Friday, November 15, 2013

A Leader in Discount Luggage Sets:

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Your One-Stop Shop for Name Brand Discount Luggage Sets

Lexington Luggage offers a complete selection of top-quality, name brand discount luggage sets at some of the cheapest prices you will find anywhere. The company has a variety of stock from reputable name brands including Zero Halliburton, Samsonite, TravelPro, Delsey, A.Saks, Briggs & Riley Travelware, Eagle Creek among so many others.

Check out more of Lexington Luggage's discount luggage sets and travel accessories now, or read on to learn more about this epic company.

Unbeatable Discounts on Luggage Sets and Travel Accessories

In case you are wondering why the prices for discount luggage at Lexington Luggage are so affordable, consider the dynamics of demand and supply. When prices go up, people stop buying. When they are reduced, products sell off the shelves at unbelievable rates. Lexington Luggage understands this economic concept hence the low pricing of quality products.

What is more, this luggage shop aspires to beat all competitor prices. This is why, in addition to the discounted prices, you can also the use the Lexington Luggage coupon code to mark 15 percent off all your purchases.

Featured Products at Lexington Luggage

The products in stock at include travel accessories, messenger bags, duffel bags, backpacks, laptop bags, briefcases and luggage sets. Below we highlight some of these product categories, and why Lexington Luggage dominates each:

Discount Computer Bags

Prices for computer bags at Lexington Luggage range from $84.99 (for a bag going for at least $200 at other online luggage stores) to around $155. You no longer have to strain your budget for that enviable bag. Shop at Lexington Luggage’s inventory of discount computer bags and enjoy great quality at incredibly- low prices.

Discount Backpacks

Additionally, you can get quality backpacks at prices ranging from $19.99 to $99 (down from $110), depending on the brand, design and make. The backpacks and mobility sets at this discount luggage store are unbeatable anywhere else.

Discount Duffel Bags

Generally, Lexington Luggage sells duffel bags at prices as low as $195 (for the Jack Georges Carry On Duffel Bag with a 3- Way Zip). The most expensive duffel bag at this store goes for $599 (a huge discount considering you would buy it for $685 at another store).

Discount Luggage Messenger Bags

Strap on a messenger bag from Lexington’s for anything between $79 and $417. You can be sure that people will be stopping you on the street asking where you got such a striking bag from.

Discount Travel Accessories

Lexington Luggage stocks luggage carts, umbrellas, gifts, travel 3oz., travel clocks, shoulder pads, luggage scales, pack – it sacs, waterproofing material, electrical converters, adapter plugs, travel pillows, security money belts among others. Whatever you need, this store can sell it to you at the lowest price imaginable.

Discount Wallets

Need to upgrade to a more stylish wallet? Well, you can now buy durable, detailed and perfectly designed wallets from Lexington’s. Some of the popular designer items on sale include passport cases, card cases and wallets for men and ladies. You also get to choose from a wide variety of colors and material (metal and leathers).

Discount Luggage Sets

Last but not least, Lexington Luggage sells a great selection of discount luggage sets at prices ranging from $39 (unbelievable!) to $300. These sets also come in a variety of colors, designs and material.

Overall, you can be sure that you will never be disappointed when you shop at Lexington Luggage. Is it any wonder that some customers have described the store as "a piece of (travel) heaven on earth"?