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Top 3 Companies for Dimensioning & Cubing Systems for Shipping & Logistics

There are several manufacturers and suppliers that offer cutting-edge cubing and dimensional weighing systems. However, some companies specialize in highly-advanced and cost-efficient products that are integrated with software solutions and well-suited for logistics and warehouse operations.
Dimensioning & Cubing Systems

Selecting the best and right supplier is a challenging decision when you are seeking specialized cubing and dimensioning products. For that reason, below we have profiled the top three companies for dimensioning and cubing systems for shipping and logistics companies. brings innovative products and new technology to its customers who are searching for systems for cubing and dimensioning solutions. is the leading supplier of a wide range of business and industrial automation solutions. The dimensioning and cubing systems at offer manifest systems and automation of shipping, thus they offer a cost-effective and efficient solution. The weighing technology and automated cubing of handle every aspect of your package dimensioning needs. So, you can reduce overhead operational costs greatly.
Static Package Scanner
Shown here is the Static Package Scanner from
Walz, a great solution for shipping operations.

The Static Package Scanner of is designed by using the latest engineering, thus it provides accurate scanning and weighing for shipping, warehouse operations, POS desk, etc. In-motion package scanner of this company is more advanced, which is mainly suitable for high speed conveyor belts.

The dimensional solutions/cubing systems of utilize advanced technology, which is highly efficient, surprisingly affordable and easy to use. The state-of-the-art equipment can provide impeccable accuracy with dimensional weighing/scanning capabilities. These patented dimensional systems enable you to gather weight and dimensional data quickly with great accuracy. As a result, cubing/dimensionining systems at become an essential part of logistics. They can also save you time, amounts of effort and money.

As an emerging company in the industry, offers some most advanced dimensioning products and cubing systems. These products are effective, real-time, and fully automated. The cubing systems of can make complete process of distribution and shipping very simple, accurate and reliable. These are possible because the dimensional weighing equipment and curbing systems are designed for handling all dimensioning and packaging aspects and reducing operation costs significantly. provides dynamic in-motion package scanning solutions, which can provide instant in-motion dimensioning and cubing data. This is an ideal product for systems of conveyor belt because advanced technology is used for making this system. So, it can be perfectly integrated with logistics and shipping operations. In order to provide accurate dimension data, the in-motion system uses laser technology. Therefore, it is helpful for minimizing errors. Besides, the cuber system of this company is also capable to work in high speed conveyors, which is helpful for saving your money and time.

Every system of is designed carefully for reliable, effective, and accurate of data such as dimensions, ID and weight. Besides boosting performance, the prices of these products are also affordable.

You can optimize warehouse and reduce shipping cost by using products. This company offers lots of different products, which include weighing and automated dimensioning systems. These systems also can measure irregular cartons, static applications or crates.

Most products of are global leaders since they started to address the demands of various markets, especially in shipping industry. These are ideal for packing or shipping stations, which need cubing for reliable and faster services.

These are top three suppliers that offer the best and highly advanced dimensioning systems. These products are also affordable for all business organizations. The products of these suppliers also integrate with various supply chain and warehousing management systems for reducing overhead costs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

3 SEO Companies That Specialize In Plastic Surgeon SEO

When it comes to plastic surgeon SEO, there are many SEO companies that are more than willing to take your business (and your money). The only question, which plastic surgeon SEO providers are truly specialists in providing search marketing services to surgeons and related medical professionals? Further, which SEO companies will provide the greatest ROI and best results in Google search.
Plastic Surgeon SEO

So if you're plastic surgeon seeking qualified SEO services to help get your practice ranking higher in Google, then check out these reputable plastic surgeon SEO companies that are proven to deliver.


Optimized Surgeons is surgeon SEO and search marketing company that specialized in providing SEO for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeon, and related medical professionals. When you visit their websites, you can see exactly how specialized this company is by checking out their blog. They offer a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight as to what goes into a surgeon SEO program. Additionallt, surgeons who have hired the company for plastic surgeon SEO services have found highly effective and specialized at what they do

In addition to plastic surgeon SEO, Optimized Surgeons also has various Internet marketing practices in PPC advertising, social media, and content marketing. Those plastic surgeons who have hired them have been able to make their choices right especially when acquiring the alternatives that the market provides. For many times, people who have hired them have always been satisfied by the quality that they offer when providing the best alternatives for them.

