Monday, March 7, 2016

Comprehensive Security Systems & Surveillane Products by Seico of Peoria, IL

Are you looking for the best security system for your home or business? Do you need dependable surveillance products and monitoring services for your property?
Seico Security Systems of Peoria, Illinois

Seico Security of Peoria, Illinois is well-known as the number one choice in the Midwest for comprehensive security system solutions, including cutting-edge surveillance systems and security systems for businesses, banks, and financial institutions.

A Trusted Leader for Security Systems in Peoria, IL

Since 1972, Seico Security has been offering protection to homes, residential communities, industrial, commercial as well as financial businesses. Due to its many years of experience, this Peoria security system company knows exactly what its clients need – whether it’s CCTV surveillance, access to control systems or monitoring equipment, Seico has got your back.

Home Security Systems

Home Security SystemsUnlike other security systems, home security systems are not very complicated. Seico field technicians, who are highly skilled, can customize your home security system in such a way that it meets your needs. This way you will be able to decide how much protection you need. By working with Seico, you will be able to:
  • Choose which sensors you want installed in your home.
  • Know which areas of your property or home need special security.
  • Program the security system based on what your family or daily routine needs.
The best thing about working with Seico is that you will get to interact with the experts directly. There are also integrated security systems for homes present in Peoria area. These systems are customizable hence can fit any house regardless of its size. They vary from basic security alarms to wireless home security systems.

Financial Security Systems 
 Bank Safes & Vaults

Seico Security if your one-stop shop for any financial or bank security systems. Whether you are looking for drive-up systems, audio systems, vault doors, alarm monitoring or fire alarms, you will find a wealth of financial security systems available. The company is also well-known for drilling safe deposit locks, installing modular vaults and more. Here are Seico’s best financial security equipment:

Bank Safes & Vaults
Here, you will find a number of bank vaults and safes you may need. You can choose from customer or standard UL rated safes to teller receivers (mule). Among the bank vault technology available at Seico, you can find some of the best products available on the market. There is also a section for full interiors such as teller drawer storage, night depositories and cash lockers. Clients are allowed to choose their preferred color for free.

ATM Security Systems
ATM Security Systems BanksSeico is able to secure ATM machines with hold-up and intrusion systems which protect not only the carries but also your ATM assets. There are also digital video security systems for banks which record all transactions.

Data Capture with Video
Video and data integration feature allows you to link recorded videos with transaction details. This helps in solving disputes, eliminating fraud, abiding with banking regulations and delivering the best customer services.

License Plate Cameras
These systems are ideal for drive-up transactions which include credit unions and large financial institutes.

Under-Counter Cabinetry
When it comes to under-counter cabinetry, Korden and Fenco are the best. They are well-designed and very durable. You can also choose the color that blends in with your counter.

Audio & Video Systems
financial security systemsWalk-up and drive-up audio systems models are always available for clients. In addition, Seico offers spare parts for making repairs on such systems.

Seico Security offers the best equipment and services necessary to protect your home or business. Therefore, if you are in Peoria or central Illinois, you should give Seico a call. Or visit their address location at:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

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