throughout the web and ensure they are 100% accurate and consiste. A couple great tools to help you do this are Yext and Whitespark.

3. Cultivate Domain Authority

As mentioned in the previous Google Maps SEO tip, backlinks are an important variable to organic search rankings and defining a website's domain authority. Earning backlinks from trusted and authoritative sources will dramatically help to increase domain authority.

But if domain authority and backlinks are focused on organic SEO, how do they influence Google Maps SEO? There's a strong relationship between organic search performance and local search rankings. In short, businesses that have strong domain authority and rank well in organic search have a higher likelihood of ranking better in the Google local listings.

While this is not 100% correlated, this relationship establishes an enough evidence to make it worthwhile to earn more quality backlinks to your site. While auditing your citations, you can build quick and easy backlinks from local listings and directories. This, however, will only get you so far.

To cultivate strong domain authority that improves both organic and Google Maps SEO, you'll need to invest time (and perhaps money) in link acquisition. Investing in a local chamber of commerce membership (and getting a link and citation from the chamber site;) blogging on other websites; creating social media profiles; and simply requesting inclusion on related "links and resources" pages on other sites associated with your business and industry; these are all just a few ways to acquire links and cultivate domain authority.

While these three Google Maps SEO and marketing tips are just the tip of the iceberg, they are some of the most momentous strategies to help your business move the needle in the search results.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

SolRx: A Winning Sport Sunscreen With Epic Proportions

When it comes to sport sunscreen, there's heavy debate between the differences in sport sunscreen vs. regular sunscreen. And while many sports sunscreens on the market may not offer very much difference, SolRx is one company that's defining in the industry standard behind high-performance sport sunscreen products.
SolRx Sunscreen Sports

The magic behind SolRx is its patented WaterBlock technology. This blend is a broad-spectrum sunscreen formula that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays (compared to other sports sunscreens that only protect against UVA rays.) SolRx WaterBlock is also one of the best sunscreen blends for water sports, as it retains its SPF after hours and hours of immersion.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SolRx sport sunscreens. Below we go into greater detail about the qualities and characteristics that make SolRx a winning sport sunscreen with epic proportions.

Enduring Protection After Hours of Water Immersion

One characteristic that defines SolRx sport sunscreen over other competing brands is its enduring protection after hours of water immersion. To prove its incredible capabilities, SolRx teamed-up with AMA Testing Labs (one of the world's leading product testing organizations for skin and health products) to develop a trial that would effectively measure the performance and capabilities of SolRx WaterBlock.
SolRx defines sport sunscreen vs. regular sunscreen

 In fact, SolRx was strict in its testing design with AMA in order to establish a trial that would go above and beyond standard testing protocols of the FDA and other governmental agencies that test these types of products. As a result, SolRx and AMA ran a series of tests that would assess the sunscreen's SPF after 8 hours of water immersion.

The conclusion: SolRx WaterBlock retained 97% of its SPF after 8 hours of water immersion. This information alone has sprouted the popularity and loyalty in SolRx as one of the world's best sport sunscreens.

Parallel to this data, not only does SolRx retain its SPF after hours of being in the water, but it's also one of the best options for the environment. When properly applied to the skin, it is legitimately "impossible" for SolRx to deposit into bodies of water and onto ocean reefs. As a result, SolRx has also earned a reputation as an eco-friendly and reef safe sunscreen.

Sport Sunscreen Products from SolRx 
Sport Sunscreen Products from SolRx

SolRx defines sport sunscreen vs. regular sunscreen in designing a complete line of products for many different needs. Ranging from dry zinc to zinc oxide sunscreen sticks to lip balm and spray-on sunscreen products, the company offers a number of options to choose.

Among some of the most popular products worth checking out at SolRx include:
  • SolRx Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Waterblock Sunscreen (flagship product)
  • SolRx Slopes SPF 35 Moisturizing Sunscreen (for extra dry environments, like winter sports)
  • SolRx SPF 44 Dry Zinc Sunscreen (exceptional for endurance athletes, lifeguards, etc.)
  • SolRx SPF 50 Spray Sunscreen Pump (for easy application)
  • SolRx Zinc Stix SPF 50 (zinc oxide sunscreen stick)
To learn more about SolRx or shop these products including many more, visit the official website of SolRx sunscreen at

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How Plastic Surgeons Can Leverage Social Media Marketing

Leverage Social Media Marketing for SurgeonsIf you’re a surgeon looking to grow your practice, here we share a few suggestions and strategies to help you better leverage social media marketing. As an ideal supplement to SEO and search marketing, social media can help you establish a powerful local reputation, as well as loyal and in-marketing audience.

