Tuesday, December 8, 2015

United Facilities Spearheads Industry Standard in Third-Party Logistics

Every supply chain business understands the importance of reliable logistics and warehousing service. Rooted to the smallest of businesses retailers, many companies find suppliers that need transport and inventory control over merchandise. Similarly, larger businesses can even deal with up to four layers of logistics, depending on the industry.

Working with a reliable third-party logistics and warehousing company has numerous advantages. Since the earlier part of 18th century, United Facilities is one such company that's been spearheading the industry standard in third party logistics and warehousing solutions. United Facilities offers a wide network of distribution centers that each offer complete supply chain management solutions for all types of companies throughout the U.S.

The secret to maximizing the performance of a business is by maximizing the supply chain in a business. United Facilities has proven to be one of the most outstanding third party logistics providers the industry - leading solutions to the ever-changing needs of it clients. Below are five pillars to the logistics company and why United Facilities has experienced so much growth.

1. Superior Packaging Solutions

Packaging is one of the critical steps in the supply chain management. At United Facilities, we offer flexible and highly customized packaging solutions to our clients. This saves both on both the costs and time that is highly valuable in the supply chain management.

Professional packaging adds value to production, and this is why we value proper packaging solutions. Among the types of packaging solutions that we offer include custom grocery displays, repackaging and reconditioning, product assembly, custom pick, and pack, kitting and shrink wrapping and much more.

2. Leading IT Applications

Successful business logistics requires proper application of IT since it is the yardstick of most businesses in the current world. At United Facilities, we do not just use technology; instead we use superior IT software to offer excellent services.

Proper use of IT in logistics makes it simple to handle world class logistic services. Among the services that we address include Multi-site Architecture to promote continuity of businesses, world class server based network systems, Electronic Data Interchange, ERP solutions and Barcode and RF solutions.

The use of IT in logistics has enabled United Facilities to offer tailored solutions to both local and global clients. We also have 24/7 reliable IT support to ensure smooth and efficient tracking and monitoring.

3. Flexible & Well-Managed Warehousing & Fulfillment

United Facilities’ ability to offer customized warehousing and fulfillment services has become the key to customer satisfaction. This paves a way for efficient and reliable production that is highly prized in the supply chain management. Moreover, it also reduces time and product wastage.

Food storage, performance measurement, online inventory tracking, FDA approval, cross docking and special labeling are some of the essential services from United Facilities.

4. Enhanced Value Added Services

United Facilities has implemented several breakthrough improvements in their third-party logistics services for clients. Their Continuous Improvement services are composed of identification, analyzing, measurement, evaluation, and improvement.

All these are geared towards improving customer profit margins and satisfaction. In fact, United Facilities has been able to provide lots of savings which made them the leading CI champions in the industry.

5. Unmatched Transportation Solutions

One of the critical aspects of the supply chain is transportation. Apart from being the trusted logistics and warehousing specialist, United Facilities goes an extra mile of providing consistent and safe transportation and delivery services. It has promoted a positive relationship with their customers hence building trustworthy and long lasting relationship.

Logistics is a dynamic business that has evolved in the recent past. This has prompted United Facilities to customize their services to match the ever-changing needs of customers. You can contact them today for industry-leading logistic services.

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