Tuesday, February 2, 2016

IBOD Automatic Case Openers from Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI)

In a bid to make the warehousing and order fulfillment processes of logistics and distribution companies more streamlined, businesses are automating a number of important operations, even those as basic as opening boxes and cases.

IBOD Automatic Case OpenersTechnologically evolved companies have done away with manual box cutting via laborers, and are employing automatic box opening systems like the IBOD automatic case opener systems from Cornerstone Automation Systems, Inc. (CASI).

Progress With Technology

Automatic box opening systems involve the opening of boxes and cartons automatically; right off the conveyor. The technology was created to fill the gap that automated systems that were already employed in warehouses and distribution centers. Doing it the old-fashioned way took much more time, time which costs money and inconveniences the people on the other side of the inventory process who were expecting to get their goods, opened checked and distributed in as short a time as possible.

IBOD Automatic Box Opener Single
With technology changing as rapidly as it has been it was only a matter of time for some sort of automatic box opening technology to like the IBOD systems to be invented. The uptake of this technology however was so rapid, most companies cannot remember when they last doled out box cutters to their warehouse staff. Companies are adopting this technology because it enables the work that would have been done manually by ten people to be done faster and quicker by a machine.

Case in point, CASI’s automatic case openers are capable of opening up to 1000 cartons or boxes in an hour. Typically, it would have taken ten hours for one person to get through the same amount of boxes using nothing but a box cutter. But with these automatic box opener systems, companies can automatic and accelerate these processes substantially. You can learn more about these automatic box opener systems at WalzEQ.com.

The IBOD Single vs. The IBOD Duo from CASI 
IBOD Automatic Box Opener Duo

CASI’s automatic case opener systems are available in two variants one is known as the IBOD single which is capable of opening 500 boxes per hour and the other is known as IBOD Duo which is capable of opening as many as a 1000 boxes per hour. The speed at which these automatic box opener products is able to perform as it was designed to can be affected by other variables like the box size and the level of care that needs to be employed in the handling of packaging boxes.

IBOD stands for Intelligent Box Opening Device. The system was created by one of the best warehouse technology solutions provider, CASI. It has found a wide range of applications in warehouses dealing with different kinds of merchandise. It has been found to not only be quick and easy but it is safer to which means a reduction in warehouse related injuries. The IBOD Single is fully programmable and 100% safe.

The IBOD Duo does what the single type does only at double the rate and with double the output. The machine has 2 feeding conveyors that can be used for sorting as well. Both these types of automatic card box or case opener have the capability to open and empty boxes into hoppers or skips one the box has been opened of course.

You can change the cutting blade without stopping the machine because of a special add-on feature. There is another feature that makes these box opening systems special – the option to cut tape lines which could help you keep the box in tact for possible reuse.

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