By changing a few simple things in your social media marketing strategy, you can also get immediate results and acquire new patients. The strategies outlined below offer a few different ways where you can do just that leveraging social media marketing for your surgery practice.

Use Facebook Advertising to Promote Your Services

Social Media Advertising for SurgeonsIf your target client base uses Facebook regularly, then utilizing Facebook is a great way to market your practice. Make sure to keep your Facebook page updated regularly with contact information, promotions for procedures and other deals you may be offering.

Facebook is a wonderful marketing tool if you use it consistently. If you’ve already made your page for your business, you can also use Facebook’s advertising services to target your audience. They allow you ensure that those who live in your town or within a certain geographical area see your ads on their Facebook feed. You can track how many hits you’re getting from the ads and make adjustments as necessary.

When using any social media profiles, be sure to remain as professional and courteous as possible to ensure that your reputation is protected. Many who would otherwise come into your practice for services could just as easily change their minds if responses to complaints or questions aren’t handled in a professional and respectful manner.

“Boost” Your Posts to Help Generate Traffic

When posting on Facebook, if you notice that one of your posts is getting a good response, you can “boost” that post to keep it at the top of the news feeds of your audience. This is done either by commenting on, liking the post, or sharing the post itself, or by paying a small fee to Facebook to boost the post for you.

When looking at your Facebook business page, you can gage how far your post is reaching potential clients and determine whether you think a paid boost is worth the money.

Create Content Optimized for SEO Best Practices

By creating posts on your Facebook or other social media sites that include SEO keywords or phrases that you think others are likely to search when looking for your services, you’re increasing the likelihood that your services will sit higher on the search engine list that others.
Create Content Optimized for SEO Best Practices

Many time it comes in the form of specialized “tags” on blogs, or by writing or sharing posts that include that content on your Facebook, you have a better chance at converting readers into buyers of your service. Including those keywords and phrases will make it easier for potential clients to find your page, and make it easier for you to market your practice effectively.

With a little bit of patience, some practice, and this new bit of know-how, you can easily start converting more of your readers into buyers of your services. If you incorporate some of these strategies into your social media marketing system, then you’ll find that the results are far better than what you were getting previously. Try a few, and see what a world of difference it will make.

For more information about social media marketing for surgeons, as well as other Internet marketing solutions, visit

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Loader Scales: 3 Leading Providers in the Industry

Loader Scales
Since many of the loader scale systems on the market are expensive solutions that are important for different weighing operations, it is very vital to invest in the right technology. The only way that you can achieve a successful investment is to ensure that you research and pinpoint the ideal loader scales that best suit the needs of your weighing operations.

Many of the loader scale suppliers on the market offer accurate, affordable, durable and high quality scales. Below are the three leading providers of loader scales and related weighing systems for heavy-duty, industrial applications.

1. Walz Scale

Walz Scale is perhaps one of the well-known suppliers of the industrial truck scales and accurate weighing equipment. Having been in the industry now for more than half a century, Walz Scale has consistently delivered top-notch industrial weighing solutions to various companies around the globe. Today, Walz is recognized as one of the top providers of loader scales and other advanced on-board systems for accurate and efficient weighing.
Walz Loader Scales

The Walz Scale's on-board weighing systems are a world–class solution for loaders since it makes weighing really simple. The on-board loader scale system offers the best solution to different sized wheel loaders and skid loaders, making it one of the most versatile options in the industry,

With such an advanced on-board weighing system implemented by Walz, extreme accuracy is guaranteed. This then defines the success of the business. Dependable weighing is a core aspect for a company to achieve in any of this business. After a loader is integrated with the on-board weighing system, a touch screen operator console offers an easy operator control and displays load results through a highly visible LED display. The LED message also offers both status and weight metrics to the driver. As a result, accuracy and throughput is both optimized and maintained in the measurement.

2. Cardinal Scale 

Cardinal Scale manufacturing is also another leading global supplier of high quality weighing systems and load management solutions. The company operates on a well drafted business model. Its main success is due to specialization on provision of wide range of quality and advanced weighing systems and peripheral equipment for truck sales.

