Friday, February 5, 2016

3 Pediatric Billing Companies That Offer Proven Solutions for Pediatricians

If you are looking for proficient, effective, and specialized paediatric billing companies that can guarantee fast and functional solutions, then this article is meant for you. Those who work in the medical industry frequently find the need to outsource the financial work, especially when it comes to billing and coding for pediatricians. It is for this reason that this article takes a look at the top three pediatric billing companies in the U.S.
Pediatric Billing Services

When you are looking for the best billing companies, efficiency and speed are two things that should be focused on. In this segment, we look at three such medical billing organization and we ascertain some of the reasons why each company is so advanced in the pediatric billing sector.

Practice Management

Arguably one of the best pediatric billing companies around, Practice Management offers some of the most effective solutions to its clients. Being a widely renowned agency, they can boast of years of experience and this is something that is invaluable when it comes to a financial management agency. The major pediatric billing services that Practice Management offers are:

  • Review of CPT and other billing codes for cases that are new or might have become obsolete.
  • Software management, setting up and configuring new analytical systems.
  • Claiming the transmission process to clearing house.
  • Managing patient billing cycles and insurance and collection procedures and policies.
  • Handling the patient registration and registration procedures.
As one can see, this is one of the best billing companies around, especially when it comes to pediatric billing. With a host of different facilities that are instrumental in allowing for smoother financial transactions, we encourage you to learn more about Practice Management's pediatric billing services at


The second billing company that we are going to take a look at is CureMD. This is a service that offers some of the fastest services in the industry. Moreover, since they are dealing with quite a few clients, they have a lot of expertise in handling medical finances. The top services that CureMD offers include:
Pediatrician Billing Company
  • Revenue Cycle Management services where they provide you with a billing manager as well as an implementation manager to make sure that the processes are up-to-date.
  • A well structured software that can generate comprehensive financial reports.
  • Services that can assist in decoding difficult codes and also handling various new coded sequences.
  • Handling of patient statements and insurance policies.
Learn more about CureMD by visiting


AdvancedMD is a pediatric billing company that has truly stood the test of time. Despite the fluctuations in the market, this is an agency that has managed to hold onto its clients for a considerable length of time. As is the case with the other agencies that we have reviewed, AdvancedMD boasts of experience and efficiency. The top services they provide include some of the following components:
  • They submit the transactions to the clearing house and offer the best revenue cycle management system.
  • Along with patient billing and financial policies, the agency is also proficient in decoding difficult CPT codes.
  • Their services cover patient scheduling, insurance processes and verification details as well.
Get more information about AdvancedMD by visiting their website -

When it comes to pediatric billing and financial consultancies, one should check for legal registration along with efficiency and speed of service. Since we are dealing with medical finances, in this article, we are talking about thousands of dollars being transacted every hour.

It is for this reason that licenses and government authorization should be the top priority while looking for the best billing company. Overall, looking for both legal details and net functionality is a good way to ensure that the pediatric billing company that you have hired is the best in the market.

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