In terms of reputation, you will definitely be certain that you would enjoy the kind of services they provide whenever they are providing these alternatives. This means you will have excellent services when you do choose them.


For the plastic surgeons who are interested in all kinds of Internet marketing services, is one of the best when seeking comprehensive plastic surgeon SEO and web marketing solutions. For the years that they have been in the field, you will definitely be certain that you would have those services that will make you happy especially when you do acquire them.
plastic surgeon SEO services

They offer plastic surgeon SEO services that would enable you redefine yourself especially when seeking these alternatives within the whole of the market. You will definitely be certain that you would enjoy the kind of SEO services that you would need during your choice. The number of plastic surgeons who have been using their excellent services have ever been increasing yearly.


NKP Medical Marketing is a company that works with thousands of plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons who will make sure that you get the look that you need. They have always ensured that many people are getting the services they need especially when looking for the best services as per your needs in increase the rankings of your plastic surgery practice. This has made many people to prefer them due to the online marketing that they have tried when looking for the available solutions. Today, they are highly rated due to the services that they do provide for the people who need them.

In conclusion, when you review the above 3 SEO companies that specialize in plastic surgeon SEO, you will understand the best companies to try whenever you are making your choice well.

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3 Sonos Speakers Redefining Custom Home Audio Collections

sonos home audio systems
Over the last couple of years, Sonos has been reinventing speakers and steadily adding their innovative designs to their growing product catalogue. There is Sonos speaker that will suit everyone’s criteria whether it be price or value for money or performance and clear quality sounds. When Sonos made their move, they grabbed a lot of attention with their wireless speakers and home audio systems.

The wireless speaker revolution has spilled over. Sonos allow customers to buy one speaker and grow their collection of speakers throughout the house progressively, reinventing how people approach custom home audio systems. If you have to buy just one or you are wondering where to start, then here are three great choices to start your Sonos home audio collection.

1. Sonos Play 5

The new generation Sonos Play 5 is bigger, sleeker and better. It has 6 drivers, 3 mid-woofers and t 3 tweeters. The sound that you get from a play f speaker depends on the orientation but compared to everything that came before or anything else that is in the market today, the Sonos Play 5 has all the superior quality.
Sonos Play 5 Home Audio Speaker

Through Wi-Fi connectivity, this speaker can be paired with any of the other smart speakers that Sonos makes. You can control your speaker with your mart phone via a free android or iOS app. The speakers stream music from services like Spotify, Groove, Tidal and many more so music lovers will never be short of a music source when they need one. The new Play 5 comes with a tuning system that adjusts the equalizer settings to make up for bad placement.

Sonos Play 5 Price

Sonos Play 5 is by far the most advance streaming speakers. The sound from the Sonos 5 is deeper, richer and has more powerful bass sounds than any other wireless speaker on the market. It is valued at $499,00. If you're looking for the best home audio Peoria IL has to offer, then Nerds on Call offers the best price for this model.

2. Sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar is a wireless speaker which streams 5.1 surround sound in any room you place it in. it is equipped with 6 mid-woofers for low bass and 3 tweeters for high frequencies. These work within a 9-class amplifier. The Sonos Playbar can be connected to a TV using an optical cable connection. It can also connect to other Sonos speakers via Wi-Fi. It uses the same smartphone app that turns your ordinary android or iOS mobile device into a remote control.
Sonos Playbar Home Audio Speaker
Shown in front is the Sonos Playbar, the perfect complement to your home audio system.

Sonos Playbar Price

The Sonos Playbar is by far the most balanced speaker in the Sonos range. It is easy to pair the Playbar with some of the smaller, second-generation speakers to ramp up the audio production to 3.1 and 5.1 levels. The Sonos Playbar is one of those value-for-money investment purchases that you will get to enjoy over and over again. The manufacturer’s recommended selling price is $699.