Apart from that, the company further provides weighing systems that feature greater quality, durability and of high accuracy and precision. With stiff competition from different competitors, Cardinal has stood tall in the market following its unique business niche. Some of the advanced weighing systems that Cardinal suppliers include portable weighing system, steel deck weighbridge scale and hydraulic scales that have a great capacity.

3. Payload Pros
Payload Pros Loader Scales

Payload Pros is a well-recognized supplier of advanced weighing system that majorly specializes in the provision of portable scale solutions used in construction, recycling and mining industries. Payload Pros business model is simple and a profit driven. It is a business model that is desired by many different companies. What stands out in this company model is the one exceptional feature of delivering versatility without compromise to accuracy and precision of measurements.

Since a successful business is properly defined by the integrity of all operations undertaken in a company, and that accuracy is a requirement in all the loading scales. Payload Pros truck scales have gone further in ensuring that all their operations are done perfectly and correctly. Some of the well-known products by the Payload Pros include portable truck weight scales, rail car scales and on-board scales. The company further provides truck sale systems for rent to clients who may need a weighing solution on a short term need.

Whether you work in the business of mining, construction, agriculture or recycling, you understand how investing in heavy weighing system can be a daunting task. Therefore, any company that is about to invest in heavy-duty weighing systems, truck sales and related load management solutions needs to work with a trusted provider in the industry.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Why Woods Mowers Are Making Wake In the Lawn Equipment Market

Woods Equipment Company
In 1946, the Woods Brothers built their first successful rotary-cutter, which marked the beginning of Woods Equipment Company. Woods has, since then, maintained a specialty-niche in premium mowers and land clearing equipment. Over the years, Woods has earned a solid reputation as a supplier of top-quality mower models and land clearing machines. For the past 60 years, its products have gradually improved by absorbing novel innovations that are geared towards efficacy and effectiveness in diverse mowing applications.

Headquartered in Oregon, IL, Woods Equipment Company is a renowned maker of top- quality mowers, attachments as well as replacement-parts for the grounds maintenance, agricultural and construction markets. These include all mower types like rotary cutters, finishing mowers, zero-turn mowers, and flail mowers. Woods expanded its product-line to comprise new cutter-options that increase longevity and ruggedness while ensuring effectiveness and efficiency. The company is built on 3 pillars which are innovation, performance & quality.

Woods Woods Mow’n Machines

Woods has since evolved to manufacture a wide variety of Woods Mow’n Machines. These are some of the are best machines for use in heavy- duty farming and agricultural settings Woods began manufacturing Zero Turn Mowers over 20-years ago.

These Zero Turn Mowers from Woods come with exceptional features, parts, performance and power and combine quality design & easy maintenance, thereby making the need to look-up Woods mower parts dramatically less. The Woods zero-turn mowers come in 3 different models which include FZ28K, FZ25D & FZ22K, with varying engine type, decks and horsepower.
Woods Finish Mowers

Woods Finish Mowers

Woods finish mowers have an excellent design which gives the user better maneuverability as they mow including a distinctive rounded front. A tapered- side rear discharge- deck helps reduce the trimming time whilst increasing productivity. The heat- treated alloy-steel blades offer you precision cutting and optimal performance for all-your lawn care for years to come. Besides, the finish mowers are easy to maintain and they come with numerous features that vary amongst various models.

Woods Rotary Cutters

Woods rotary cutters are well-known for their ruggedness, productivity and dependability. Woods has the biggest line of rotary cutters which range from Batwing rotary cutters, Ditch bank cutters, Brushbull single- spindle cutters, multi-spindle cutters, RC- Series single-spindle cutters and Economy single-spindle cutters. The broad range of models offers you expanded options to select from ranging from 15hp -300hp and up to 240- inch working width.
Woods Rotary Cutters

The Batwing line-of rotary-cutters from Woods Equipment easily stands out as an-elite pedigree featuring a wide spectrum of options ranging from heavy-duty mowers to smaller mower options which are designed for-use with tractors having a lower horsepower.

Some of the powerful models worth mentioning include the 12.5 foot cutting width Turf Batwing TBW150C, TBW144, 42 inch cutting width 42 UnderMount and 17 foot cutting width Turf Batwing TBW204. These Woods mower models can get the job done on any field on any day.

