Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3 Bush Hog Rotary Cutters for the Win

Bush Hog rotary cutters
There's little debate that Bush Hog rotary cutters are some of the best and most well-made land clearing machines on the market. Engineered to perfection and crafted using the finest Bush Hog parts and components, these rotary cutters are a win for various applications. If you're sold on Bush Hog for you next rotary cutter purchase, then check out these three models that gaining traction as some of the top choices.

Bush Hog BH16 Rotary Cutter

Bush Hog BH16 Rotary CutterFamous for its durability, the Bush Hog BH16 rotary cutter is suitable for pasture clipping and grass cutting. One thing that makes BH16 stand out however is that it has rear deflectors which provide much needed safety especially when one is embarking on massive projects.

The machine is built to last and its blades are passed through a heat treatment process to ensure long-lasting sharpness. Besides that, the Bush Hog BH16 rotary cutter is quite stable; its side bands are continuously welded and its rear band is well curved.

Additional Rotary Cutter Features

  • Available in different tractor colors
  • Strongly built to resist bending
  • East to find Bush Hog rotary cutter parts for the BH16 model
  • Splined output shafts built to resist thrust

Bush Hog 1815 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

The Bush Hog 1815 Flex-Wing rotary cutter is a high performance unit that is designed to take on all complex tasks like corn shredding, maintenance of drainage areas and general pasture maintenance. But despite it being tough looking, it is actually quite user friendly all thanks to its smooth decks and high performance cutting and distribution capacity.
Bush Hog 1815 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter
Ideally, the Bush Hog 1815 Flex-Wing rotary cutter performs best on smaller acreage where precision matters more than heavy-lifting. For instance, it performs better at trimming ditches than any other model.

Additional Rotary Cutter Features

  • Halved axle spindles for quick and economical service
  • It has an improved wing design which provides adequate cover to exposed underneath structures
  • Uniquely designed center section blades for better cut even in the bottom of ditches

Bush Hog 2010 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

The Bush Hog 2010 Multi-Spindle rotary cutter is designed for pasture maintenance, heavy crop clearing and other big jobs that require a versatile machine. One thing that stands out about this machine is that it has a range of hitch types and mounting options. And unlike what you would ordinarily expect with a machine that is this flexible, the Bush Hog 2010 rotary cutter is built to withstand extreme duty providing great performance with minimal maintenance.
Bush Hog 2010 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

You can choose from three available models in the Bush Hog 2010 Multi-Spindle series, which are – lift model, semi-mount model and pull model. As an orchard owner, you will be glad to learn that you can attend to your field using an offset version of this same model. And because the cutting width is quite large, you get to cover wider acreage in a short time.

Additional Rotary Cutter Features

  • 9 feet and 9 inches of cutting width
  • Its axles are rubber cushioned giving load protection even when the machine is running on a rough terrain
  • For maximum cutting performance, the blade tip is optimized for speed and the side bands are deeply entrenched
  • You can use a manual or hydraulic lift on the pull models

Final Word

When it comes to caring for your lawn, pasture, airstrip or orchard you want to invest in a rotary cutter that is capable of delivering good results. A good model is one that is easy to maintain and one that trims overgrown and unruly weeds without any hitches. Most importantly, you want to find a machine that leaves the grass looking nicer and healthy. Talking about quality, Bush Hog is one of the few manufacturers in the world that have adhered to strict quality standards over the years

Each rotary cutter from Bush Hog comes with its share of merits. However, each model is different in performance from its siblings. For instance, while BH16 is suitable for large acreage, the flexwing is best suited for rough terrain and the 2010 is preferred where flexibility is needed. So depending on your needs, it is easier to make an informed choice now.

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