3. Sonos Play 3
Sonos Play 3 Home Audio Speaker

Sonos had to create a speaker system that is in the middle as far a price and performance goes. The truth is that play 3 sounds just as magnificent as any Sonos speaker. What sets it apart from the premium speaker model the Sonos 5 is it size. As a mid range speaker it has 3 in mid range driver with three amplifiers powering each of the three amplifiers. There is bass radiator located at the back to give the speakers a little edge.

Sonos Play 3 Price

The Sonos Play 3 came into the market with a recommended retail price of $299. For more information about these products and more, visit the official site of Sonos home audio systems,

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3 Pediatric Billing Companies That Offer Proven Solutions for Pediatricians

If you are looking for proficient, effective, and specialized paediatric billing companies that can guarantee fast and functional solutions, then this article is meant for you. Those who work in the medical industry frequently find the need to outsource the financial work, especially when it comes to billing and coding for pediatricians. It is for this reason that this article takes a look at the top three pediatric billing companies in the U.S.
Pediatric Billing Services

When you are looking for the best billing companies, efficiency and speed are two things that should be focused on. In this segment, we look at three such medical billing organization and we ascertain some of the reasons why each company is so advanced in the pediatric billing sector.

Practice Management

Arguably one of the best pediatric billing companies around, Practice Management offers some of the most effective solutions to its clients. Being a widely renowned agency, they can boast of years of experience and this is something that is invaluable when it comes to a financial management agency. The major pediatric billing services that Practice Management offers are:

  • Review of CPT and other billing codes for cases that are new or might have become obsolete.
  • Software management, setting up and configuring new analytical systems.
  • Claiming the transmission process to clearing house.
  • Managing patient billing cycles and insurance and collection procedures and policies.
  • Handling the patient registration and registration procedures.
As one can see, this is one of the best billing companies around, especially when it comes to pediatric billing. With a host of different facilities that are instrumental in allowing for smoother financial transactions, we encourage you to learn more about Practice Management's pediatric billing services at


The second billing company that we are going to take a look at is CureMD. This is a service that offers some of the fastest services in the industry. Moreover, since they are dealing with quite a few clients, they have a lot of expertise in handling medical finances. The top services that CureMD offers include:
Pediatrician Billing Company
  • Revenue Cycle Management services where they provide you with a billing manager as well as an implementation manager to make sure that the processes are up-to-date.
  • A well structured software that can generate comprehensive financial reports.
  • Services that can assist in decoding difficult codes and also handling various new coded sequences.
  • Handling of patient statements and insurance policies.
Learn more about CureMD by visiting


AdvancedMD is a pediatric billing company that has truly stood the test of time. Despite the fluctuations in the market, this is an agency that has managed to hold onto its clients for a considerable length of time. As is the case with the other agencies that we have reviewed, AdvancedMD boasts of experience and efficiency. The top services they provide include some of the following components:
  • They submit the transactions to the clearing house and offer the best revenue cycle management system.
  • Along with patient billing and financial policies, the agency is also proficient in decoding difficult CPT codes.
  • Their services cover patient scheduling, insurance processes and verification details as well.
Get more information about AdvancedMD by visiting their website -

When it comes to pediatric billing and financial consultancies, one should check for legal registration along with efficiency and speed of service. Since we are dealing with medical finances, in this article, we are talking about thousands of dollars being transacted every hour.

It is for this reason that licenses and government authorization should be the top priority while looking for the best billing company. Overall, looking for both legal details and net functionality is a good way to ensure that the pediatric billing company that you have hired is the best in the market.

The 3 Best Address Printer Brands Your Business Can Trust

Entrepreneurs need to stay abreast with business technology trends in order to realize improved sales, or rather, enhance business efficiency and performance. Thanks to significant progressions in mailing system technology, there are high-tech tools and devices set to ease business mailroom operations. Among these include address printers and postage meters.
Address Printer

These mailing and postage machines have to be therefore handled professionally to attain quality output. The mailroom has to be espoused with potent Address printers to make the whole process consistent and efficient. The best flair should have less paper jam occurrences, have a long lifespan, and give out enough ink intensity among other important factors.