Woods designs its mower products for-use on any type of foliage. Besides, their powerful engines guarantee that only a single pass is needed to cut the grass to size. Although there are a number of models in Woods Batwing-series, you should bear in mind that none-is superior to the other. Each one-of them has been designed to perform best when utilized for certain applications.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Evolution of Facet Technologies, Inc. of Illinois

Facet Technologies, Inc. of IllinoisFacet Technologies, Inc. is a company that has been providing information technology (IT) and computer services to the greater business community of Central Illinois since 1989. Founded by Brian Ford, Facet Tech started in his basement where he provided specialized technology solutions. He quickly became one of the trusted technology professionals in Central Illinois and developed an extensive client base.

Soon, Ford's company experienced significant growth, and he later opened Facet Technologies in Pekin, IL. He later acquired a computer repair branch, Nerds on Call, and opened stores in Normal, Farmington, Peoria, and Peru, Illinois. Without a doubt, Facet Technologies is one of the leading business IT services providers in Central Illinois. They consistently offer top-notch services to their highly valued customers.

Continuous Growth

Facet Web Design
As one of the earliest computer and technology firms, Facet Technologies was around when the i486 processor and Windows 2.0 were top of the line. Since then, they provide their clients with the best services, products, and comprehensive technology consulting.

In 2015, the company expanded its services to include website development and many other opportunities for their custom software development experts. Through Facet's new web development branch Facet Web Tech, the company has recruited more well-versed professionals in the expertise of web design and software development. The team has the necessary skills to offer top quality services with expertise and enthusiasm.

Non-Corporate Company Culture

IT Support Consulting Technicians
The culture of the company is family-oriented and non-corporate with a focus on capability, customer service, and accuracy. This has helped them to expand their services rapidly. Recently, they experienced a greater growth with large organizations, individuals, and businesses signing contracts.

The constant expansion of the company has created more job opportunities, especially for web development experts, experienced sales personnel, and well-trained technicians. For sure, the company strives to support the technological needs of their customers today and tomorrow — efficiently and economically.

Indeed, the main aim of this company is to offer high-quality technology services while saving the money of their clients in the process. They know that it takes more than a computer geek to manage computer systems of a business company. Frankly, one needs IT experts that are professionals in technology services. Besides, an individual needs a professional that will take their time to understand well his or her business needs. This is what it sets this company apart from other competitors in the industry.

Customer-Driven IT Solutions

Their staff knows well how to communicate effectively with business managers. Besides, they know the importance of understanding business needs of their clients. Apart from that, they fully implement and manage the technology of their customers. They always help their customers to fulfill the needs of their businesses. Therefore, their clients are always ahead of their competitors.
IT Computer Systems

Furthermore, Facet Technologies offer an extensive array of expert services and products. In addition, they offer flexible terms for implementing their services. The company offers both as-needed and contract support, On-site staffing, IT consulting, and implementation. They can also work with the team of their client, especially to help the existing technology staff. Undeniably, the company offers high-quality and 100% IT services.

In conclusion, the company, Facet Technologies, Inc., has more to provide than just supplying their clients with infrastructure. Their workers are qualified to offer services that will sustain the income that their clients expect from their investments. They have many years of IT experience.

Besides, the company has a big list of worker certifications that include CCNA Certifications, A+ Software Certification, CCNP Training, A+ Hardware Certifications, MSCE Certifications, and A+ Networking Certifications. To learn more about the IT and computer company, visit:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street,
Pekin, IL 61554
Phone: 309-353-4727

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Jersey's Source for Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery

Dr. Joshua Rovner
Dr. Joshua S. Rovner M.D.
Dr. Joshua Rovner is a spinal surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic surgeon to operate in New York and New Jersey. He is board-certified in orthopedic surgery and has practice specialization in spine surgery.

The doctor is an award winning surgeon who is readily available for consultation at Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics in Englewood, New Jersey. Dr. Rovner and his team of world class spine surgeons have a reputation of offering the best revolutionary and cutting edge spinal surgery and orthopedic treatment in NJ.

Dr. Rovner is highly trained and experienced in orthopaedic and spinal surgery and provides various back and spine treatment alternatives. He received his medical degree from Downstate medical center college of medicine in the State University of New York. He later completed a residency surgery at Albert Einstein College of medicine in New York. Furthermore he completed a spine injury fellowship at the esteemed Twin Cities Spine center In Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A Layer of Compassion in the Medical Community

Dr. Rovner is not only an experienced orthopedic spine surgeon but he is also very honest and compassionate with the individuals he treats. He helps a patient to understand his/her condition and whether there is a need of spinal surgery. He also advises his patients on the best treatment option according to the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Rovner outlines the disadvantages and advantages of the available treatment alternatives. When he recommends surgery, he uses the minimal invasive surgical procedures which reduces pain, blood loss, faster recovery and optimum results.

