Wednesday, December 16, 2015

5 Leading Series of Land Pride Rotary Cutters in Review

Land Pride Rotary CuttersThere are a number of rotary cutters that are currently available on the market. With that being said, it does need to be noted that not all manufacturers are created equal when it comes to rotary cutter technology. Consumers need to be mindful of choosing the machine that is best suited for their needs while also offering a positive return on their investment.

Land Pride has positioned themselves to be one of the leading manufacturers of rotary cutters. Their product lines attend to a wide range of needs while affording consumers with options for every budget. The following will introduce you to the 5 leading series of Land Pride rotary cutters.

RCR25 Series Rotary Cutters

The RCR25 Series Rotary Cutters are standard utility duty that afford cutting performance that is best described as excellent. This is especially so, in regards to the cutting of row crop fields, set-aside-acres, as well as gently sloping or slightly contoured right-of ways. The cutting widths of the series are 8 feet and 10 feet with a cutting height of 2 inches to 12 inches and they are able to cut weeds and brush of upwards of 1 inch in diameter.

Land Pride Rotary CutterRCF2760 & RCF2772 Series Rotary Cutters

This series of rotary cutters consists of smooth top cutters and are versions of the RCR26 Series. They offer identical cutting and are optimal for small trees (up to 3 inches in diameter), brush, crops, weeds and grass. Each of the units are equipped with a standard 3/16-inch-thick heavy duty stump jumper as well as replaceable bolt-on skid shoe parts. Additionally, there are optional shields available for the rear and the front.

RCF3660 & RCF3672 Series Rotary Cutters

The RCF 36 Series is quite a brute and features a 190 horsepower gearbox that is able to cut heavy weeds and grass in addition to (up to 4 inches in diameter) small trees, thick brush and row crop stubble. This is a series that features a smooth top design while affording users with a cutting height range of 2 inches to 12 inches. Not to mention, finding replacement Land Pride rotary cutter parts for this series is easy due to its popularity.

RCP26 Hydraulic Parallel Arm Cutters

The RCP26 and the RCPM2660 offer exceptional cutting performance on sloping areas including ditches, and areas adjacent to streams, ponds, and lakes. These are units that are able to perform quite well within tall grass and are able to cut easily through standing bush of up to 2 inches in diameter.

Land Pride Rotary Cutter SeriesThese rotary cutters have an optional gauge wheel package that will allow users the ability to cut deck to float over undulations without the need of constant monitoring of terrain conditions. The Parallel Arm Cutters have been adapted for either Category II or Category III 3-point hitch mounting on 75 to 150 HP tractors that weigh 700 pounds.

RCB6615 Series Rotary Cutters

This is a Series Rotary Cutter that delivers exceptional cutting performance on slightly contoured or gently sloping set-aside acres, pastures, roadsides, right-of ways or residue within row crop fields. The cutting width measures in at 15 feet and the cutting height is 2 to 14 inches.

This series is able to cut thick brush and heavy weeds up to a diameter of 4.5 inches, which makes the series very well suited for their applications. Both of the models within the series provide users with self-leveling clevis, pull type hitches for attachment onto 50 to 250 HP tractors.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Web Presence Optimization: The New SEO?

seo web presence optimization
SEO, as a field in which webmasters strive to boost the traffic of a page by making it appear higher on Google searches, has long been an important form of Internet marketing. Recently, however, the broader field of web presence optimization or WPO has become the most attractive and interesting way to bring more traffic to a site. 

The basic concern is that SEO itself may be too narrow, and WPO does a better job at tapping into multiple methods and media to increase traffic. In this post, we will talk about contemporary WPO strategy, and how important it has become for e-commerce.

WPO: The Evolution of SEO

The underlying difference is that SEO is centered on the site itself. It might include all kinds of content on the website, tweaking different design elements and testing out different strategies to determine the best configuration. In contrast, web presence optimization expands the focus to all elements of a brand's presence on the Internet. That includes content like social media posts, posts on offsite blogs, and advertisements. More and more frequently, the idea of content marketing has become central to online marketing. Content marketing involves using strong, organic, and original content to attract visitors and traffic. 
web presence optimization

So, a business that is focused primarily on selling skincare products might, for example, create a detailed article centered around providing tips for better skincare for men. This will open the door for the business’ target market to naturally find their way to the site, without having to get hassled by annoying advertisements. Normally, content marketing uses onsite content to draw in eyeballs, but the idea of WPO opens up the possibility of deploying content that will send traffic to the brand's site from offsite locations.

SEO has always been an important part of the overall marketing strategy for brands with online presence, but it doesn't say much about any off-site content. WPO is a more useful way to characterize online marketing, because it encompasses the ability of a brand to deploy content anywhere on the Web. This has already been an important element in content marketing. The main showcase of content marketing is usually the on-site blog, but building an audience for that blog requires venturing off-site and making guest posts in more prominent blogs in the field. That is just one example of a link between offsite and onsite marketing that leads to increased traffic.
social web presence optimization

Integrating Social Media & Content Marketing

Social media provides another simple example. There are many ways to use social media for marketing purposes, but one of the most important aspects of successful social media usage is applying the media channels to direct readers or viewers to the brand's website. This might be done by using social media to announce sales and deals, to link to new content, create a personal connection to the brand, or any other method. The key, however, is that the social media accounts belonging to a brand always provide redirecting links to the brand's primary web presence. Each post is an opportunity to forge a connection to the reader and bring them closer to the brand.

