Monday, January 11, 2016

Top 5 Suppliers of Truck Weigh Scales in North America

The most durable, long-lasting, and accurate truck scales derive from the reputable and top-rated truck scale manufacturers and suppliers. As a result, the companies that invest in various types of truck weigh scales need to know where they’re getting their scales from.
truck scale suppliers

Because most truck weigh scales on the market are high-dollar items that are important to many different weighing operations, it’s vital to invest in the right technology. Let’s have a closer look at five reputable truck scale suppliers of North America.

Payload Pros

Payload Pros ( offers wide range of portable scale solutions for use in agriculture, industry, construction, recycling and mining industry. The company's heavy-duty portable truck scales are aimed to provide affordable and convenient means of carrying out various weighting operations.

Their weighing solutions are designed to offer best possible versatility without compromising on the precision of the measurements. Different types of weighting designs are available, or either steel or aluminum construction and well-suited for light to heavy duty application.

Beyond offering various type of truck scales, Payload Pros also offers them for rent to businesses and farmers who need these weighting systems for short-term needs.

Walz Scale

Walz Scale ( is a leading supplier of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing equipment for use in agriculture, transportation, laboratory, chemical, aggregate, recycling, waste, and mining applications. It has been in this business since past 50 years and offers best weighing products and local support to its customers.

Walz Scale offers both pit mounted and surface scales as well as portable rail and mining scales. Their portable scales use strain load cells and piezo load cells. Besides truck scales, Walz Scale also offers a complete range of alternative payload management solutions (scanner based) as well as specialized truck scale software for data analysis and management and truck scale rentals. The company's specialized divisions, such as AgWeigh, solely focuses on payload systems and farm truck scales for agricultural producers.

Cardinal Scale

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing ( is headquartered in Webb City Missouri, with overseas warehouses in Canada and England. The company has over 110 distributors and was founded in the early fifties during construction boom.

It offers wide range of truck weighing systems and scales, as well as the peripheral equipment for these systems such as various types of load cell unites and steel deck weighbridge scales and portable weighting systems.

You can choose from amongst electronic, electro-mechanical and hydraulic truck scales with load capacities ranging from3-34 tons. They are available as either pit or surface mounted truck scales.


B-TEK ( was founded in 1995 by third generation of the Brechbuhler family. Originally the objective of the company was to supply Brechbuhler scales, but since then company has grown and now boasts of a network of over 110 independently owned companies. The headquarters of the company still remains in Canton, Ohio, but family is actively involved in the business.

Company offers axle scales, bench scales, electronic scales, drum scales, portable scales, and truck scales. It has a highly trained staff of distributors, sales professionals and manufacturing professionals to provide you with a single source for all your weighing needs. With a multi-generational experience, the B-TEK scales brings over 83 years of industry know- how to the table with a focus of bringing on innovative and new solutions to their customers.

Carolina Scales

Carolina Scales ( was founded in 1950 to install and service various types of mechanical truck scales throughout the southeast. During 1980’s with transition to electronic devices, Carolina Scales grew to become a quality supplier specializing in sales and the service of industrial scale equipment, data collection, batching and blending, PLCs and weighing control systems, calibration services and one of the biggest rental scale fleets.

The company’s goal is to combine industry product knowledge with world class customer service to help customers keep pace with the ever changing technology.

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