Dr. Rovner provides a wide range of surgical specialties at Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics in Englewood, NJ, the reputable spine surgery center that he leads. Below we go into greater detail regarding some of the more minimally-invasive spine surgery procedures the doctor specializes in.

Robotic Spinal Surgery 

Robotic Spinal Surgery Robotic spinal surgery is a minimally invasive treatment designed to increase the safety and add the precision in all categories of surgeries. The precision is improved to accuracy of 1mm which reduces the risk of screw misplacement as noted in traditional surgery. Robotic spinal surgery also reduces exposure to radiation, pain after operation, risks of complication and recovery period.

Dr. Rovner, has a vast experience in robotic spinal surgery being the first to perform the procedure in New Jersey. The following are the advantages of this treatment:
  • Reduces the risk of nerve damage.
  • It is a fast surgery process with less risks of complication.
  • It enhances accuracy for placement of screws.
  • It minimizes exposure to radiation.
  • It has higher degree of safety.
The only possible drawback of robotic spinal surgery is that it uses specialized technology that is only available in certain spine surgery centers. Nevertheless, Dr. Rovner offers this option at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics and has also performed robotic spine surgery operations in New Jersey at the Hackensack University (one of the top spine centers in New Jersey with outstanding success rates.

spine surgeonOther areas of surgical expertise offered by Dr. Rovner include:

Laser Spine Surgery

This is a modest back surgery applying a laser to burn tissue instead of using the regular tools that cut tissue. Before getting a laser spine surgery, a patient should be examined by an independent professional from the one to perform the surgery.

Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion

This is a surgery applied to treat a disc herniation around the neck if surgical free treatments have failed. The surgery involves removing all or part of the herniated disc in the neck of the patient. Then the vertebral bones around the removed disc are surgically joined. Dr. Ronver reaches the disc through the neck instead of from the back.

To request consultation with Dr. Rovner, contact:

Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics
440 Curry Avenue, Suite A
Englewood, NJ 07631

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

5 Leading Logistics Warehouse Companies in California

Logistics Warehouse Companies in California
Logistics and distribution warehouses offer a higher level of services for customers compared to the common storage warehouses. With many warehouses in California for shipping, logistic, and distribution, finding the right warehousing solutions is not always an easy job.

Therefore, it is always important to learn and understand more about some of the top logistics warehouses in California. This will help an individual to make the right decisions, especially when choosing the best logistics warehouse service provider. Below are 5 leading logistics warehouse companies in California.

1. United Facilities, Inc.

United Facilities, Inc.
United Facilities, Inc. is one of the leading supply chain management and third-party logistics companies in California. The company has continued to offer their customers with high-quality services that evolve with the ongoing demands of the industry. United Facilities has several distribution centers and logistics warehouses throughout the U.S. As a result, the company provides end-to-end and worldwide supply chain services. These services include international freight forwarding, transportation management, customs brokerage, truckload brokerage, global trade compliance, global TMS technology, and project logistics.

Depending on the location, United Facilities offers both food-grade and organic food storage warehousing services. Furthermore, they provide value-added services such as packaging, bulk material handling, pick and pack, kitting, and sequencing coupled with modern transportation solutions. United Facilities warehousing solutions feature advanced WMS, rail, hazmat, and temperature controls. The company's logistics and fulfillment warehouse in California supports all of the solutions and more.

2. Inland Star Distribution Centers, Inc.

Inland Star Distribution Centers, Inc.
Inland Star provides a nationwide logistics services, especially for the packaged goods manufacturers. This company has specialized in warehousing, transportation, and auxiliary fulfillment solutions in delivering an effective distribution of these merchandises.

Inland Star has state-of-the-art technology and safety features that enable them to facilitate storage and handling of food grade as well as dangerous chemical materials. Inland Star has been rated one of the leading companies that offer premium services to ensure that their clients are fully satisfied.

3. LeSaint Logistics
LeSaint Logistics

LeSaint Logistics is one of the popular third-party logistics providers in California. The company has flexible and well-known services in terms of level of performance. The company offers an extensive array of services and many people prefer their services to that offered by other companies in the industry, especially when picking and packing their own distribution. Moreover, LeSaint Logistics offers a broad range of modern logistics services when handling the products of their customers right from the manufacturing plant all the way to the final consumer.