Social media isn't the only way to direct people to the site. Content such as videos and ads can appear offsite and still attract traffic. It's fairly clear how advertising works—properly designed and placed ads induce clickthroughs to the main site. Content in aggregators like Youtube provide an alternative method. The goal is still to produce content that attracts traffic, but it isn't the same as advertising. Ads need to fit fairly specific constraints: video ads cannot exceed a certain length, and the same goes for the size of text or image ads. Youtube content can be freeform, offering new ranges of opportunities to reach people with the brand's message.

SEO itself fits in well with the idea of mixing onsite and offsite content. SEO excels at bringing people to the site via search engine results. The more people use external content to reach the site, the higher it will rank on Google searches, so there is a large degree of synergy between SEO and offsite marketing methods. Far from being a binary choice between two different methods, offsite work and SEO are actually two kinds of marketing that work best when used together.

The general umbrella of web presence optimization unitesSEO, offsite content, and other brand-focused forms of online marketing. Investing in all forms of marketing within WPO presents strong synergistic benefits that mean it is much more beneficial to put some time and effort into many areas than to focus on just one. Balancing and timing investment in campaigns of various types can massively boost traffic for any brand.

Friday, December 11, 2015

3 FQHC Billing Companies With Proven Systems for Maximized Revenue

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) have been in service to greater healthcare community of the U.S. for over 50 years now. During those years, FQHCs have offered both comprehensive and remarkable healthcare services to all citizens. Despite their success in offering quality services, FQHCs have been faced by a number of challenges, including getting patients to complete their medical bills on time as well as ensuring that their medical billing systems are both effective and efficient.
FQHC Billing Papers

FQHCs are required to conform with all legal requirements and develop an effective as well as efficient billing systems. To achieve this, they often outsource medical billing functions to FQHC billing companies. Today, there are many FQHC billing companies that provide a wide range of services. It is prudent to choose a billing company that has vast knowledge in billing and revenue management needs. Below we profile three of the top FQHC billing companies in the U.S.

Practice Management

This company is one of the best billing companies that offer professional billing services to their wide range of clients. In fact, Practice Management is not only reputable, but also gives their customers the first priority in establishing the goals, objectives, and weaknesses in their billing system.

As one of the leading companies specializing in FQHC billing, Practice Management makes use of carecloud software to reduce denials and increase profits. As a result, this company stands out when it comes to quality of services offered and level of expertise. Since it is one of the fastest growing FQHC billing companies in United States, it has helped a number of related health centers to maximize and update their revenue collection and enhance billing efficiency. Practice Management specializes in the following: assisting FQHC to comply with legal requirements, boosting revenue collection for FQHCs, and putting in place an effective and efficient billing process.

FQHC Billing Consultations

It provides the usual FQHC billing services, but its area of specialization is providing health centers with operating cost reduction as well as revenue maximization remedies. In order to realize this, the company focuses on a number of things, including staff preparation to impart them with knowledge and skills to enable them manage Federally Qualified Health Centers services successfully.

Visualutions has an outstanding reputation that cannot be matched by other billing firms. It is worth mentioning that the firm combines practical training and class room training so as to achieve the best results.

Synergy Billing

Synergy Billing is regarded one of the best billers in terms of revenue collection rates. It has been operating for many years and is fully devoted in offering specialized health center billing services. Synergy uses the following aspects of Federally Qualified Health Centers billing in order to make the best use of revenue. Such strategies include informational webinars and account receivables recoveries and and staff training. Information webinars involve the use of webinars to make sure that staff and management adhere to the best billing practices to increase revenue collection.

In addition to webinars information, staff training plays an important role in helping FQHC staff understand how the Federally Qualified Health Centers billing works. Account receivables recoveries is carried out so as to determine any errors that result in A/R balances whereas checking on open accounts.

Synergy Billing system supports all the main software platforms that are used by Federally Qualified Health Centers. Synergy billing can configure your software to work for you.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Walz Scale Emerges As North America's Leader in Truck Scales

It's quickly becoming no secret that Walz Scale has become the leading North American truck scale supplier in multiple industries. But what has lead the company to this stage of success?

Walz Scale Truck ScalesFor starters, not every truck scale manufacturer has the knowledge and expertise to produce truck scales that are durable, functional, and easy-to-use like those from Walz Scale. From extremely heavy-duty weighbridge truck scales to portable in-motion axle scales, Walz Scale delivers a complete spectrum of products designed for a wide range of weighing needs.

