Tuesday, June 7, 2016

5 Leading Logistics Warehouse Companies in California

Logistics Warehouse Companies in California
Logistics and distribution warehouses offer a higher level of services for customers compared to the common storage warehouses. With many warehouses in California for shipping, logistic, and distribution, finding the right warehousing solutions is not always an easy job.

Therefore, it is always important to learn and understand more about some of the top logistics warehouses in California. This will help an individual to make the right decisions, especially when choosing the best logistics warehouse service provider. Below are 5 leading logistics warehouse companies in California.

1. United Facilities, Inc.

United Facilities, Inc.
United Facilities, Inc. is one of the leading supply chain management and third-party logistics companies in California. The company has continued to offer their customers with high-quality services that evolve with the ongoing demands of the industry. United Facilities has several distribution centers and logistics warehouses throughout the U.S. As a result, the company provides end-to-end and worldwide supply chain services. These services include international freight forwarding, transportation management, customs brokerage, truckload brokerage, global trade compliance, global TMS technology, and project logistics.

Depending on the location, United Facilities offers both food-grade and organic food storage warehousing services. Furthermore, they provide value-added services such as packaging, bulk material handling, pick and pack, kitting, and sequencing coupled with modern transportation solutions. United Facilities warehousing solutions feature advanced WMS, rail, hazmat, and temperature controls. The company's logistics and fulfillment warehouse in California supports all of the solutions and more.

2. Inland Star Distribution Centers, Inc.

Inland Star Distribution Centers, Inc.
Inland Star provides a nationwide logistics services, especially for the packaged goods manufacturers. This company has specialized in warehousing, transportation, and auxiliary fulfillment solutions in delivering an effective distribution of these merchandises.

Inland Star has state-of-the-art technology and safety features that enable them to facilitate storage and handling of food grade as well as dangerous chemical materials. Inland Star has been rated one of the leading companies that offer premium services to ensure that their clients are fully satisfied.

3. LeSaint Logistics
LeSaint Logistics

LeSaint Logistics is one of the popular third-party logistics providers in California. The company has flexible and well-known services in terms of level of performance. The company offers an extensive array of services and many people prefer their services to that offered by other companies in the industry, especially when picking and packing their own distribution. Moreover, LeSaint Logistics offers a broad range of modern logistics services when handling the products of their customers right from the manufacturing plant all the way to the final consumer.

4. States Logistics Services, Inc.

States Logistics Services, Inc.
Integration, flexibility, and superior services are some of the requirements that can take a company to the top of achievement. States Logistics Services, Inc. understands these requirements. The company offers value driven and cost effective 3PL and supply chain management solutions.

The broad range of 3PL services from States Logistics Service includes warehousing, value-added services, and transportation. These services have enabled them to the deliver the required abilities that have taken the supply chains of their clients to the next performance level.

5. Best Logistics, Inc.

Best Logistics, Inc.Best Logistics, Inc. has many years of experience in the industry. The company is one of the full-service distribution and warehousing providers in California. The company has a comprehensive working knowledge and expertise in all areas of logistics and distributions.

Best Logistics is the only logistics provider in California with direct access to the West`s railroads, major ports, and highways. Therefore, they provide a network of connections and warehousing solutions in the entire United States of America.

The above are five leading logistics warehouse companies in California. If you're aware of a reputable company that offers logistics warehousing solutions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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