4. States Logistics Services, Inc.

States Logistics Services, Inc.
Integration, flexibility, and superior services are some of the requirements that can take a company to the top of achievement. States Logistics Services, Inc. understands these requirements. The company offers value driven and cost effective 3PL and supply chain management solutions.

The broad range of 3PL services from States Logistics Service includes warehousing, value-added services, and transportation. These services have enabled them to the deliver the required abilities that have taken the supply chains of their clients to the next performance level.

5. Best Logistics, Inc.

Best Logistics, Inc.Best Logistics, Inc. has many years of experience in the industry. The company is one of the full-service distribution and warehousing providers in California. The company has a comprehensive working knowledge and expertise in all areas of logistics and distributions.

Best Logistics is the only logistics provider in California with direct access to the West`s railroads, major ports, and highways. Therefore, they provide a network of connections and warehousing solutions in the entire United States of America.

The above are five leading logistics warehouse companies in California. If you're aware of a reputable company that offers logistics warehousing solutions, please let us know in the comments section below.

Shop Stylish Classic Cycling Clothing at

The online company well known for its classic cycling clothing and apparel, Retro Image Apparel Two (, entered into cycling apparel industry in the year 2002. The company's innovative idea was that cycling jerseys can be both fun and functional. The inspiration and drive for's creation came from Roger W. Mallette, the company founder. Right from that inspiration, has grown from an idea to an internationally-acknowledged provider of retro, vintage, and classic cycling clothing.
Retro Image Apparel Two

Regrettably, Roger W. Mallette passed away in late 2012. His business partner at the time was not able to run the company fruitfully. Gratefully, the sister of Roger, Michele Mallette Sherman, managed to take over the ownership of all assets of the company legally.

Sherman has a determination that she will keep the legacy of her brother, Roger, alive and thriving. With some rebranding, she established a new name for the company which is today known as Retro Image Apparel Two LLC (Retro Two). Headquartered in St. Louis, Retro Two has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of custom unique cycling clothing on the web,

Classic Cycling Clothing JerseysA Unique Selection of Cycling Clothing 

The wide spectrum of cycling clothing available at features creative graphic illustrations, historical cycling races and team, classic-vintage themes, and bold pop culture icons. Some of the company's cycling clothing is 100% exclusive, making it impossible to find anywhere else.

The company continues to revolutionize the marketplace for unique cycling clothing by combining their creative graphic art talents with high-quality, functional jerseys tailored from some of the industry's most advanced fabrics and materials. Today, Retro Two strives to build upon the broad portfolio of designs that were developed by its founder and now offers a wide range of amazing products for men and women.

Where Quality Products Meet Quality Customer Service

Unlike other cycling apparel stores, provides a limited 6-month warranty which is valid from the day of purchase (against defects in workmanship and material.) The warranty excludes any damage that occurs as a result of abuse, misuse, or realistic wear and tear. In fact, the replacement procedure is very simple. An individual only needs to mail his or her jersey back to the company with his or her purchase receipt. and the company will then replace or even repair the jersey to meet the customer's satisfaction.
Unique Cycling Clothing Jerseys

As a well-known classic cycling clothing company, provides a novelty selection of original and unique cycling jerseys for both women and men. The different collections of classic cycling clothing from this company feature pop culture, historical cycling races, spectacular graphic illustrations, and modern designs.

Right from classic cycling clothing that embody social movements and memorable races to the designs of astronomical and earthy undertones, this company is redefining fashionable cycling apparel and jersey by offering a broad line of items for all walks of life.

In conclusion, anybody who will buy classic cycling clothing from will get exclusive and creative styles. Some of the classic-style cycling jerseys for both men and women from this company include 1952 Cataluna Cycling Jersey, Paris-Roubaix Cycling Jersey, 1935 World Championships Jersey, Gumby Cycling Jersey, Nasa Cycling Jersey, Paris Roubaix Classic Cycling Jersey, Smokey Bear Cycling Jersey, and 1943 Cataluna Classic Cycling Jersey among others.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Payload Pros: Industrial Truck Scales for Mining & Aggregate

Payload Pros is company that has grown to become an industry-leading and one of the most reputable supplier and source of on-site payload management, dynamic weighing systems, and advanced truck scales. The company is well-known for designing a broad spectrum of weighing systems ranging from portable truck scales to on-board truck scales to weighbridges.

