Thursday, December 4, 2014

Truck Load Volume Scanner: Epic Engineering & Design

Innovations in science, engineering, and technology have improved all aspects of business and logistics. Advanced technology has made it possible to carry out complicated and time consuming tasks (such as measuring payloads in transit without having to weigh vehicles individually) thanks to innovations like the load scanner or truck load volume scanner. Load volume scanners incredible tools for logistics, payload valuation and management that can drastically improve efficiency.

Truck Load Volume Scanners Defined 

Truck load volume scanners are devices that measure the truck load's volume using special laser scanning. The load scanner looks like a tall streetlight with a monitor attached at the base or sometimes separate from the device. A loaded truck will pass under this device and the laser scanners scan the load while projecting three dimension images of the truck's tray to the monitor. The images show how the load is distributed on the truck's bed.

The truck load volume scanner can also be used to calculate the load's weight by using a special formula to calculate weight based on the volume. A load scanner is used when loading cargo onto the truck for better weight distribution that ensures safety during long distance journeys. The digital images projected to the monitor from the laser scanners guide personnel on where and how to place the cargo inside the truck's tray. The load volume scanner is able to warn the driver whenever the cargo exceeds maximum weight limit.

The video above shows the Walz load scanner in action. This one of the leading truck load volume scanners on the market.

Truck load scanners measure the densities of each type of load and these figures are important when loading cargo since one is able to distinguish fragile items that need to be stacked on top of higher density loads to prevent any breakages.

Advantages of Truck Load Scanners

These devices offer numerous advantages to truck owners or fleet companies. The truck's load volume scanner enhanced scanning can detect leaks inside the container. The advanced laser scanning feature eliminates the need for the driver or fleet manager to step inside a container so as to physically assess cargo on transit. In a business where punctuality is vital, the load scanner eliminates time taken to examine to examine the goods hence increase's overall fleet efficiency.

Load scanners help reduce the wear and tear on trucks through volume measurement and load distribution. The projected images show how the load needs to be arranged so as to evenly distribute the load to avoid any chances of overturning during transit. Even load distribution eliminates straining of the truck's suspension and this increases the shock absorbs for the life span of the load scanner.

Load volume scanners keep records on the cargo's volume and weight and the data is useful particularly for fleets in mining and shipping industries. Fleet managers are able to use data on loads and form correlations with wear and tear and determine the fleet's efficiency.

Another advantage is that load volume scanners are easy to install and use since they can easily be erected by the roadside and run on batteries or solar energy. One does not require special knowledge to analyse the data projected on the load scanner's monitor since the layout and data representation is quite easy to understand.

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