Monday, June 29, 2015

4 Pillars To Cultivate a Thriving SEO & Web Marketing Campaign

It may be true that the process of formulating a successful SEO campaign can prove to be extremely tedious and difficult to say the least. However, by basing the foundation of your SEO strategy on four essential pillars, you can escalate the chances that your campaign will be a success.

In this overview we'll take a look at the top four pillars to cultivate a thriving SEO and web marketing campaign. And while these pillars might seem basic and intuitive in their very nature, many web marketers only focus on two or three pillars, only to later find weaknesses or holes in their overall campaign.

1) SEO-friendly Web Design

Statistic demonstrates that the traditional forms of marketing are becoming less and less effective. In today's digital age, if a company wants to maintain a strong presence within their business sector they have to maintain a strong presence online. One of the ways to do that, is by creating and maintaining a well designed website that is not only responsive, but optimized to meet specific conversion goals, as well as optimized for easy crawling and indexing and keyword relevancy (SEO-friendly).

Based on the fact that your SEO campaign's ultimate goal is to compel visitors to take specific, targeted action once they visit your website, it needs to have the right conversion elements and calls to action. At the same time, an SEO-friendly web design is rich with valuable, unique content that offers a certain degree of quality information that make visitors trust the brand. For more resources on SEO-friendly web design, visit the official website of Peoria web design company,

2) Highly-targeted SEO Strategy

SEO is designed to give businesses ad brands an opportunity to rank higher within search engines for specific keywords. However, due to the abundance of competition that can be found online, a most businesses stands very little chance of ranking higher for a generic, two-word target (such as "mens shoes").

For local SEO example, if a surgeon offers plastic surgery services for residents of Waterbury, Connecticut and wishes to have their website ranked for keywords that indicate that the searcher is looking for a dentist, it would be harder for that surgeon's website to rank for a generic phrase such as "surgeon in Connecticut," as opposed to the phrase, "plastic surgeon in Waterbury CT." As such, local SEO should be centralized on gaining rankings for a long tail keyword as opposed to generic harder to rank key phrases.

3) A Blend of Social Media

It's a well known fact that in today's digital age, many consumers expect a reputable company to have a website. However, what few businesses know is that statistics demonstrates that over 80% of consumers expect businesses to have an social media presence as well. Social media gives businesses the opportunity to reach out to consumers on a deeper level.

By utilizing social media, businesses can take that opportunity to provide superior customer service such as alleviating complaints and to gain valuable insight such as their customers opinions about certain aspects of their business. Social media also gives businesses an opportunity to essentially advertise their products and services all at an affordable rate.

Aside from that, social media can help a website to gain higher rankings, due to the fact that if a blog owner comes across a piece of content that is shared by the company, if they like it, they may post it on their blog and link back to the business's website.

4) PPC Advertising (Paid Search)

While it may be true that PPC advertising, does not have an effect on a website's ranking, it can help to gain brand recognition and thus encourages more sales and conversion once a website has sustained a high ranking. The reality of the fact is that people are more willing to make a purchase, the more and more they see the company's name or logo.

Through some forms of PPC advertising, such as "retargeting," a visitor that lives within close proximity of a certain company may see ads about that specific company on several websites, via retargeting. This can in turn heighten that chances that they will click through to a website and make a purchase in the future, once they utilize the search engine and insert the business's targeted long tail key phrase.

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