More than ever before, there is a vast selection of address printer machines are on the market today, with each coming with dissimilar performance attributes. Here are the top three brands of address printer machines that can improve your business efficiency.

1. Neopost Address Printer

Neopost Address Printer is set with up to mark topographies that can enable one to print addresses in different pieces in the most reliable manner. It is built with high speed making the process faster than ordinary printers. As a result, users can save more time during address printing as well as increasing its consistency.

This brand of address printer machines is capable of printing 14,000 envelopes per hour, giving out quality output attuned with a resolution of 600DPI. It is further integrated with shuttle heat technology that makes it convenient for mailing necessities. The most renowned piece on the market by Neopost currently is the AS-710 Address Printer.

2. Accufast Address Printer

Accufast address printers come with a variety of options and capabilities that users can access. The machine is crafted with an eye catching design, compact body and easy to use operation modules. Accufast address printers are further featured with amazing implements such as a variable speed vacuum, allows media measuring a maximum of 14 inches in width, endowed with the ability to print 50 inches/seconds well as adjustable up to 3/8 inch in the thickness. Other extras includes feeders, stands, dryers, card conveyors, and a tag printing system. They have won most of their customers' trust with the Accufast P4 Address Printer. Check out video below to see this address printer in action:

3. Pitney Bowes Address Printer

Pitney Bowes address printers are designed with contemporary printing implements that can enable business operators to produce quality, eye-catching and easy to read mails. Pitney Bowes address printer developers have built the device with shuttle head technology, and supplemented with fast inkjet technology.
Address Printer

As a result, users can use these devices to print any desired aspect in the mail in the most appealing way. The best part about Pitney Bowes address printers are the multiple layouts that can be produced depending on the settings fed into the machine. Also, the company's address printers are made of light mode printing capability that allows using lesser ink quantity though with apt resolution intensity. The group has beat most of its competitors with the Pitney Bowes DA70 Address Printer.

Address printers are crucial mailroom equipment that can either fit for small businesses or large ones. What users can benefit with the aid of these devices includes less expensive costs per sheet, an alternative of mono and color printing modes, high resolution intensity, high speed, robust and durable.

All in all, there are different factors that have to be considered when choosing an address printer. In the question of what the best brands in the market are, the above list has the top three flairs that any smart business personnel should go for.

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IBOD Automatic Case Openers from Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI)

In a bid to make the warehousing and order fulfillment processes of logistics and distribution companies more streamlined, businesses are automating a number of important operations, even those as basic as opening boxes and cases.

IBOD Automatic Case OpenersTechnologically evolved companies have done away with manual box cutting via laborers, and are employing automatic box opening systems like the IBOD automatic case opener systems from Cornerstone Automation Systems, Inc. (CASI).

Progress With Technology

Automatic box opening systems involve the opening of boxes and cartons automatically; right off the conveyor. The technology was created to fill the gap that automated systems that were already employed in warehouses and distribution centers. Doing it the old-fashioned way took much more time, time which costs money and inconveniences the people on the other side of the inventory process who were expecting to get their goods, opened checked and distributed in as short a time as possible.

IBOD Automatic Box Opener Single
With technology changing as rapidly as it has been it was only a matter of time for some sort of automatic box opening technology to like the IBOD systems to be invented. The uptake of this technology however was so rapid, most companies cannot remember when they last doled out box cutters to their warehouse staff. Companies are adopting this technology because it enables the work that would have been done manually by ten people to be done faster and quicker by a machine.