Payload Pros specializes in a wide range of weighing systems for both heavy-duty and rugged use. Whether your company demands an accurate load management of trucks or provide a precise weight management of payloads by rail, the company provides a solution that meets all your unique needs.

Payload Pros

By utilizing the latest technology, the company has specialized in heavy-duty weigh scales and load management systems that have the capacity to analyze huge amounts of data efficiently. Therefore, Payload Pros` weighing solutions are suitable for any company needs since they are designed to offer maximum versatility without compromising precision of the measurements or accuracy. Here are some of the product categories that define Payload Pros and what it offers.

Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales, also known as portable weighing systems or portable axle scales, are highly convenient for portable weighing at an affordable price. Payload Pros specialize in a broad range of portable axle scales and wheel weighers systems. The company prides itself with the supply of basic truck scales systems that are not only affordable but easy to operate. Furthermore, they offer weigh-in-motion axle scale systems that are designed for agricultural operations and heavy-duty mining.

Portable Truck Scales

In many cases, wheel weighers are used in construction sites, mining industries, and agricultural plants. They offer portable truck scales that come with top notch features including: multiple designs that favor portability, made of aluminum and steel for durability, and are not only intuitive but simple to use. Further, if you cannot afford to buy a portable truck scale, Payload Pros offers rental options to all customers.

On-board Weighing Systems

On-board Weighing Systems
Payload Pros prides itself on designing on-board weighing systems that enable operators to record as well as print out data. It offers a broad range of on-board weighing systems such as wheel loader scales, backhoe loader scales, skid steer scales, and industrial loader scales.

Payload Pros offers on-board weighing systems for loaders, trucks and other load-bearing equipment. These systems can be used with any loading system provided that you use the recommended configuration. Therefore, if you invest in an on-board weighing system from Payload Pros, be sure to enjoy such benefits as getting access to accurate results regardless of the environment, low maintenance costs, and access to multiple communication protocols.

Steel-Deck Truck Scales (Weighbridges)

Steel-deck truck scales or weighbridges are always the perfect choice truck scales for farmers, mining companies, and any other high-volume payload applications. Payload Pros are known to offer steel-deck truck scales that provide a durable, long-lasting solution for calculating heavy-duty load weights in an efficient and accurate way.

All the weighbridge truck scales from this company are designed to offer precise and accurate metrics that are reliable for reading a wide array of off-road vehicles and haul trucks. Therefore, if you are looking for durable and extremely tough truck scales that are suitable for use in mining or harvest weighing site, Payload Pros is your ultimate destination.

3 Tips to Start Cultivating a Business Web Presence Today

Every marketer knows that building a web presence is a must - but not every marketer knows how to go about it. While a website is good foundation, there are a number of ways to cultivate a greater web presence that can help grow business.

Here are three simple tips that will help you expand your company's web presence and allow you to increase both the visibility and profitability of your online brand.
Business Web Presence

1. Optimize Your Site Properly

Most people are familiar with the idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but that alone is not enough to build a successful and effective web presence. Of course, it is one of the things that's necessary, so you shouldn't neglect it.

These days, Google isn't interested in rewarding content that's stuffed with keywords at the expense of readability. In fact, it will be heavily penalized. If you want your site to top the search results, write content that's engaging and relevant, and make sure any keywords flow naturally with the other text.

However, attracting new traffic to your site is not enough. If visitors simply read what you've written, shrug their shoulders, and move on, then you've failed. You need to take that traffic and turn it into leads - and then take those leads and convert them into sales.

How do you do this? By giving them a clear, strong message about what you can offer them. Don't bombard people with walls of text. Instead, tell them in one sentence what your business offers that your rivals can't. Use simple words and easy-to-understand concepts, and avoid overly technical terms. Web presence optimization companies like Web Presence Group suggest that using Schema mark-up is also an effective way to optimize your website for better SEO performance.

2. Use the Power of Social Media

Building a really solid web presence doesn't only mean promoting your business on the web itself. Some sources now suggest that more people use social media every day then use the web - and if you're not also using it, you're missing out on a huge potential market.

Power of Social MediaYour competitors won't be making that mistake, so getting involved in the world of social media is a must. There are many networks out there, but only a few have real power to help your business grow. These include:
  • Facebook - the world's largest social network, with over one billion users around the world.
  • Twitter - fast-moving and anarchic, this makes a great place to seed viral marketing campaigns.
  • YouTube - for targeting young people, nothing beats a well-made video. Keep it short, though!
  • LinkedIn - you can't advertise directly here, but it's perfect for building business contacts.
  • Pinterest - creative and slightly more female centric, this image-focused platform offers highly effective advertising.

