Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Go Beyond Ecommerce SEO With Web Presence Management Services

For an ecommerce site to thrive on the web, it is important that it makes use of various comprehensive marketing and promotion strategies. Though many online stores have made heavy investments in ecommerce SEO services and strategies, just SEO along may not be enough to survive the stiff competition.

In addition to ecommerce SEO services, a more complete solution is found through web presence management services which focus on a more strategic approach to both brand-building and web marketing. A strong web presence management is defined by five major pillars. Below we delve into each of these pillars and how to orchestrate a more all encompassing approach that goes beyond a standard ecommerce SEO service program.

1. Search Marketing

It is the process of gaining visibility and traffic from search engines, through various paid as well as unpaid efforts. It encompasses Organic SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC).
  • Organic SEO includes techniques and methods to obtain a high ranking on a search engine results page that are unpaid and algorithm-driven. Various popular strategies like optimizing for keywords, writing high-quality content, and building backlinks fall under this category.
  • PPC advertising is a highly successful method of capturing quality exposure of search engines for certain keywords which drives profitable traffic to the website. Web presence management services can include the creation of PPC advertising accounts, as well as the optimization and management of previously existing PPC accounts to boost their performance.

2. Content Marketing

Creation and promotion of excellent and significant content acts as a big step in attracting quality leads. Blogging is one of the most popular content marketing techniques. Web presence management services promote the e-commerce brand by making use of various opportunities pertaining to content marketing, ranging from blogging & articles to illustrations, images, graphics, and videos.

3. Social Media Marketing

Making use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to build and promote communities and relationships with users is known as Social Media Marketing. It involves creating attention-seeking content that is worth sharing. Over the time, social media marketing has gained significance for establishing long-lasting connections with the target audience.

Investing in web presence management services can aid in overall brand promotion and awareness. The website marketing team, together with the web service managing experts can together work to create an optimal approach for managing the social media pressure that the brand is facing.

4. Reputation Management

It is important that a brand's or website's image is positive on the Internet. A web presence management program from www.WebPresenceGroup.net ensures just that. It involves various techniques like publishing press releases, positive review generation and optimizing the company's web presence on various popular platforms like Google+, Facebook, Foursquare, and many more.

Some other useful forms of reputation management are timely responds to customer complaints, using the customer feedback for future developments, and making sure that no incorrect information regarding the e-commerce brand persists on the Internet.

5. Analytics, Performance Tracking & Reporting

The web presence management service providers analyze various rankings and the performance of your e-commerce brand to create a report which is used to improve the services and the marketing of your brand in order to get more leads. The analysis and tracking includes - finding the website’s conversion rate, calculations of the total number of orders placed, unique buyers, most selling products, and total revenue generated.

By making use of web presence management services, your online ecommerce brand gains the chances to thrive and succeed among its competitors. Using these services provides you with a web presence that's not only well-geared for SEO and search marketing, but also one that's top of mind with your target market.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Custom Tank Top Company Carves Niche in Neon

The Neon South began as an idea on the way back from a festival road trip in New Orleans among business savvy, creative individuals with ties to various college student and Greek organizations. By the end of the drive, the following company goal was established: create designs that capture a moment in time with the best possible buying experience for the customer.

American made, quality products coupled with personalized customer service and consumer friendly pricing, The Neon South has been at the forefront of the custom tank tops market since its conception. In doing so, the online business carved a niche in the vibrant market for customizable neon tank tops.

Custom Screen Printed Neon Tank Tops

The Dallas based ecommerce company is able to provide consumers with screen-printing on custom neon tank tops, tee shirts and hats. Their state of the art production floor is manned twenty four hours a day and each item is hand inspected before it is shipped to customers. In addition to screen-printing, The Neon South is able to provide custom embroidered apparel.

Their apparel services include: screen-printing, embroidery, hat/sunglasses/fanny pack customization, and direct to garment printing. From their production floor, they are able to produce more than 5,000 shirts per day and they pride themselves with expedient turnarounds for their products.

The Neon South also offers price matching in regards to their competition. Therefore, should you find a design, etc. from a competitor, they will match the price and print and deliver the product to you much sooner than any other. Whether you choose to browse their current inventory or submit a design idea of your own, the quality remains high.

Apparel Beyond the Tank Top

In addition to custom neon tank tops, the company sports a wide range of accessories and other forms of customizable apparel, including sunglasses, hats, head bands, fanny packs and much more.

No matter the occasion or the organization, The Neon South is able to create an apparel product that not only fits your need but will be guaranteed to receive multiple wears. The greatest bonus to all of this, is the fact that with each order, there are jobs, revenue and taxes retained within the United States. Absolutely nothing is outsourced abroad via this company. They are firm advocates for employing Americans and keeping as must revenue cycling through domestic channels.

All-in-all, although The Neon South is a company founded in the era of internet business, but it is grounded in the traditional beliefs and fundamentals that the industry giants of the brick and mortar age. They are able to remain on the cutting edge of technology in the field as well as provide trendy, relevant apparel at budget conscious pricing. They are truly the blueprint for social conscious, American worker friendly business.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Eco-friendly Toy Store an Advocate of Natural Toys (for Many Reasons)

When it comes to the most epic of entrepreneurs in the natural toys market, Hazelnut Kids hails among the top for organic, wooden, and all-natural toys for infants, toddlers, and children.

