Friday, August 15, 2014

BookWear® Employee Thank You Gifts Win Big for Businesses

When it comes employee thank you gifts, it's not easy getting it right. Appreciative and well-received employee thank you gifts can be a complete game-changer in the workplace.

There's one company that's doing it right: BookWear®. BookWear® employee thank you gifts are unique, personalized, and customized to your company's liking.

Why BookWear® for Employee Thank You Gifts?

People remember surprises and when you combine an employee "Thank You" with a surprise package and gift, your message has impact. This "book" has your message and graphics printed on the cover. In a pile of mail, the recipient will choose this package to open because it's different, mysterious and creative. "Surprise is the most powerful marketing tool" says Harvard Business Review. Your surprise gift inside BookWear® will further connect the recipient to your message. It works. Choose from 30 gifts inside. Mail BookWear® like a thick postcard, or we'll mail it for you.

There are 25 hospitals in the Iowa Hospital Association. They all use BookWear® to emphatically communicate appreciation to their staff. "Caring for people is a massive responsibility, yet you have chosen to care and to make a difference. That difference will change lives, help people and make this community a stronger and better place to live. And for that, we say "Thank You." In five years they 25 hospitals have ordered more than 8,500 "books" to express their gratitude to their staff. It is a terrific team-building message and one where everybody wins.

BookWear® also specializes in college recruiting gifts, volunteer acquisition gifts, and much more. And beyond just a recruitment gifts, BookWear® "books" can be used as creative trade show swag, memorable branded giveaways, and other inspiring marketing applications. To learn more, visit

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