Monday, June 29, 2015

4 Pillars To Cultivate a Thriving SEO & Web Marketing Campaign

It may be true that the process of formulating a successful SEO campaign can prove to be extremely tedious and difficult to say the least. However, by basing the foundation of your SEO strategy on four essential pillars, you can escalate the chances that your campaign will be a success.

In this overview we'll take a look at the top four pillars to cultivate a thriving SEO and web marketing campaign. And while these pillars might seem basic and intuitive in their very nature, many web marketers only focus on two or three pillars, only to later find weaknesses or holes in their overall campaign.

1) SEO-friendly Web Design

Statistic demonstrates that the traditional forms of marketing are becoming less and less effective. In today's digital age, if a company wants to maintain a strong presence within their business sector they have to maintain a strong presence online. One of the ways to do that, is by creating and maintaining a well designed website that is not only responsive, but optimized to meet specific conversion goals, as well as optimized for easy crawling and indexing and keyword relevancy (SEO-friendly).

Based on the fact that your SEO campaign's ultimate goal is to compel visitors to take specific, targeted action once they visit your website, it needs to have the right conversion elements and calls to action. At the same time, an SEO-friendly web design is rich with valuable, unique content that offers a certain degree of quality information that make visitors trust the brand. For more resources on SEO-friendly web design, visit the official website of Peoria web design company,

2) Highly-targeted SEO Strategy

SEO is designed to give businesses ad brands an opportunity to rank higher within search engines for specific keywords. However, due to the abundance of competition that can be found online, a most businesses stands very little chance of ranking higher for a generic, two-word target (such as "mens shoes").

For local SEO example, if a surgeon offers plastic surgery services for residents of Waterbury, Connecticut and wishes to have their website ranked for keywords that indicate that the searcher is looking for a dentist, it would be harder for that surgeon's website to rank for a generic phrase such as "surgeon in Connecticut," as opposed to the phrase, "plastic surgeon in Waterbury CT." As such, local SEO should be centralized on gaining rankings for a long tail keyword as opposed to generic harder to rank key phrases.

3) A Blend of Social Media

It's a well known fact that in today's digital age, many consumers expect a reputable company to have a website. However, what few businesses know is that statistics demonstrates that over 80% of consumers expect businesses to have an social media presence as well. Social media gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to consumers on a deeper level.

By utilizing social media, businesses can take that opportunity to provide superior customer service such as alleviating complaints and to gain valuable insight such as their customers opinions about certain aspects of their business. Social media also gives businesses an opportunity to essentially advertise their products and services all at an affordable rate.

Aside from that, social media can help a website to gain higher rankings, due to the fact that if a blog owner comes across a piece of content that is shared by the company, if they like it, they may post it on their blog and link back to the business's website.

4) PPC Advertising (Paid Search)

While it may be true that PPC advertising, does not have an effect on a website's ranking, it can help to gain brand recognition and thus encourages more sales and conversion once a website has sustained a high ranking. The reality of the fact is that people are more willing to make a purchase, the more and more they see the company's name or logo.

Through some forms of PPC advertising, such as "retargeting," a visitor that lives within close proximity of a certain company may see ads about that specific company on several websites, via retargeting. This can in turn heighten that chances that they will click through to a website and make a purchase in the future, once they utilize the search engine and insert the business's targeted long tail key phrase.

Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Investments That Generate The Greatest Returns For Medical Practices

Do you have (or are you starting) a health clinic or medical practice? Then you need to know some of the best places where you should invest both your financial and in-house resources.

In short, medical practice start-ups (and even those that have been around for some time) should invest very carefully in endeavors and resources that will generate high returns as well. This will be best for your medical practices. Here are five investments that offer the greatest returns for medical practices.

1. Web Marketing & SEO

Nowadays, building a prominent web presence is extremely important for the marketing of your medical practice. This will help you to attract many potential patients from search engines and other web properties.

