Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Creating a Cohesive Website Optimization for Your Company

The true prupose behind website optimization extends far beyond the traditional practices of search engine optimization (SEO). That is, there's much more to website optimization than keyword optimizing a web pages and building links, all in an effort to attain greater search engine exposure.

Although your company's website optimization strategy should indeed focus on SEO, it should also equally include the practice of Conversion Rate Optimization, (or "CRO").

CRO is the art and science of crafting and fine-tuning your website for better performance after visitors land your website. The primary goal here to maximize the value of your traffic to generate the greatest conversions and thus leads/customers to your company.

So what are the elements that your company's website optimization strategy include? Below is a list of some of the components you'll want to consider when developing a true website optimization strategy for your company.
  • Website Usability: how well users interact with your website's functionality
  • User Interface: the design, structure, navigation, and overall layout of your website
  • Website Load Speed: the quickness in which pages load on your website
  • Crawlability: the efficiency in which your website is crawled and indexed (lack or presence of HTML errors, Flash media, etc.)
  • Keyword Relevancy: how well keywords are used throughout your website for SEO purposes
  • Page Copy: how fluid and strong the readable text is on your web pages
  • Media: use of videos and images to help establish value and meaning on your website
  • Calls-to-Action: graphics, buttons, and text that motivate users to take action
These are just a few elements that your company's website optimization strategy should include. To learn more about how to develop a cohesive website optimization campaign for your company, visit WebPresenceGroup.net, a leading website optimization company that provides free audits for qualified companies.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Carving a Niche: Walz Scale Truck Scales

Walz Scale truck scale systems are integrated with advanced technological components and are capable of weighing trucks of different capacities. Walz Scale truck scales can be custom designed for different configurations to meet varying needs of the trucking, shipping, farming, mining, and other industry applications.

Truck weighing systems should be capable of giving accurate and consistent results. Walz Scales have been designed to provide accurate and reliable results when it comes to weighing heavy duty and light trucks. Walz Scales has added a wide range of scales to its product portfolio including heavy duty scales, grain dump truck scales and farm scales.

Heavy Duty Truck Scales

Heavy duty truck scales are available in both steel deck form and also in concrete deck form. They can be used above the ground and also in the pit type mode for measuring weights of heavy duty trucks. The concrete or the steel deck rests on a series of I-beams.

These truck scales have been designed in such a way so as to measure a large number of heavy duty trucks on a given day. It has the capability to weigh 300 or more trucks in a day. Walz Scale industrial truck scales can be calibrated to measure up to 80,000 pounds.

Grain Dump Truck Scales

These type of scales allow the truck operator to perform weighing by loading and unloading the truck on scale. These scales come in standard widths of 12 feet thus increasing the through put of the grain dump truck and at the same time provide more safety to the truck.

By using this farm truck scale model from Walz Scale, farmers can simultaneously complete their loading and unloading process while weighing operations are being performed.

Farm Truck Scales

These scales can easily be installed by the farmers near their fields. There is no need for hoisting equipment like cranes for completing installation. The deck of the scale measures 12 foot wide. In addition to the 12 foot wide scales, Walz Scale also offers industrial truck scales for sale in widths such as 11, 12 and 14 foot. The various components that are used in this scale are galvanized. This increases the life span of the different components thereby enhancing the overall life span of the farm truck scale.

Over a period of time, Walz Scale started to involve in the design and manufacturing of modern scales like the full length weighbridge scales, super heavy duty weighbridges and portable frame weighbridges

Weighbridge Scales

Weighbridge scale are full length scales come with the required weighing components including the various mounting hardware accessories. The scale system comes with inbuilt electronic display systems, which facilitates the operator to watch the payload live and make adjustments to the payload as required.

The payload systems that are available on weighbridge truck scale come provide the required capability to the operators for collecting, storing and analyzing payload data. With such payload managements systems integrated, the operator can determine opportunities to increase the productivity by allowing more trucks to be weighed in a day.

The various truck lengths that can be accommodated in full length scales include 30 feet, 45 feet, 60 and 72 feet trucks. It has a maximum capacity of 200,000 pounds and comes with optional features including integration with the printers, managing truck weighing process from remote locations through wireless data processing and the capability to print from remote locations. These Full length scales have the capability to provide accurate and consistent results even in the harshest of conditions.