Friday, June 24, 2016

Why Woods Mowers Are Making Wake In the Lawn Equipment Market

Woods Equipment Company
In 1946, the Woods Brothers built their first successful rotary-cutter, which marked the beginning of Woods Equipment Company. Woods has, since then, maintained a specialty-niche in premium mowers and land clearing equipment. Over the years, Woods has earned a solid reputation as a supplier of top-quality mower models and land clearing machines. For the past 60 years, its products have gradually improved by absorbing novel innovations that are geared towards efficacy and effectiveness in diverse mowing applications.

Headquartered in Oregon, IL, Woods Equipment Company is a renowned maker of top- quality mowers, attachments as well as replacement-parts for the grounds maintenance, agricultural and construction markets. These include all mower types like rotary cutters, finishing mowers, zero-turn mowers, and flail mowers. Woods expanded its product-line to comprise new cutter-options that increase longevity and ruggedness while ensuring effectiveness and efficiency. The company is built on 3 pillars which are innovation, performance & quality.

Woods Woods Mow’n Machines

Woods has since evolved to manufacture a wide variety of Woods Mow’n Machines. These are some of the are best machines for use in heavy- duty farming and agricultural settings Woods began manufacturing Zero Turn Mowers over 20-years ago.

These Zero Turn Mowers from Woods come with exceptional features, parts, performance and power and combine quality design & easy maintenance, thereby making the need to look-up Woods mower parts dramatically less. The Woods zero-turn mowers come in 3 different models which include FZ28K, FZ25D & FZ22K, with varying engine type, decks and horsepower.
Woods Finish Mowers

Woods Finish Mowers

Woods finish mowers have an excellent design which gives the user better maneuverability as they mow including a distinctive rounded front. A tapered- side rear discharge- deck helps reduce the trimming time whilst increasing productivity. The heat- treated alloy-steel blades offer you precision cutting and optimal performance for all-your lawn care for years to come. Besides, the finish mowers are easy to maintain and they come with numerous features that vary amongst various models.

Woods Rotary Cutters

Woods rotary cutters are well-known for their ruggedness, productivity and dependability. Woods has the biggest line of rotary cutters which range from Batwing rotary cutters, Ditch bank cutters, Brushbull single- spindle cutters, multi-spindle cutters, RC- Series single-spindle cutters and Economy single-spindle cutters. The broad range of models offers you expanded options to select from ranging from 15hp -300hp and up to 240- inch working width.
Woods Rotary Cutters

The Batwing line-of rotary-cutters from Woods Equipment easily stands out as an-elite pedigree featuring a wide spectrum of options ranging from heavy-duty mowers to smaller mower options which are designed for-use with tractors having a lower horsepower.

Some of the powerful models worth mentioning include the 12.5 foot cutting width Turf Batwing TBW150C, TBW144, 42 inch cutting width 42 UnderMount and 17 foot cutting width Turf Batwing TBW204. These Woods mower models can get the job done on any field on any day.

Woods designs its mower products for-use on any type of foliage. Besides, their powerful engines guarantee that only a single pass is needed to cut the grass to size. Although there are a number of models in Woods Batwing-series, you should bear in mind that none-is superior to the other. Each one-of them has been designed to perform best when utilized for certain applications.

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