Tuesday, January 26, 2016

5 Tips to Pinpoint the Perfect Software Development Company

Businesses usually have challenges in finding a competent software development company to contract out their mobile app and software development requirements. Many businesses incur huge costs and software problems on outsourcing their needs to unreliable agencies.
finding the perfect software development company

It is recommended that company recruiters, CEOs and high-up business professionals to hire the services of perfect companies developing software to avoid any loses and defective software or mobile apps. Here are 5 tips that can help you in finding the perfect software development company that will appropriately deliver on your business needs.

1. Location

Before proceeding with hiring or outsourcing, you should first of all choose the perfect location. There are various locations where the best software and major app development agencies are located. They usually vary by collaboration models, hourly rates and approaches. Therefore you should do a small research on the closest possible company offering quality services. This is necessary to cut down on distance costs and to enable quick response in case of any software issues.

2. Look Through Catalogues

After you have finally decided the location of your future software developer, you should proceed to check the portfolios. Do a social media research that will offer you a clear understanding of the companies you are going to work with. Read more blogs to have more knowledge pertaining software development and the companies involved.
software developers at work

Looking through catalogues is another great and effective way of finding credible software development companies in the field. Catalogues are carefully generated to rank the best companies that offer good services to their clients and have amazing visible profiles.

Some of the popular catalogues include They Make Apps, CrunchBase, and IT-Suppliers which provide services for you to contact, pitch and even pay for your projects. They are all safe, secure and easily managed. These catalogues comprise reviews of clients who have done business with various companies to help you choose the best agency to work with.

3. Ask for Recommendations

Word of mouth is an underrated method of attempting to find great service providers. Anyway if you have a competent network, make some careful efforts and you will surely find a company or someone else who has engaged in business with a software and mobile app development companies before. You will get good or bad reviews which will help you to make a reasonable choice. You are going to incur some costs when hence it is advisable to choose wisely.

4. Create a Shortlist of Software Development Companies

Generate a list of 5 to 10 companies. You can also try narrowing down the list to save you on effort and time. If it is less, you should do more research and you will undoubtedly find more great companies to engage in business with.

5. Ask for Quotes from Software Developers

Communicate with the software development companies (or freelance software developers) you have shortlisted and ask them for a quote. Always make sure that you give maximum information needed, so that the company can efficiently serve you and offer you an exact estimate.

Take note on how soon you will be contacted back and who will contact you. Generally, you should be contacted back by a dedicated software manager within hours. Good software development companies assign a credible manager to every person using the services of the organization. This is to provide care and best experience possible.

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