Friday, February 26, 2016

Top 3 Companies for Dimensioning & Cubing Systems for Shipping & Logistics

There are several manufacturers and suppliers that offer cutting-edge cubing and dimensional weighing systems. However, some companies specialize in highly-advanced and cost-efficient products that are integrated with software solutions and well-suited for logistics and warehouse operations.
Dimensioning & Cubing Systems

Selecting the best and right supplier is a challenging decision when you are seeking specialized cubing and dimensioning products. For that reason, below we have profiled the top three companies for dimensioning and cubing systems for shipping and logistics companies. brings innovative products and new technology to its customers who are searching for systems for cubing and dimensioning solutions. is the leading supplier of a wide range of business and industrial automation solutions. The dimensioning and cubing systems at offer manifest systems and automation of shipping, thus they offer a cost-effective and efficient solution. The weighing technology and automated cubing of handle every aspect of your package dimensioning needs. So, you can reduce overhead operational costs greatly.
Static Package Scanner
Shown here is the Static Package Scanner from
Walz, a great solution for shipping operations.

The Static Package Scanner of is designed by using the latest engineering, thus it provides accurate scanning and weighing for shipping, warehouse operations, POS desk, etc. In-motion package scanner of this company is more advanced, which is mainly suitable for high speed conveyor belts.

The dimensional solutions/cubing systems of utilize advanced technology, which is highly efficient, surprisingly affordable and easy to use. The state-of-the-art equipment can provide impeccable accuracy with dimensional weighing/scanning capabilities. These patented dimensional systems enable you to gather weight and dimensional data quickly with great accuracy. As a result, cubing/dimensionining systems at become an essential part of logistics. They can also save you time, amounts of effort and money.

As an emerging company in the industry, offers some most advanced dimensioning products and cubing systems. These products are effective, real-time, and fully automated. The cubing systems of can make complete process of distribution and shipping very simple, accurate and reliable. These are possible because the dimensional weighing equipment and curbing systems are designed for handling all dimensioning and packaging aspects and reducing operation costs significantly. provides dynamic in-motion package scanning solutions, which can provide instant in-motion dimensioning and cubing data. This is an ideal product for systems of conveyor belt because advanced technology is used for making this system. So, it can be perfectly integrated with logistics and shipping operations. In order to provide accurate dimension data, the in-motion system uses laser technology. Therefore, it is helpful for minimizing errors. Besides, the cuber system of this company is also capable to work in high speed conveyors, which is helpful for saving your money and time.

Every system of is designed carefully for reliable, effective, and accurate of data such as dimensions, ID and weight. Besides boosting performance, the prices of these products are also affordable.

You can optimize warehouse and reduce shipping cost by using products. This company offers lots of different products, which include weighing and automated dimensioning systems. These systems also can measure irregular cartons, static applications or crates.

Most products of are global leaders since they started to address the demands of various markets, especially in shipping industry. These are ideal for packing or shipping stations, which need cubing for reliable and faster services.

These are top three suppliers that offer the best and highly advanced dimensioning systems. These products are also affordable for all business organizations. The products of these suppliers also integrate with various supply chain and warehousing management systems for reducing overhead costs.

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