3. Develop Your Content Strategy

However great your business and what it offers may be, if your promotional strategy consists of nothing more than a few pages on your website, you're not likely to succeed. If you have a good product to sell, then take it to other outlets, too.
Content Strategy

One of the best options is blogging. Many people who aren't likely to visit a dedicated website are interested in reading bite-sized chunks of information on a regular basis. Post something every day about an aspect of your business and you can get your message across without overwhelming them.

Press releases are also worth publishing, since getting one picked up by business news sources will effectively provide you with free advertising. You shouldn't keep too narrow a focus on your own business, though, as this can come across as spamming. To build a really popular web presence, make yourself known as an authority in your field. Publish short, interesting, unique pieces about your industry, or about some of the people who make your business great. Human interest stories are always popular!

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Industry-Leading Manufacturers of Business Mailing Machines & Postage Meters

When it comes to carving a niche, some of the most epic entrepreneurs have carved theirs in the market for business mailing machines and postage meters. Today, some brands have become a common name in the business world for mailing and postage technology.

To profile some of those brands, and to lead your business in the ideal direction when investing in such technology, below is a profile of five industry-leading manufacturers of business mailing machines and postage meter products.

Neopost USA 

Neopost Mailing Machines Postage MetersNeopost specializes in manufacturing postage meters and other mailroom equipment, which was what the company was originally founded for in 1924. Today, as they’ve grown larger in size, they have successfully integrated several other smaller software companies into their business of operations and now also offer packages that service customer care management, optimizing shipping processes and solutions, and data collection and analytics. The core business behind Neopost still focuses on the printing industry.

Although they are one of the leading manufacturers of mailing machines and postage meters in the countries, they have been rated by several organizations as having poor customer service and unfair client contracts. Neopost mailing system products are, however, ranked well and do provide the customer what he or she is looking for.


Data-Pac is probably best known for their leading software and hardware mailing products that they make. They were the first company to manufacture a postage meter that that could connect with the Internet and read postage information online. They are in a close partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS) and they ensure that their products and software can be made compatible with the hardware devices of other mailing companies as well. Their whole focus is to create effective and low-cost solutions.
Data-Pac Mailing Machines Postage Meters
As a company that was started about 35 years ago, Data-Pac is young compared to the other bigger players in the market. They are, however, still one of the leading providers or software for the mailing industry and both their products and their reviews consistently get high reviews. They are a postage meter manufacturer that is highly recommended by all.

Pitney Bowes Inc.

Pitney Bowes Mailing Machines Postage MetersPitney Bowes was founded in 1920 after one of the founders, Arthur Pitney his “double locking” hand cranked postage stamping machine that would automatically put stamps on mail that would come in through mail rooms. Since there was a massive in flux of mail that was being sent around the country, many post office were open to the idea of automating the process as much as possible to deal with the high volume of mail. Now, Pitney Bowers has branched into the eCommerce related space and has operations on a global level.

Pitney Bowes has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with at A+ rating since 1996. They not only have received high rating for their products an customer services but they also have received high ratings from their employees, who state that working there is a very enjoyable experience.

Gunther International 

Gunther International Mailing Machines Postage Meters
Gunther International focuses on creating mailing solutions that help post offices and other mailing outlets to deal with high volume level of mail. They are committed to creating products with a high level of excellence and products that are highly integrated between the hardware the software. This helps ensure a 100% accuracy rate with all their mailing products. They have a motto that drives their philosophy and the quality of service that they provide: “we either have the solution to your mailing problems today or we will develop it for you.”

Gunther International has received many praises regarding the quality of products that they produce. Their products are ideal for companies and office and both receive and send out a lot of mail. Although their management ability has been stated as needing improvement, they do have an overall good level of customer satisfaction.

Hasler Inc.
Hasler Mailing Machines Postage Meters

Hasler Inc. prides itself in providing product solutions for the level of mail flow that you need. Their products are divided into three tiers: Low-Volume, Medium-Volume, and High-Volume. The Hasler network focuses in North America and innovative, cost-effective mailing and shipping systems and mail support equipment.

Hasler customers have given the company high ratings and approve both the products and the customer service that they provide. Although Hasler products are generally more expensive than their competitors, the quality of the products that they create is unmatched. If you want a high quality service and are able to afford it, Hasler Inc products are the way to go.