Monday, June 8, 2015

5 Cornerstones to Successful SEO Campaigns

In order to have a successful SEO campaign, there are several decisions, actions, tweaks and changes that will be required in order to ensure the user receives the right information. SEO and online marketing is a never ending pursuit which has evolved over the years and experts have come to know that what worked yesterday, is not what will work today.

Despite the frequent shift in online marketing strategies, there are five cornerstones that remain constant and ensure that an SEO campaign is successful. Using these cornerstones will ensure that have you more traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful avenue that has grown in popularity over the years with the increase in the number of social networks. Over the years, the internet has grown and with its tremendous growth, it has led to the emergence of search engines, web platforms and social networks.

Social media networks today have become the means of interaction between global users. SEO experts utilize social media marketing in order to increase traffic to one’s website, as well as build brand authority and social signals (which help to promote greater credibility and rankings.). There are several ways of ensuring social media marketing is successful and they include creating a business page, targeting the right followers and constant interaction with followers.

Content Marketing

Quality content today is vital for the survival of any web platform. Users everyday are looking for information from tips, steps of doing something and general advice. Quality content not only helps to increase traffic to your website but it also helps your website to be ranked highly on search engines.

SEO experts define quality content by:
  • informative and useful to the users
  • newness and relevance
  • quality, value, and accuracy
  • search engine friendly or keyword relevant for SEO
Experts employ experienced writers who are able to provide quality content which has the right keyword density, right information and it’s written in legible English. For instance, if a company is doing SEO for surgeons, they may want to offer insights into the local SEO landscape and some of the things surgeons (and their marketing teams) can be doing in-house to help promote their website. Because in most cases of SEO for surgeons, local strategies like citation optimization and directory listings are momentous for SEO.

Brand Building

This is a strategy where experts help to improve and increase your business brand recognition to users online. A brand is known to be an emotional and psychological connection that customers have with a business products and services.

Experts can help to improve brand recognition by improving user experience, ensuring that the customers are fulfilled, through content and social media.

Web Optimization 

Recent changes by major search engines such as Google and Bing has led to the focus on mobile friendly websites. According to experts, a website that is not mobile friendly loses 25,000 users every day.

Experts advice website owners to convert their website to be mobile friendly. This can be achieved easily by utilizing responsive frameworks and implementing the top web presence optimization strategies.

Link Popularity

This refers to having website links that are pointing towards your site and they are located on other websites. Link popularity has been a critical component that has been utilized by experts to increase a website ranking on search engines.

Experts accomplish link popularity by having your links on highly credible websites rather than a high quantity of sketchy sites. This helps to improve your ranking as well as increase traffic to your website.

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