Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shop Stylish Classic Cycling Clothing at Retro2Ride.com

The online company well known for its classic cycling clothing and apparel, Retro Image Apparel Two (Retro2Ride.com), entered into cycling apparel industry in the year 2002. The company's innovative idea was that cycling jerseys can be both fun and functional. The inspiration and drive for Retro2Ride.com's creation came from Roger W. Mallette, the company founder. Right from that inspiration, Retro2Ride.com has grown from an idea to an internationally-acknowledged provider of retro, vintage, and classic cycling clothing.
Retro Image Apparel Two

Regrettably, Roger W. Mallette passed away in late 2012. His business partner at the time was not able to run the company fruitfully. Gratefully, the sister of Roger, Michele Mallette Sherman, managed to take over the ownership of all assets of the company legally.

Sherman has a determination that she will keep the legacy of her brother, Roger, alive and thriving. With some rebranding, she established a new name for the company which is today known as Retro Image Apparel Two LLC (Retro Two). Headquartered in St. Louis, Retro Two has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of custom unique cycling clothing on the web,

Classic Cycling Clothing JerseysA Unique Selection of Cycling Clothing 

The wide spectrum of cycling clothing available at Retro2Ride.com features creative graphic illustrations, historical cycling races and team, classic-vintage themes, and bold pop culture icons. Some of the company's cycling clothing is 100% exclusive, making it impossible to find anywhere else.

The company continues to revolutionize the marketplace for unique cycling clothing by combining their creative graphic art talents with high-quality, functional jerseys tailored from some of the industry's most advanced fabrics and materials. Today, Retro Two strives to build upon the broad portfolio of designs that were developed by its founder and now offers a wide range of amazing products for men and women.

Where Quality Products Meet Quality Customer Service

Unlike other cycling apparel stores, Retro2Ride.com provides a limited 6-month warranty which is valid from the day of purchase (against defects in workmanship and material.) The warranty excludes any damage that occurs as a result of abuse, misuse, or realistic wear and tear. In fact, the replacement procedure is very simple. An individual only needs to mail his or her jersey back to the company with his or her purchase receipt. and the company will then replace or even repair the jersey to meet the customer's satisfaction.
Unique Cycling Clothing Jerseys

As a well-known classic cycling clothing company, Retro2Ride.com provides a novelty selection of original and unique cycling jerseys for both women and men. The different collections of classic cycling clothing from this company feature pop culture, historical cycling races, spectacular graphic illustrations, and modern designs.

Right from classic cycling clothing that embody social movements and memorable races to the designs of astronomical and earthy undertones, this company is redefining fashionable cycling apparel and jersey by offering a broad line of items for all walks of life.

In conclusion, anybody who will buy classic cycling clothing from Retro2Ride.com will get exclusive and creative styles. Some of the classic-style cycling jerseys for both men and women from this company include 1952 Cataluna Cycling Jersey, Paris-Roubaix Cycling Jersey, 1935 World Championships Jersey, Gumby Cycling Jersey, Nasa Cycling Jersey, Paris Roubaix Classic Cycling Jersey, Smokey Bear Cycling Jersey, and 1943 Cataluna Classic Cycling Jersey among others.

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