Innovation in Truck Scales

innovative truck scale design
Walz Scale prides itself in offering the very best for the customers, and is also very innovative when it comes to the products that are for sale. For example, their truck scales have in-motion weight scanning, which means the trucks don't have to stop in order for the scale to retrieve accurate weight measurements. All of this will save you a lot of time and headaches, especially if you need to weigh a lot of trucks in a limited amount of time.

Flexible Truck Scale Solutions

If you ever find yourself in a situation that requires some truck scales merely for a day, but don't want to buy them, you can rent truck scales from Walz Scale. That way, you won't have to invest anything in advance and get stuck with equipment you're not planning to use again in the future. This will also save you a lot of money.

Comprehensive Display of Truck Scale Systems

The company is also quite diverse and flexible when it comes to their product range. No matter what kind of situation you find yourself in, there is bound to be a truck scale available that's the most suitable choice for your particular situation, and you can either buy it or rent it out as mentioned before. Their truck scales tend to be very suitable for heavy-duty use, and your purchase will likely be the very last truck scale you will ever have to buy.

Truck Scales That Are Easy to Install & Operate

portable truck scalesCompeting truck scales are sometimes also equipped with non-intuitive software that takes ages to learn. Nowadays, the tempo of our lives has become rather fast-paced, which means that people aren't exactly in a position that would allow for that kind of time investment. With Walz Scale, everything is not only ease to use, but also easy to set up and install, so you will be able to dedicate more time to your business and less time jumping through the hoops.

Truck Scales for Many Applications

truck scale applicationsThese truck scales are all very portable, so you can take them anywhere you want and get them operational within minutes. And to make sure that every type of customer is satisfied, they are also offering weighing systems specific to farmers and agricultural producers through their sister company AgWeigh.

Just a quick glimpse at the company's website reveals their broad selection of scales, each handily crafted for very specific demands and requirements. One would expect that the prices were sky-high because of that, but with Walz Scale, it's the exact opposite. Given how much you get for the money paid, this company definitely offers great value at any price level.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

United Facilities Spearheads Industry Standard in Third-Party Logistics

Every supply chain business understands the importance of reliable logistics and warehousing service. Rooted to the smallest of businesses retailers, many companies find suppliers that need transport and inventory control over merchandise. Similarly, larger businesses can even deal with up to four layers of logistics, depending on the industry.

Working with a reliable third-party logistics and warehousing company has numerous advantages. Since the earlier part of 18th century, United Facilities is one such company that's been spearheading the industry standard in third party logistics and warehousing solutions. United Facilities offers a wide network of distribution centers that each offer complete supply chain management solutions for all types of companies throughout the U.S.

The secret to maximizing the performance of a business is by maximizing the supply chain in a business. United Facilities has proven to be one of the most outstanding third party logistics providers the industry - leading solutions to the ever-changing needs of it clients. Below are five pillars to the logistics company and why United Facilities has experienced so much growth.

1. Superior Packaging Solutions

Packaging is one of the critical steps in the supply chain management. At United Facilities, we offer flexible and highly customized packaging solutions to our clients. This saves both on both the costs and time that is highly valuable in the supply chain management.

Professional packaging adds value to production, and this is why we value proper packaging solutions. Among the types of packaging solutions that we offer include custom grocery displays, repackaging and reconditioning, product assembly, custom pick, and pack, kitting and shrink wrapping and much more.

2. Leading IT Applications

Successful business logistics requires proper application of IT since it is the yardstick of most businesses in the current world. At United Facilities, we do not just use technology; instead we use superior IT software to offer excellent services.

Proper use of IT in logistics makes it simple to handle world class logistic services. Among the services that we address include Multi-site Architecture to promote continuity of businesses, world class server based network systems, Electronic Data Interchange, ERP solutions and Barcode and RF solutions.

The use of IT in logistics has enabled United Facilities to offer tailored solutions to both local and global clients. We also have 24/7 reliable IT support to ensure smooth and efficient tracking and monitoring.

3. Flexible & Well-Managed Warehousing & Fulfillment

United Facilities’ ability to offer customized warehousing and fulfillment services has become the key to customer satisfaction. This paves a way for efficient and reliable production that is highly prized in the supply chain management. Moreover, it also reduces time and product wastage.

Food storage, performance measurement, online inventory tracking, FDA approval, cross docking and special labeling are some of the essential services from United Facilities.

4. Enhanced Value Added Services

United Facilities has implemented several breakthrough improvements in their third-party logistics services for clients. Their Continuous Improvement services are composed of identification, analyzing, measurement, evaluation, and improvement.

All these are geared towards improving customer profit margins and satisfaction. In fact, United Facilities has been able to provide lots of savings which made them the leading CI champions in the industry.

5. Unmatched Transportation Solutions

One of the critical aspects of the supply chain is transportation. Apart from being the trusted logistics and warehousing specialist, United Facilities goes an extra mile of providing consistent and safe transportation and delivery services. It has promoted a positive relationship with their customers hence building trustworthy and long lasting relationship.

Logistics is a dynamic business that has evolved in the recent past. This has prompted United Facilities to customize their services to match the ever-changing needs of customers. You can contact them today for industry-leading logistic services.