Monday, September 15, 2014

The Benefits of Advanced Chiropractors over Traditional Chiropractors

Chiropractic is generally understood to be an alternative form of medical treatment that diagnoses and prevents mechanical disorders that occur with the muscoskeletal system of the body. According to the chiropractic studies of the human body and even animal body studies such as horses, the muscoskeletal disorders will mainly occur especially at the spine thus even affecting the nervous system thus causing several aches and pains and even limited body movement by the individuals suffering from this health disorder.

Chiropractors are trained to provide manual therapy on joints, the spine, and soft tissues of the body as well as provide their clients with a health and lifestyle counseling and exercise procedure. Even though all chiropractors have the same title, the level of proficiency and quality of care is vast among professional chiropractors.

For this reason, there's often a major gap in the level of chiropractic care offered in one's community. In short, some chiropractors are highly advanced and innovative with their practice, whereas other chiropractors are more traditional in their approach and offer select services in spinal realignment.

Below we define these types of chiropractors, and how you can find one that works for you.

Traditional Chiropractors

The traditional chiropractors use the assumption that the spinal joint dysfunction also known as the vertebral subluxation will directly interfere with the intellectual body functions. This treatment will mainly aim towards increasing the range of body motion while relieving the pain and muscle spasm.

The spine is seen to be the foundation block of the body’s stable movement and daily operations and many at times the individuals will either not sit or stand in a proper posture and this will result in the spine curving itself to these common positions. The traditional chiropractor will conduct several manual treatment procedures to ensure the straightening of the spine in order to induce a healthy spine structure in order to reduce the health effects of an improper spine structure.

Advanced chiropractors

Advanced chiropractic care offer a more modernized approach towards chiropractic practices. It does utilize the traditional aspect of assuming that the spinal joint dysfunction also known as the vertebral subluxation will directly interfere with the intellectual body functions. Thus the manual treatment is also provided for their patients and advanced chiropractors also intertwine the use technological advanced treatments such as the laser therapy and spinal decompression, which ultimately heals the patient’s condition.

These advanced chiropractic treatment procedures have been reported to create much better results than the traditional chiropractic treatments and they also have at- home treatment programs that their clients undertake at the comfort of their own homes.

Benefits of Advanced Chiropractors over Traditional Chiropractors

1. The advanced chiropractors utilize technological equipments to first identify the main problem with each patient before running the major assumption of the spine dysfunction. Whereas, in order to first receive traditional chiropractic treatment you do need to visit a professional doctor who will examine your main problem and identify it in order to get the right treatment from the traditional chiropractor.

The traditional chiropractor is not fully equipped enough to identify these problems in both skills and treatment however, the advanced chiropractor is equipped with both medical skills and equipment to treat each patient’s health condition.

2. The advanced chiropractor is specialized in using several types of technological equipment for treatment procedures such as in disc compression treatment. Medically one can actually have to undergo surgical procedure in order to decompress the disc whereas this surgery can be avoided with initial advanced chiropractic treatment.

The traditional chiropractor can perform some manual procedures. However, these procedures would need to be conducted every year to reduce pain and muscle spasm, which is a much harder procedure to undertake especially with the current technological advancements in this treatment.

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