Friday, November 20, 2015

3 Ways to Improve Your Company's Web Presence

While many marketing teams invest their time and resources in SEO and optimizing their company's presence in Google, it's common to overlook other non-SEO aspects of a web presence (that can actually contribute to better SEO results.)

If you're doing SEO or Internet marketing for a business or online brand, then it's important to embrace many forms of web presence optimization. Below we discuss five ways/channels/strategies to better improve your company's web presence.

Be Prolific on Social Media

A couple years ago, many businesses were hesitant to establish a presence on social media. Now, social platforms have become integral to marketing, advertising, and creating a voice on the web. In essence, managing a prolific social media presence is essential in web presence management for companies.

Consider every possible social media network out there (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) Be prolific and establish a presence on every social network that seems even remotely relevant to the company. Even if you don't have the labor force or resources to keep a Pinterest account active, simply having a profile for your company will provide a link back to your site which can help with SEO.

However, having active and socially-popular social profiles can make your inbound marketing and SEO efforts more powerful. Not only do your social profile links have greater rank-juice, but the content you share on social media (i.e. a blog post from your website) can have greater potential to get more likes, tweets, pins, +1's, and other valuable social signals that define credible content.

Establish a Content Strategy

Parallel to the last point about sharing content on social media, another powerful form of inbound marketing (and a supplement to SEO) is content marketing.

The beauty behind crafting a content strategy is that you can exercise a high level of creativity.

First, define the type of content that your company is capable of creating. You can keep it traditional with articles and blog posts, or delve into richer media like video and graphics.

Next, define the topics of the content you want to convey. What problems, questions, solutions, or other subject matter do you want to cover in your content.

Lastly, produce and publish your content, and share it relentlessly via social media. For SEO, sometimes it's good cover topics that are semantically-relevant to your keyword targets. For instance, if you operate a computer repair company that provide virus removal services, an article or video on how to troubleshoot and remove basic computer viruses.

This educational approach helps to make your company more credible and trusted. It also helps in expanding your web presence optimization efforts.

Get Listed 

Especially important for local businesses, get listed on directories like Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Bing, Google+ Local, and the many other online directories is very key to improve your company's web presence.

Many of these directories provide a link back to your site (good for SEO.) Additionally, many directory profile pages have the capacity to rank in Google and generate traffic to your business, especially Yelp pages and other powerful listings for local businesses/local SEO.

This is just a big picture perspective when it comes to optimizing and managing your company's web presence. There are number of more specific strategies worth exploring. But by investing your resources in these three channels, your company can better thrive on the web.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Walz Load Scanner: The New Leader in Load Management Technology

Recognized for its full line of advanced truck scales, Walz Scale is known to produce state-of-the-art weighing systems for many applications. Walz has stayed true to its mission by bringing into the market the load scanner, a new alternative to heavy-duty weighing systems.

While most companies have held on to their truck scales and cumbersome weighing equipment, several users are realizing the advantages of the load volume scanner system by Walz.

The Technology behind Walz Load Scanner

Like the name suggests, the load scanner uses laser scanning technology that does not involve directly weighing loads but rather scans the load volume to produce 3D images. The system factors-in the density of the material and uses this variable to calculate the general weight per cubic metric based on the volume reading.

In short, the load volume scanner system takes the scanned volume data and converts it into weight. This offers the added value of volumetric analysis for load position monitoring and ensuring proper loading of trucks. The volumetric load scanner by Walz is a rather simple tool that offers a plethora of benefits.

The scanned images can be used to determine the position of the load, to compact the load and to monitor spillage. It is a good way to monitor operational inefficiencies and maximize output. It has been designed that even an amateur can set it up within minutes; all you need is a laptop/PC, a mounting hardware and 3D laser scanner.

The load management software (also from Walz) that accompanies the load scanner offers a simple interface. The software can generate load tickets automatically and is also capable or tailored reporting making it easy to manage. It is also possible to integrate the scanner with a video vehicle recognition (from Walz).

How Walz Load Scanner System Works

The load scanner from Walz exists either as a permanent or a portable system. The trucks drive under the Walz load scanner at a speed of 3.5 mph (higher speed versions are available). The load scanner scans empty trucks then scans the loaded trucks and compares corresponding scans.

Each truck is fitted with RFID tags to make the process automatic. Excavator display is one of the features that make load operation and management easy. It allows you to manage load from the excavator cab using the screen kiosk system.

Advantages of the Walz Load Scanner

The Walz load scanner is designed to provide a more cost-efficient alternative to truck weigh scales. It offers a wealth of advantages over truck scales, some of which include:


Compared to cumbersome truck scales and axle scales, the load scanner is much more affordable. It comes at a fraction of the cost. Better still, you can hire the system for short term use thus cutting on purchasing costs.


The system is accurate and does not need calibration. It provides accurate volume and weight calculations. To up the accuracy, the system computes the weight from the empty and the loaded volumes of a truck.


You can carry the portable version of the system anywhere you want. It is a full portable trailer system that can easily be towed by a truck. Besides measuring the volume and later computing the weight of a load, the load scanner system ensures proper load distribution in the truck. This helps improve throughput and reduce inefficacies.

The Verdict

The Walz load scanner is durable, flexible and dependable. It can be used in the mining, agriculture, waste removal and many other industries. It has revolutionized truck weighing forever.