Monday, January 6, 2014

About Piano Distributors: Epic Entrepreneurship in Piano Sales & Beyond

The immensely successful, 5 decade old company, Piano Distributors started spreading its roots back in 1959. Beyond providing exceptional piano sales and service, the business has managed to expand and grow by leaps and bounds.

Currently, Piano Distributors has locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Midwest locations. In fact, it has also managed to win two prestigious awards: the Clavinova Dealer of the Year award and the Yamaha Dealer of the Year award. The piano dealer mostly sells Yamaha pianos but there are other brands to choose from too, such as Baldwin and Hardman being a big ones on their roster. Piano Distributors is actually one the largest Yamaha piano dealers in the U.S., and therefore offers one the greatest selections along with the lowest prices anywhere else.

Offering More Than Just Piano Sales 

With a name like "Piano Distributors," one would reckon that the company only deals with piano sales. However, this is far from the case. The successful business model of Piano Distributors is supported by its other services like offering piano rental and piano lessons to its clients (in addition to exceptional and knowledgeable support.) All of the local piano stores under the company have staff members that are involved in teaching the clients how to play the piano. After all, Piano Distributors doesn't just wish to supply people with the best pianos but they also wish to offer educate their customers along the way.

This service is immensely valuable to some entry-level customers, because a great piano is useless if the buyer does not know how to use it properly. Taking piano lessons one of Piano Distributors locations can make a world of difference, which is why it is important for aspiring pianists to have a good teacher. This is the primary reason why this service offered by Piano Distributors was such a huge success.

Another service of the company that helped it become so solid and defined would be the piano rental service. The company offers three different types of rentals. The first kind of rental is the "try before you buy" one program. Customers can rent their dream piano for some time in order to see if they are really worth the purchase or not. This service is applicable to customers in Midwest, Georgia and Florida. Next is the month-to-month piano rental, this service is great for those who are only residing in the country temporarily. The third type is for event rentals with special needs. The piano rental service at Piano Distributors is great for events, parties, and weddings where people want an crowd-pleasing piano.

While the piano lessons and piano rental services may be unique in their own way, there is another unique aspect to Piano Distributors. In order to help their customers purchase the right piano from their vast collection of pianos, the company offers a unique feature called “Piano Match”. 

Piano Distributors offers hundreds of pianos, therefore choosing from amongst these is a particularly difficult task. With Piano Match, one can just take a 'survey’ through Piano Match and answer some simple questions and the website would search through its range of pianos and come up with the pianos that match the preferences and needs. This is a nifty feature not only offers the right product to the customer, but it also helps in saving a lot of time and effort which would have otherwise been used for searching for the right piano!

You can contact the Piano Distributors' headquarters and warehouse at 800-820-2199, visit one of their local piano stores, or visit their website at