But what really makes Hazelnut Kids stand out from the other natural toy stores on the web? In this post, we go deep into what makes the eco-friendly toy store one of the most well-respective advocates of the organic movement, in addition to retailers of natural toys for infants.

Spreading Conscious Awareness of Organic & Natural Toys

Content marketing has been evolving as one of the most powerful means to communicate a cause and reach new customers.

Over the past year, the content marketing campaigns unveiled by Hazelnut Kids go far beyond the standard approach of connecting with in-marketing audiences about natural baby toys.

Much of the content (i.e. articles, videos, blog posts, etc.) underscores the importance of buying eco-friendly and organic made products to support a health home. And when it comes to growing infants and toddlers of the family, the kids come first.

A Proponent for Organic & Eco-friendly Consumerism (Beyond Toys)

In light of Hazelnut Kids advocacy as a proponent for the organic and eco-friendly movement, the company does a lot more than just sell natural toys for infants. Here's a quick summary of some of the things this eco-conscious company does to support the eco-friendly movement.
  • Hazelnut Kids donates 1% of all sales to land conservancies so that future generations have a retreat to explore, learn about, and enjoy their natural surroundings.
  • For every natural toy that is purchased, Hazelnut Kids will have one tree planted through the Trees for the Future agroforestry initiative.
  • Hazelnut Kids uses 100% recycled gift wrap and gift cards from Earth Love'n Paper Products, an organization that utilizes a chlorine-free process.
  • The company uses 100% recycled gift boxes, in addition to cardboard boxes for shipments whenever possible.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Hazelnut Kids is role model among eco-freindly companies.

Small Roots. Massive Branches. 

With small roots as local organic toy store based in Traverse City, MI, Hazelnut Kids has grown to become an industry leader. At the company's website, HazelnutKids.com, the online store is abundant with one of the widest selections of organic cotton stuff animals and dolls (including the famous Waldorf dolls) and natural wooden toys for kids of all ages.

The company is also well-known for offering one of the largest selections of organic baby toys made in the U.S.A. This is perhaps one of the most popular reasons why so many conscious parents opt for Hazelnut Kids for their organic and natural baby toys.

As the company continues to grow, so does the environment. Sustainably driven and highly-respective among online retailers abroad, Hazelnut Kids is without question your go-to stop for eco-friendly natural toys for infants.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Truck Load Volume Scanner: Epic Engineering & Design

Innovations in science, engineering, and technology have improved all aspects of business and logistics. Advanced technology has made it possible to carry out complicated and time consuming tasks (such as measuring payloads in transit without having to weigh vehicles individually) thanks to innovations like the load scanner or truck load volume scanner. Load volume scanners incredible tools for logistics, payload valuation and management that can drastically improve efficiency.

Truck Load Volume Scanners Defined 

Truck load volume scanners are devices that measure the truck load's volume using special laser scanning. The load scanner looks like a tall streetlight with a monitor attached at the base or sometimes separate from the device. A loaded truck will pass under this device and the laser scanners scan the load while projecting three dimension images of the truck's tray to the monitor. The images show how the load is distributed on the truck's bed.

The truck load volume scanner can also be used to calculate the load's weight by using a special formula to calculate weight based on the volume. A load scanner is used when loading cargo onto the truck for better weight distribution that ensures safety during long distance journeys. The digital images projected to the monitor from the laser scanners guide personnel on where and how to place the cargo inside the truck's tray. The load volume scanner is able to warn the driver whenever the cargo exceeds maximum weight limit.

The video above shows the Walz load scanner in action. This one of the leading truck load volume scanners on the market.

Truck load scanners measure the densities of each type of load and these figures are important when loading cargo since one is able to distinguish fragile items that need to be stacked on top of higher density loads to prevent any breakages.

Advantages of Truck Load Scanners

These devices offer numerous advantages to truck owners or fleet companies. The truck's load volume scanner enhanced scanning can detect leaks inside the container. The advanced laser scanning feature eliminates the need for the driver or fleet manager to step inside a container so as to physically assess cargo on transit. In a business where punctuality is vital, the load scanner eliminates time taken to examine to examine the goods hence increase's overall fleet efficiency.

Load scanners help reduce the wear and tear on trucks through volume measurement and load distribution. The projected images show how the load needs to be arranged so as to evenly distribute the load to avoid any chances of overturning during transit. Even load distribution eliminates straining of the truck's suspension and this increases the shock absorbs for the life span of the load scanner.

Load volume scanners keep records on the cargo's volume and weight and the data is useful particularly for fleets in mining and shipping industries. Fleet managers are able to use data on loads and form correlations with wear and tear and determine the fleet's efficiency.

Another advantage is that load volume scanners are easy to install and use since they can easily be erected by the roadside and run on batteries or solar energy. One does not require special knowledge to analyse the data projected on the load scanner's monitor since the layout and data representation is quite easy to understand.