For starters, you need to create a well-optimized website for your clinic. It must contain rich contents with details about your clinic and the services. Use the right keywords properly is the best way for search engine optimization.

Web marketing is very much important these days and for that you can even take the help of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Cultivate a web presence with these channels and generate quality traffic to your website and other web properties..

2. Optimize Medical Billing

A knowledgeable biller for the medical billing is always preferable. This will be the best thing as an experienced and knowledgeable biller can easily optimize the revenue performance of your medical practice. The duty of this biller is to assemble all the data which are needed for the bill. These data include claims transmission, charge entry, insurance follow ups, patient follow ups and payment posting.

For complex patient billing matters like CHC and FQHC billing, optimizing this aspect of a practice is vital. Often times, investing in an experienced medical biller is very much crucial as it can increase the revenue return for your medical practice, especially if your medical practice or health center is engaged in FQHC medical billing. Make sure you have done enough researches before investing your money in the right place to hire the best medical biller for your clinic.

3. Develop a Referral Strategy 

Many of your already existing patients can be a major source of your revenue. But to get more new clients and patients you can ask for referrals to your clinic from their friends and families. This referral strategy can work brilliantly with the right approach. In return, you can offer incentives.

This will be really encouraging for them and of course if they like your service a lot then definitely they will recommend your clinic to their families and friends. This small investment can give you some high returns as you will be able to get a lot of new patients in your clinic.

4. Direct Mail & Traditional Print Media

In this digital era, almost everyone forgets to do something innovative and creative with traditional print media. You can distribute these via newspaper or local magazines too. Do something creative with it so that it will attract the eyes of the people. It can be different things.

You need to be very careful that you have to target both the kids and parents. This can work wonderfully. Provide your contact numbers and also mention your website over there. For more information the interested clients will check your website. From there you can get some potential patients for your clinic.

5. Social Networking Events

Organizing a social event or any networking activities for society can help to build your reputation. Local people will get to know about your clinic and also about your services. A free health check-up or a free distribution of medicines after the check up will be great.

This will be a great investment which will undoubtedly bring a lot of customers for you at your clinic. This will enhance your sales and you will be able to get a lot of revenue as well. So, think something innovative and different about an event or activity for social welfare to target the local prospective clients.

Each and every business needs marketing otherwise it will not yield the amount of revenue which it is supposed to. So, make sure that you chalk out some excellent plan for your medical practices and execute those marketing plans.

You will be amazed to see the amount of response you will receive from the investment you do in this. You have to be very much aware of the fact that you need to get some new patients in order to expand your medical practices besides having the already existing ones. So, start brainstorming and get some innovative ideas for investing in greater marketing opportunities.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Neon South Makes Designing Custom Tank Tops Epic

In today's age of colorful vibrancy and flare, no wardrobe would be complete without custom neon tank tops. Due to this there are many companies offering this service both on land-based shops and online.

However, few of them comes close to the sheer quality and shopping experience provided by The Neon South. While some companies might be able to help you create a decent looking custom tank top, The Neon South offers a professional design tool (on the website,) enabling users to craft or upload their own designs onto the neon tank top of their liking.

Additionally, The Neon South provides expert graphic design assistance for those who need help turning their design idea into a reality. The culmination of these features has made this online haven the people's favorite for neon tank top customization.

Why Choose The Neon South?

If you come across any young person with a custom made tank top, then it is very likely that they got it from Neon South. Most people prefer shopping and designing their custom neon tank tops here because of the following and many more reasons.
  • High quality guaranteed: When making your tank top at Neon South you can always be guaranteed that you are going to get a very high-quality product. This is in terms of both the top material and the printing.
  • Room to exercise your creativity: If you are a creative young person then here you will get the opportunity to put your creativity to proper use. Neo has different tools that will enable you put your creativity in practice to come up with the best design for you.
  • Fast Turnaround: Once you have your design ready and after making the order you will not have to wait for an eternity for your custom neon tank top to be delivered. In fact, the top should be in your door in just a couple of days.
  • Different style and sizes to choose from: No matter how small or big your size might be Neon Size has the perfect tank top for you. There are also many styles to choose from, and so you can be guaranteed that your preferences and tastes will be met.

