Friday, February 19, 2016

3 Sonos Speakers Redefining Custom Home Audio Collections

sonos home audio systems
Over the last couple of years, Sonos has been reinventing speakers and steadily adding their innovative designs to their growing product catalogue. There is Sonos speaker that will suit everyone’s criteria whether it be price or value for money or performance and clear quality sounds. When Sonos made their move, they grabbed a lot of attention with their wireless speakers and home audio systems.

The wireless speaker revolution has spilled over. Sonos allow customers to buy one speaker and grow their collection of speakers throughout the house progressively, reinventing how people approach custom home audio systems. If you have to buy just one or you are wondering where to start, then here are three great choices to start your Sonos home audio collection.

1. Sonos Play 5

The new generation Sonos Play 5 is bigger, sleeker and better. It has 6 drivers, 3 mid-woofers and t 3 tweeters. The sound that you get from a play f speaker depends on the orientation but compared to everything that came before or anything else that is in the market today, the Sonos Play 5 has all the superior quality.
Sonos Play 5 Home Audio Speaker

Through Wi-Fi connectivity, this speaker can be paired with any of the other smart speakers that Sonos makes. You can control your speaker with your mart phone via a free android or iOS app. The speakers stream music from services like Spotify, Groove, Tidal and many more so music lovers will never be short of a music source when they need one. The new Play 5 comes with a tuning system that adjusts the equalizer settings to make up for bad placement.

Sonos Play 5 Price

Sonos Play 5 is by far the most advance streaming speakers. The sound from the Sonos 5 is deeper, richer and has more powerful bass sounds than any other wireless speaker on the market. It is valued at $499,00. If you're looking for the best home audio Peoria IL has to offer, then Nerds on Call offers the best price for this model.

2. Sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar is a wireless speaker which streams 5.1 surround sound in any room you place it in. it is equipped with 6 mid-woofers for low bass and 3 tweeters for high frequencies. These work within a 9-class amplifier. The Sonos Playbar can be connected to a TV using an optical cable connection. It can also connect to other Sonos speakers via Wi-Fi. It uses the same smartphone app that turns your ordinary android or iOS mobile device into a remote control.
Sonos Playbar Home Audio Speaker
Shown in front is the Sonos Playbar, the perfect complement to your home audio system.

Sonos Playbar Price

The Sonos Playbar is by far the most balanced speaker in the Sonos range. It is easy to pair the Playbar with some of the smaller, second-generation speakers to ramp up the audio production to 3.1 and 5.1 levels. The Sonos Playbar is one of those value-for-money investment purchases that you will get to enjoy over and over again. The manufacturer’s recommended selling price is $699.

3. Sonos Play 3
Sonos Play 3 Home Audio Speaker

Sonos had to create a speaker system that is in the middle as far a price and performance goes. The truth is that play 3 sounds just as magnificent as any Sonos speaker. What sets it apart from the premium speaker model the Sonos 5 is it size. As a mid range speaker it has 3 in mid range driver with three amplifiers powering each of the three amplifiers. There is bass radiator located at the back to give the speakers a little edge.

Sonos Play 3 Price

The Sonos Play 3 came into the market with a recommended retail price of $299. For more information about these products and more, visit the official site of Sonos home audio systems,

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