Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Atlanta's Captivate SEO Trademarks "It Starts With Search"

Proving to be a prominent player and reputable role model in the Atlanta SEO community, Captivate Search Marketing has recently trademarked the phrase "It Starts With Search." And for good reason.

Spearhead by founder Chris Everett, Captivate Search Marketing has been embracing the search-first mindset with almost all of its Internet marketing engagements.
It Starts With Search

The company started as Webvolution Designs, LLC, a SEO-focused web marketing firm serving the greater Atlanta. Soon later, the company was re-branded as Captivate Search Marketing. And while the focus still remains on SEO, the company provides a full suite of web presence solutions.

Embracing the Search First Approach to Internet Marketing

What's unique about Captivate Search Marketing over other companies that provide Internet marketing in Atlanta centers on its "search first" approach. While this focus has yet to be trademarked by the firm, it is very aligned with Captivate's It Starts With Search mindset.

"Essentially all of our services, whether pertaining to social media or content marketing, take into consideration SEO and search marketing implications," states Captivate's senior SEO specialist, Tyler Tafelsky.

"As much as the word 'optimization' gets overused, in a nutshell, we're applying Google keyword data and mindful SEO practices to instruct how each campaign is created. We don't necessarily call it 'optimization.' But in a way, we are looking for ways to improve the SEO potential of almost everything we do, whether that involves designing a new website or putting-together a client's content strategy."

The It Starts With Search approach comes at a time when SEO is becoming one of the most valuable and highly-sought marketing mediums for all types of companies. Captivate Search Marketing is rated as one of the best Atlanta SEO companies that's making national strides with it's unique approach, combining both creativity and analytics into something truly effective.
Atlanta SEO

More About Captivate

Captivate Search Marketing is one of Atlanta's premier SEO and Internet marketing companies that specializes in affordable search engine marketing solutions for all types of businesses. The company delivers a wide range of solutions, including: website design and development, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, online reputation management, ecommerce SEO, link building, and other specialized SEO services.

To learn more or contact the Atlanta SEO agency, see the address and contact information listed below.

Captivate Search Marketing
1800 Peachtree St NW #205
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: (404) 953-2406

Or check out the SEO firm on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to stay connected.

Cutting-Edge Divot Tool Lends to Epic Design & Functionality

When it comes to golf, innovation is constantly on the forefront of equipment manufacturers. Devices as simple as the divot repair tool are no exception. And the Mark Mender divot repair tool makes for the perfect model.

Meticulously engineered to mitigate improper ball mark repair and thereby minimizing any damage to the greens (commonly inflicted with conventional divot repair tools,) the Mark Mender divot tool is a one of golf's most highly-advanced divot tools that is specially designed to make golf ball divot repair simple, effective, and even gratifying.

The Issue With Conventional Divot Repair Tools

The natural tendency when using conventional divot repair tools is to pull up on the grass along the sides of the ball mark. This tendency can inflict damage on the greens, as well as disrupt the surface for future putts by fellow golfers.
Mark Mender Divot Repair Tools

The design of the Mark Mender is a four-prong divot repair tool that's engineering using a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism. This cutting-edge design enables golfers to seamlessly repair their golf ball divots with proper technique.

Designed in such a way that uses an intuitive poke-and-pinch technique, the Mark Mender divot repair tools fixes ball marks seamlessly and triumphantly. This helps all types of golfers take ownership of their ball mark, putting the icing on the cake from their approach shot.

More Than Just A Divot Repair Tool

Mark Mender divot repair tools provide far more than your average divot repair tool. For all the times a golfer needs to bring along his or her pitching wedge to the green, the Mark Mender acts as the perfect leverage or grip rest to keeps grips dry and off the wet, dewy surface.
Divot Tool Fix Ball Marks

Also, if you enjoy a good cigar while out on the course, then this creative divot repair tool design is the bee's knees. There is good reason why Mark Mender has a reputation as the best cigar holder in the sport sport. Unlike golf cigar holders that affix to the golf cart, the Mark Mender enables golfers to take their stogie with them as they head out on the green to sink their putt.

As if this innovative divot repair tool couldn’t get any better, the Mark Mender wouldn’t be 100% complete without a customizable magnetic ball marker. Unlike basic divot repair tools with weak magnets, the ball mark affix on Mark Mender does not get lost in your pocket or out on the course.

Golfers can also take advantage of having their Mark Mender ball mark personalized or branded to their brand, business, or cause. The Mark Mender is well known for personalized golf ball divot repair tools will improve your etiquette and clout on the course, but will probably won’t take strokes off your game

Mark Mender Divot ToolFrom its impressive versatility and functionality, the Mark Mender divot repair tool goes far beyond other ball mark repair devices. It’s one of the few multi-purpose golf tools that is considered a must-have in any golfer’s bag.

Why the Mark Mender is the Best Divot Tool

Are you looking to invest in the best divot repair tool on the market? See for yourself why the Mark Mender has been widely considered as the best divot repair tool in the sport. Creatively and thoughtfully designed and engineered to buffer improper divot repair and prolonged damage to the greens, the Mark Mender is ingenious divot tool that is mindfully designed to make repairing ball marks a breeze.