Case in point, CASI’s automatic case openers are capable of opening up to 1000 cartons or boxes in an hour. Typically, it would have taken ten hours for one person to get through the same amount of boxes using nothing but a box cutter. But with these automatic box opener systems, companies can automatic and accelerate these processes substantially. You can learn more about these automatic box opener systems at

The IBOD Single vs. The IBOD Duo from CASI 
IBOD Automatic Box Opener Duo

CASI’s automatic case opener systems are available in two variants one is known as the IBOD single which is capable of opening 500 boxes per hour and the other is known as IBOD Duo which is capable of opening as many as a 1000 boxes per hour. The speed at which these automatic box opener products is able to perform as it was designed to can be affected by other variables like the box size and the level of care that needs to be employed in the handling of packaging boxes.

IBOD stands for Intelligent Box Opening Device. The system was created by one of the best warehouse technology solutions provider, CASI. It has found a wide range of applications in warehouses dealing with different kinds of merchandise. It has been found to not only be quick and easy but it is safer to which means a reduction in warehouse related injuries. The IBOD Single is fully programmable and 100% safe.

The IBOD Duo does what the single type does only at double the rate and with double the output. The machine has 2 feeding conveyors that can be used for sorting as well. Both these types of automatic card box or case opener have the capability to open and empty boxes into hoppers or skips one the box has been opened of course.

You can change the cutting blade without stopping the machine because of a special add-on feature. There is another feature that makes these box opening systems special – the option to cut tape lines which could help you keep the box in tact for possible reuse.

How to Find An Ecommerce SEO company You Can Trust

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the use of a wide range of strategies and techniques to improve search engine rankings for both the domain and individual product pages. In the case of an online store, you will employ such strategies as on-page optimization, quality link building, or even go a further step of researching on your competitors.
Find An Ecommerce SEO company

An ecommerce store is meant to help consumers to purchase your products, but in most cases, your target audience might not find you. Therefore, it very crucial to seek the services of a professional ecommerce SEO who will provide your online store the visibility it needs through content creation, inbound linking, and on-site mechanics so as to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Many ecommerce entrepreneurs and start-ups find it difficult to identify the best ecommerce SEO company that they can trust to give them the best services. Therefore, this write-up is intended to give you handful qualities and characteristics of a top ecommerce SEO service provider whom you can trust and prove useful.

Characteristics of a Top Ecommerce SEO company

1. Transparent

Transparency is one of the most crucial attributes of a top ecommerce SEO company. A group that practices transparency will always be ready to give every detail of what they are doing and the effect of such practices on your business in the long run. A reputable ecommerce SEO company, such as, is one that creates an SEO systems that is fully transparent and one that will give all the details of the changes they have made on your website and even send copies of blogs that they have created.
The Art of Ecommerce SEO

2. Experienced

As it is said that experience is the best teacher, so is it regarding judging an ecommerce SEO company too. A company that has mastered the art of ecommerce SEO will most likely to have gained more expertise along the way making it unique and more efficient strategies to solve any challenges. The experience of an ecommerce SEO company is imperative to the success of your business, so it is wise to choose a company that has more experience across many ecommerce platforms.

3. Sustainable

It takes some time to get quality SEO results. If an Ecommerce SEO company is promising to get you to the top fast, they could be either planning on using poor strategies and tactics or are only lying to you. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for that company that will assure you of long term sustainability by employing sound strategies that have proven results and are sustainable.

4. Effective

To know whether a corporation is efficient in its dealings, you just have a glimpse of its achievements. Its customers will serve as the best indicator since they can share all the successes that they have received from working with the ecommerce SEO company. A good and reputable company is one that continually increases traffic, rankings and conversions for all their clients.

Ecommerce SEO Processes

A top ecommerce SEO company employs the following processes from start to finish.
Ecommerce SEO Processes

1. Discovery, Analysis, & Audit

The first step is the discovery phase where the company meets with you to discuss matters concerning your industry, the products you deal with, your clients, the website you use and any other platform that you might be utilizing in advertising your products.

After the SEO company has understood your business, they now conduct a comprehensive analysis of your industry, competitors and website. This is a stage that will enable the ecommerce SEO company to get a better understanding of all your SEO opportunities

2. Implementation

Now that the SEO company has thoroughly audited your industry, they will work closely with your developer to ensure that any changes made, are search-friendly. At this stage, they create engaging and appealing content to share in your industry with the aim of improving your domain authority.

