Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Walz Scale Revolutionizes "Weighing" Technology With Volumetric Load Scanner

Volumetric Load Scanner
Walz Scale continues to be a leading brand in the application of technology to improve efficiency in weighing systems. Its latest invention volumetric load scanner is another reason to explain its continued growth. This state-of-the-art equipment was designed to provide in motion pay load monitoring, high definition load images and real time load volumes.

The load scanner operates in a manner that is fast, accurate and is simple to install and use making it the best alternative to truck scales and other cumbersome weighing systems.

VPS also known as volumetric payload scanner was designed as a cost effective, accurate and efficient solution in weighing heavy loads. This equipment is ideal for a range of industries including construction, waste management, mining or agriculture.

The load volume scanner allows operators to view real time 3D images of their loads with a clear indication of the distribution and other variables that influence truck performance. The load volume is calculated in microseconds with the trucks in motion, thus saving time previously wasted on determining weight manually.

Software Integrated Load Scanning

Volumetric load scanning is an advanced scanner by Walz that uses advanced technology and latent pending algorithms to provide dynamic solutions for managing loads in a non-contact manner. The system is made up of a PC, laptop, mounting hardware and a 3D laser scanner.
Software Integrated Load Scanning

The scanners provide high definition 3D images for the load in the truck. These images form the basis for management data to help in managing position of the load, compact the material making up the load, monitor spillage and carry back. This is useful in improving efficiency, productivity and overall cost management of the truck business.

Payload Pro Operating System, also designed by Walz is used to monitor this system. This system has a highly user-friendly platform with easy to navigate logins. It provides real time data and reports using the information obtained from 3D laser scanners. The reports generated by this platform are useful to operation managers and top level management in making decision related to cost cutting, effective management of truck loads and efficiency.

The technology employed here is easy to use with minimum setup costs required and low maintenance cost. Payload Pro is compatible on all computers and mobile devices giving operators tools to monitor, track and manage load data even while on the move.

Volumetric Load Scanner Functionality

As mentioned earlier, Volumetric load scanner system is simple to install and operate. Firstly, the trucks are scanned using the load scanner when empty. The data from the empty loads are saved in the system then the truck is loaded. After being loaded, the truck is scanned again and the system calculates actual volume of the carried material.
Load Scanner Device

This is done by comparing loaded scans and empty scans as stored in the system and a report is then generated. The report indicates whether or not the efficiency of the truck has been optimized at any particular moment. Since the report is shared real-time between operations personnel and management, it is possible to make necessary adjustments at the quickest time possible.

How the Scanner Offers an Incredible "Weighing" Solution

This weighing system is an improvement to traditional load scanners since it offers a fast, affordable, efficient and highly advanced solution in payload weighing. The load can be measured while the truck is on the move thus saving time. While taking the load measurement, high quality 3D images are saved by the system to be used as reference at a later period.

The system from Walz Scale is affordable both to acquire and maintain. Acquisition and installation of a load scanner can cost half the cost of fixing a weighbridge. Further, the system is reliable and long lasting even in the most adverse environments. The system is designed with minimum efficiency error hence the results obtained is highly reliable.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

5 Tips to Pinpoint the Perfect Software Development Company

Businesses usually have challenges in finding a competent software development company to contract out their mobile app and software development requirements. Many businesses incur huge costs and software problems on outsourcing their needs to unreliable agencies.
finding the perfect software development company

It is recommended that company recruiters, CEOs and high-up business professionals to hire the services of perfect companies developing software to avoid any loses and defective software or mobile apps. Here are 5 tips that can help you in finding the perfect software development company that will appropriately deliver on your business needs.

1. Location

Before proceeding with hiring or outsourcing, you should first of all choose the perfect location. There are various locations where the best software and major app development agencies are located. They usually vary by collaboration models, hourly rates and approaches. Therefore you should do a small research on the closest possible company offering quality services. This is necessary to cut down on distance costs and to enable quick response in case of any software issues.

2. Look Through Catalogues

After you have finally decided the location of your future software developer, you should proceed to check the portfolios. Do a social media research that will offer you a clear understanding of the companies you are going to work with. Read more blogs to have more knowledge pertaining software development and the companies involved.
software developers at work

Looking through catalogues is another great and effective way of finding credible software development companies in the field. Catalogues are carefully generated to rank the best companies that offer good services to their clients and have amazing visible profiles.

Some of the popular catalogues include They Make Apps, CrunchBase, and IT-Suppliers which provide services for you to contact, pitch and even pay for your projects. They are all safe, secure and easily managed. These catalogues comprise reviews of clients who have done business with various companies to help you choose the best agency to work with.

3. Ask for Recommendations

Word of mouth is an underrated method of attempting to find great service providers. Anyway if you have a competent network, make some careful efforts and you will surely find a company or someone else who has engaged in business with a software and mobile app development companies before. You will get good or bad reviews which will help you to make a reasonable choice. You are going to incur some costs when hence it is advisable to choose wisely.

4. Create a Shortlist of Software Development Companies

Generate a list of 5 to 10 companies. You can also try narrowing down the list to save you on effort and time. If it is less, you should do more research and you will undoubtedly find more great companies to engage in business with.

5. Ask for Quotes from Software Developers

Communicate with the software development companies (or freelance software developers) you have shortlisted and ask them for a quote. Always make sure that you give maximum information needed, so that the company can efficiently serve you and offer you an exact estimate.

Take note on how soon you will be contacted back and who will contact you. Generally, you should be contacted back by a dedicated software manager within hours. Good software development companies assign a credible manager to every person using the services of the organization. This is to provide care and best experience possible.

