Wednesday, March 16, 2016

4 Full-Service 3PL Companies in Florida

3PL Companies in Florida Third party logistic companies (3PLs) play a critical role in the management of their clients' supply chain and product distribution. 3PL companies are an effective solution to reduce operational costs and allow a business to focus on their core competencies.

Outsourcing a company’s logistic operations to a 3PL also, increase access to world-class resources, services, processes and technologies. By sharing resources, a company also increases their economies of scale. By having a company’s resources managed efficiently and according to the fast-paced advancing technology. Selecting the right 3PL company is the best step a company can take in enhancing the management of a company’s resources. Here are the four value-driven, full-service 3PL companies in Florida.

1. United Facilities, Inc.

United Facilities provides professional 3PL services and systems geared towards meeting the demanding logistic needs of various businesses. With their ability to keep greater attention to details from their clients, United Facilities have remained on the frontline in providing a vast range of logistics services right from kitting to final-stage packaging. United Facilities serves as both a Florida 3PL warehouse company and a regional distribution center.
United Facilities 3PL Company Florida

In fact, the 3PL company has 12 food grade distribution centers all strategically located in various parts of US from logistics warehouses in Florida to distribution centers and logistics warehouses in California. United Facilities also has two locations in Florida and Orlando that all add convenience to supply and transportation services.

Additionally, United Facilities has integrated various shipment spots to ease shipment of customer orders. This has made them a pioneer company in outsourcing logistics partner for different companies. They also have raw materials handling, and PC networked systems among other innovative features all meant to enhance their operations.

2. Americold Logistics Company

Americold 3PL Company Florida
Americold is another globally known 3PL Company based in Atlanta. It is well known for providing temperature-controlled warehousing and unrivaled transport solutions. Americold pride to own and operate 182 temperature-controlled warehouses in different parts of the United States, some in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, and Argentina.

Americold Logistics Company offers a full-range of cost-efficient logistic services in transportation, consolidation programs, multi-vendor, and shipment management. They also have industry-leading i-3PL technology that helps provide real-time information through the internet hence keeping inventories wholesome.

3. Star Distribution Systems

Star Distribution 3PL Company Florida
Star Distribution Systems is a forward-thinking 3PL company that offers premium-quality services. They have a wealth of experience and have been operating since 1931. They have a central distribution center that distributes goods to any location in Florida.

Star Distribution Systems guarantees next-day delivery services, and this is what has made them a reputable in the logistics industry. They provide a full range of services including consolidate LTL transportation, cross-docking, state-of-the-art warehousing, and pool distribution among others. Star is always relentless in providing 100% customer satisfaction.

4. APL Logistics Company

APL Logistics 3PL Company Florida
For a business to remain on the right path to success in the current challenging marketplace, it is essential for it to work in close collaboration with the right logistics partner. APL Logistics is a renowned designer and operator of global supply chains that works in delivering products to any place businesses need.

APL Logistics Company provides shipment consolidation and deconsolidation, customs and global freight forward management, IT solutions and much more. They also have 20 million square feet of warehouse space that aid in serving clients’ storage needs. What makes APL unique is their end-end innovative data connectivity that enhances greater viability and chain supply control.


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