What Makes Custom Tank Tops a Must-Have?

There are very many reasons that any young person out there should have a couple of custom neon tank tops in their closet. However, the following are perhaps the main reasons.
  • They are fashionable: If you want to keep up with the times during the summer or when you are going on a vacation/holiday then this is one of the accessories that you should have. Not only are they comfortable to wear but they are also very fashionable.
  • Sets you apart from the rest: Why should you wear what everyone is wearing? To distinguish yourself from the crowd or pack a custom tank top is exactly what you need to add to your wardrobe. Your custom tank top is unique, and you will never see anyone else with a similar one unless they get it from you.
  • They can act as a form of identity: Whether you are going to a music festival or a carnival with a bunch of your friends, it would be very cool idea to wear custom tank tops to the event. This will help you get noticed by people, and you can also use it as a way of passing along some message.
  • It is fun: Designing your t-shirt is a very fun thing to do especially if you are in a group. Designing customized tank tops presents you with a unique opportunity to socialize and have fun with your friends.
So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the The Neon South to see for yourself just awesome this company is and how they can help inspire a custom neon tank top of your own.

Monday, June 8, 2015

5 Cornerstones to Successful SEO Campaigns

In order to have a successful SEO campaign, there are several decisions, actions, tweaks and changes that will be required in order to ensure the user receives the right information. SEO and online marketing is a never ending pursuit which has evolved over the years and experts have come to know that what worked yesterday, is not what will work today.

Despite the frequent shift in online marketing strategies, there are five cornerstones that remain constant and ensure that an SEO campaign is successful. Using these cornerstones will ensure that have you more traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful avenue that has grown in popularity over the years with the increase in the number of social networks. Over the years, the internet has grown and with its tremendous growth, it has led to the emergence of search engines, web platforms and social networks.

Social media networks today have become the means of interaction between global users. SEO experts utilize social media marketing in order to increase traffic to one’s website, as well as build brand authority and social signals (which help to promote greater credibility and rankings.). There are several ways of ensuring social media marketing is successful and they include creating a business page, targeting the right followers and constant interaction with followers.

Content Marketing

Quality content today is vital for the survival of any web platform. Users everyday are looking for information from tips, steps of doing something and general advice. Quality content not only helps to increase traffic to your website but it also helps your website to be ranked highly on search engines.

SEO experts define quality content by:
  • informative and useful to the users
  • newness and relevance
  • quality, value, and accuracy
  • search engine friendly or keyword relevant for SEO
Experts employ experienced writers who are able to provide quality content which has the right keyword density, right information and it’s written in legible English. For instance, if a company is doing SEO for surgeons, they may want to offer insights into the local SEO landscape and some of the things surgeons (and their marketing teams) can be doing in-house to help promote their website. Because in most cases of SEO for surgeons, local strategies like citation optimization and directory listings are momentous for SEO.

Brand Building

This is a strategy where experts help to improve and increase your business brand recognition to users online. A brand is known to be an emotional and psychological connection that customers have with a business products and services.

Experts can help to improve brand recognition by improving user experience, ensuring that the customers are fulfilled, through content and social media.

Web Optimization 

Recent changes by major search engines such as Google and Bing has led to the focus on mobile friendly websites. According to experts, a website that is not mobile friendly loses 25,000 users every day.

Experts advice website owners to convert their website to be mobile friendly. This can be achieved easily by utilizing responsive frameworks and implementing the top web presence optimization strategies.

Link Popularity

This refers to having website links that are pointing towards your site and they are located on other websites. Link popularity has been a critical component that has been utilized by experts to increase a website ranking on search engines.

Experts accomplish link popularity by having your links on highly credible websites rather than a high quantity of sketchy sites. This helps to improve your ranking as well as increase traffic to your website.