Friday, August 8, 2014

Illinois Calibration Company OQ International

Illinois calibration company, OQ International, offers comprehensive calibration services for a wide range of measuring instruments. In short, OQI's calibration services focus on a unique calibration process: specialized instruments are checked and their measuring units are compared with the standard measuring units for the given device.

The given instruments are then re-aligned (or "calibrated") to the recommended standards to ensure the precision and accuracy when using the instrument to make future measurements. This process is critical in many different industries and professions, as calibrated instruments ensure measurements are accurate and precise in the data they yield.

Calibration Services Offered by OQI of Illinois

Among other things, the Illinois-based calibration company is best known for its wide array of calibration services offered as well as the quality that comes with them. At OQI, the members comprising the team of technicians and staff are well trained, educated and experienced.

Furthermore, they are all conversant with a wide array of different equipment, allowing calibration for different types of instruments and even technological equipment. As such, different professionals worldwide can get their equipment checked and calibrated to ensure effectiveness and accuracy. Furthermore, to effectively serve different clients, the staff is well versed with different countries’ standards as well as the international standard units.

At the Illinois calibration company's facility, clients can be guaranteed of:


The technicians of OQI are well trained and experienced with diverse instruments and equipment. Furthermore, only certified standards are used, ensuring reliability and hence accuracy when working.


Calibration is a vital task as it sets the standards for measurement of different things, including chemicals in drugs and electric voltage. Mistakes can hence be costly and even dangerous as wrong measurements may lead to unprecedented problems.

However, the calibration company relies on international as well as national standards when calibrating. Furthermore, there is a range of measuring equipment in place to ensure that minimal or no errors at all are done.


The calibration company in Illinois is one of the few well established and fully certified in the state of Illinois. All the technicians are well educated and trained. Furthermore, the latest equipment is used to measure and reset the standards on different instruments.

As such, clients are guaranteed of accuracy. Furthermore, the ample work force complemented by the equipment makes it possible to accurately and quickly calibrate different instruments.

The Importance of Instrument Calibration Services

The precision required in different industries and professions that require measurement make it necessary to ascertain the equipment’s accuracy regularly. This in turn ensures accuracy in the measuring process and safety in the final products.

As such, operations that ensure the measuring equipment is assessed and calibrated can take advantage of benefits like:

Precision - Among other things, calibration primarily ensures accuracy in the measuring equipment. This in turn ensures success in the final product. It also complies with the law as most countries demand precision when measuring and mixing ingredients.

Confidence - With the measuring equipment all checked out and calibrated, professional in different fields are better able to work confidently with the knowledge that the measurements are accurate and hence the outcome is more precise.

Furthermore, in addition to quality services and accuracy, the services offered are very affordable for different people in different industries. As such, everyone is able to benefit from the services and ensure accuracy when measuring.

Calibration is the best way to ensure accuracy and reliability in measuring equipment. For comprehensive calibration services, Illinois calibration company OQI offers the best services for a wide range of instruments at an affordable price.

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