Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Walz Scale Revolutionizes "Weighing" Technology With Volumetric Load Scanner

Volumetric Load Scanner
Walz Scale continues to be a leading brand in the application of technology to improve efficiency in weighing systems. Its latest invention volumetric load scanner is another reason to explain its continued growth. This state-of-the-art equipment was designed to provide in motion pay load monitoring, high definition load images and real time load volumes.

The load scanner operates in a manner that is fast, accurate and is simple to install and use making it the best alternative to truck scales and other cumbersome weighing systems.

VPS also known as volumetric payload scanner was designed as a cost effective, accurate and efficient solution in weighing heavy loads. This equipment is ideal for a range of industries including construction, waste management, mining or agriculture.

The load volume scanner allows operators to view real time 3D images of their loads with a clear indication of the distribution and other variables that influence truck performance. The load volume is calculated in microseconds with the trucks in motion, thus saving time previously wasted on determining weight manually.

Software Integrated Load Scanning

Volumetric load scanning is an advanced scanner by Walz that uses advanced technology and latent pending algorithms to provide dynamic solutions for managing loads in a non-contact manner. The system is made up of a PC, laptop, mounting hardware and a 3D laser scanner.
Software Integrated Load Scanning

The scanners provide high definition 3D images for the load in the truck. These images form the basis for management data to help in managing position of the load, compact the material making up the load, monitor spillage and carry back. This is useful in improving efficiency, productivity and overall cost management of the truck business.

Payload Pro Operating System, also designed by Walz is used to monitor this system. This system has a highly user-friendly platform with easy to navigate logins. It provides real time data and reports using the information obtained from 3D laser scanners. The reports generated by this platform are useful to operation managers and top level management in making decision related to cost cutting, effective management of truck loads and efficiency.

The technology employed here is easy to use with minimum setup costs required and low maintenance cost. Payload Pro is compatible on all computers and mobile devices giving operators tools to monitor, track and manage load data even while on the move.

Volumetric Load Scanner Functionality

As mentioned earlier, Volumetric load scanner system is simple to install and operate. Firstly, the trucks are scanned using the load scanner when empty. The data from the empty loads are saved in the system then the truck is loaded. After being loaded, the truck is scanned again and the system calculates actual volume of the carried material.
Load Scanner Device

This is done by comparing loaded scans and empty scans as stored in the system and a report is then generated. The report indicates whether or not the efficiency of the truck has been optimized at any particular moment. Since the report is shared real-time between operations personnel and management, it is possible to make necessary adjustments at the quickest time possible.

How the Scanner Offers an Incredible "Weighing" Solution

This weighing system is an improvement to traditional load scanners since it offers a fast, affordable, efficient and highly advanced solution in payload weighing. The load can be measured while the truck is on the move thus saving time. While taking the load measurement, high quality 3D images are saved by the system to be used as reference at a later period.

The system from Walz Scale is affordable both to acquire and maintain. Acquisition and installation of a load scanner can cost half the cost of fixing a weighbridge. Further, the system is reliable and long lasting even in the most adverse environments. The system is designed with minimum efficiency error hence the results obtained is highly reliable.

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