Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Value in IT Staffing for Tech-Entrepreneurs

Technology entrepreneurs, especially those who plan to staff a wealth of talented IT specialists to help facilitate growth, can value in IT staffing services.

Unlike IT consulting and support, IT staffing is designed for large, often times corporate level companies that are looking to hire an in-house IT staff to manage technology systems.

Hiring an IT staffing firm is common for technology start-ups that need help recruiting skilled technology experts. Although of value to most companies of this nature, finding reputable and local on-site IT staffing firms is not always easy.

Tips for Choosing the Right IT Staffing Firm

The decision to invest in an IT staffing firm is huge. In essence, you are trusting a major aspect of your business (hiring quality employees) to another company. A high level of consideration and trust is crucial from the beginning.

Before deciding on what staffing firm to hire for your company, below are a few tips to find the ideal IT staffing firm.
  • How many recruiters does the IT staffing firm have available and if they are certified b the American Staffing Association or the National Association of Personnel Services. The knowledge and experience of the recruiters will influence how long it will take to fill your positions.
  • How many years has the staffing firm been in operation is determinant for their overall experience.
  • Research on the reputation of the staffing firm and how reliable are they. You may ask them for references from previous clients and call several of their references to inquire about the company.
  • What recruiting techniques they employ and what kind of retention programs they have in place.
  • How are their IT specialists screened and tested. Ask them if they offer employment references, whether or not they meet every candidate in person, if they do background criminal checks, if they verify education background, if they do credit checks and drug testing, what skills they evaluate and how they are testing them.
  • Track record of technology platform experience, and choose candidates with the right expertise, relevant to your particular IT support needs.
  • Inquire what type of insurance does the staffing firm have, whether or not they carry Employment Liability Insurance and adequate workers compensation insurance.
  • Ask the staffing firm how they pay their employees.
  • Clarify what guarantee they provide and what is your financial commitment in case that you are not satisfied with the employee on the first day of the assignment.
Have you had experience working with IT staffing companies? Or do you have any ideas to share? Please let us know in the comments below!

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