For a trust software development company based in Illinois, consult the experts at:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Top 5 Suppliers of Truck Weigh Scales in North America

The most durable, long-lasting, and accurate truck scales derive from the reputable and top-rated truck scale manufacturers and suppliers. As a result, the companies that invest in various types of truck weigh scales need to know where they’re getting their scales from.
truck scale suppliers

Because most truck weigh scales on the market are high-dollar items that are important to many different weighing operations, it’s vital to invest in the right technology. Let’s have a closer look at five reputable truck scale suppliers of North America.

Payload Pros

Payload Pros ( offers wide range of portable scale solutions for use in agriculture, industry, construction, recycling and mining industry. The company's heavy-duty portable truck scales are aimed to provide affordable and convenient means of carrying out various weighting operations.

Their weighing solutions are designed to offer best possible versatility without compromising on the precision of the measurements. Different types of weighting designs are available, or either steel or aluminum construction and well-suited for light to heavy duty application.

Beyond offering various type of truck scales, Payload Pros also offers them for rent to businesses and farmers who need these weighting systems for short-term needs.

Walz Scale

Walz Scale ( is a leading supplier of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing equipment for use in agriculture, transportation, laboratory, chemical, aggregate, recycling, waste, and mining applications. It has been in this business since past 50 years and offers best weighing products and local support to its customers.

Walz Scale offers both pit mounted and surface scales as well as portable rail and mining scales. Their portable scales use strain load cells and piezo load cells. Besides truck scales, Walz Scale also offers a complete range of alternative payload management solutions (scanner based) as well as specialized truck scale software for data analysis and management and truck scale rentals. The company's specialized divisions, such as AgWeigh, solely focuses on payload systems and farm truck scales for agricultural producers.

Cardinal Scale

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing ( is headquartered in Webb City Missouri, with overseas warehouses in Canada and England. The company has over 110 distributors and was founded in the early fifties during construction boom.

It offers wide range of truck weighing systems and scales, as well as the peripheral equipment for these systems such as various types of load cell unites and steel deck weighbridge scales and portable weighting systems.

You can choose from amongst electronic, electro-mechanical and hydraulic truck scales with load capacities ranging from3-34 tons. They are available as either pit or surface mounted truck scales.


B-TEK ( was founded in 1995 by third generation of the Brechbuhler family. Originally the objective of the company was to supply Brechbuhler scales, but since then company has grown and now boasts of a network of over 110 independently owned companies. The headquarters of the company still remains in Canton, Ohio, but family is actively involved in the business.

Company offers axle scales, bench scales, electronic scales, drum scales, portable scales, and truck scales. It has a highly trained staff of distributors, sales professionals and manufacturing professionals to provide you with a single source for all your weighing needs. With a multi-generational experience, the B-TEK scales brings over 83 years of industry know- how to the table with a focus of bringing on innovative and new solutions to their customers.

Carolina Scales

Carolina Scales ( was founded in 1950 to install and service various types of mechanical truck scales throughout the southeast. During 1980’s with transition to electronic devices, Carolina Scales grew to become a quality supplier specializing in sales and the service of industrial scale equipment, data collection, batching and blending, PLCs and weighing control systems, calibration services and one of the biggest rental scale fleets.

The company’s goal is to combine industry product knowledge with world class customer service to help customers keep pace with the ever changing technology.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Business Postage Meters: 3 Tips to Pinpoint the Perfect Mailing Machine

Business moves a rapid pace. The need for timely shipping of marketing materials, business correspondence, payments and merchandise is paramount to your success. For many companies, developing and maintaining efficiencies in their mail room operations is recognized as one of the critical core functions behind the scenes that keeps the wheels turning and delivers on the company’s reputation for responsiveness and efficiencies.
postage meter mailing machine

Automating systems with the implementation of postage meters is an effective way to increase workflow and accountability for all functions under this department’s mandate. Knowing how important this function is within your organization, the investment in postage meters is one that you want to undertake after careful consideration.

Not all postage meters and mailing machines are created equally. Each option must be considered for criteria beyond simply the list price. Assessing your company’s needs, there are three important capabilities to consider when selecting postage meters for your company.

1. Postage Meter Processing Speed

How much mail do you generate in a single day? Every hour? Whether you’re a multi-million dollar agency with dozens of departments, or small business that deals in volumes of mail where automation is key, knowing your needs now and the capacity you will need to operate at as you grow with your business is a key component.

Some postage meter systems are designed to manage up to 15,000 envelopes per hour, while other systems may be limited to 1,000. Which will fully meet your needs? Business automation doesn’t necessarily come in “one size fits all”.

2. Mail Management Software Integration

What separates most postage meters is their capacity for mail management. Managing your outgoing mail often requires more than simply applying postage. What capabilities your system has can influence other opportunities for efficiency and accountability. Does your mailing machine offer internet connection for tracking and confirmation of your package delivery?
postage meter software
Functions like eDelivery Confirmation and eCertified mail by manufacturers such as NeoPost allow greater functionality than ever before, even after the mail has left your location. Do you want to be able to track your postage use by department or by time period? Does your postage meter allow for savings off of retail postage rates?

3. Materials Handling

You need to recognize the dynamic function of your organization. Yes, it is simple to identify a solution that will address the majority of mail in sealed envelopes, but what about those occasions when your marketing department wants to reach out to preferred clientele with a postcard campaign? Look for a postage meter that gives you the flexibility to process letters, postcards and small packages.

The greatest efficiency of all is created by taking time to investigate your options and then spending once, with confidence. Not all postage meters on the market will fully meet your needs, so scrutinize your choices closely against a measurement of your own challenges and needs as a guideline.

When you invest in automation of any workflow function within your organization, take a two-tiered approach. What do we need now? What will we need in the future when growth occurs as we have planned?

For answers to these questions and one of the greatest selections of mailing machines and postage meter products, visit:

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