3. Ongoing Consulting and Continued Evaluation

A reputable ecommerce SEO company will not just end their process at improving domain authority rather; they will keep on monitoring the success of your SEO strategies and even continue creating new goals and initiatives to ensure a continued success of your website.

On-page SEO for Ecommerce Sites

A proficient ecommerce SEO company uses data and top notch SEO tools to optimize your website with the aim of giving you the best SEO practices. Therefore, here on-page optimization services you would expect from a top ecommerce SEO company.

  • Keyword Research -They optimize your web pages after identifying sought after keywords.
  • Header Optimization - They use the keyword research to optimize each page`s header tags.
  • URL Optimization - This a strategy aimed at ensuring you always use the right site structure.
  • Meta Optimization - They optimize your meta information basing on the identified keyword research.
  • Body Content Optimization - This is crucial to ensuring that you are under-optimized and that your body content is not over-optimized.
  • Writing Errors - This is intended to keep your site free from errors so as to ensure quality.
For more information on how to find an ecommerce SEO company you can trust, visit the official blog of for a wealth of insights on the specifics of SEO for ecommerce sites.

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3 Epic Online Sources for Custom Bike Jerseys & Apparel

With an overwhelming amount of options for custom bike jerseys and apparel, it can be difficult to choose the company you want to design your custom cycling clothing. If it's custom cycling jerseys you're after, then this article is for you.

Below we profile three epic entrepreneurs for custom bike jerseys and performance tees. Whether you want a collection of custom long-sleeve jerseys for your cycling team during the colder months, or perhaps you want to brand your business or cycling club with new custom jerseys, the following three companies are reputable businesses that you can trust.
custom cycling jerseys

1. Retro Two Image Apparel

Retro Two Image Apparel is a solid company that you can trust when looking for the best custom cycling apparel on the web. They have been in the industry for a long time that has made them among those reputable business on the web when you need a custom design made just the way you want.
custom bike jerseys
In addition to making it easy to submit your custom requests or designs, Retro Two Image Apparel also offers a number of custom jersey options ranging from short and long sleeve jerseys, performance tees, and full bibs.

On the company's website, you can see custom bike jersey examples from previous customers who have chosen Retro Two Image Apparel for custom cycling apparel. Not only does the this company staff a talented design team, but they also make custom cycling jerseys from some of the highest quality material in the sport.

Well-known for its unique design collections of vintage and classic cycling jerseys, Retro Two Image Apparel has what it takes to add some cool and creative flare to your custom riding jerseys. To learn more about Retro Two Image Apparel, or inquire about custom bike jerseys, visit

2. Pactimo Custom Cycling Jerseys

Pactimo Custom Cycling Jerseys has been in the industry for a long time thus helping them improve their reputation when looking for the quality options. With the jerseys options, restrictions or stipulations (you will buy minimum jersey orders), etc, which the company offers. You will needs these alternatives that you would get during your purchase from them. The company also have unique aspects especially on their quality when you need to buy from them.

custom cycle jerseysYou will be certain that you would buy a perfect quality during your market research. Pactimo Custom Cycling Jerseys has some of the best design capabilities with new colors as well as these jersey options you can get when you need a perfect design. You will be satisfied with the quality that you would get especially when buying the quality you want. They have helped many buyers looking for custom cycling jerseys to save lots of money when shopping from the market. Visit to learn more.

3. Voler

Voler has a design of short/long sleeve and performance tees vs. the full jerseys that has made them appear unique when buying the other options from the market. You will be satisfied with the quality custom cycling jerseys that they will sell you during your market purchase as you do need to buy from them.

As opposed to other companies, Voler has been focused on quality during their purchase when making sure that they do get that best deal even as they do acquire well. You will definitely be certain that you would get your custom cycling jerseys when buying from them from their official website or retailers. Check out the company's website at for more information.

In conclusion, the above is a review of the best three custom cycling jerseys that you can choose whenever you do need to make your decisions in the market.