Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Employees

Whether via employee thank you gifts or positive reinforcement and praise, employers can add a layer of trust, admiration, and respect within the work place. Expressing thanks to solid employees is not only beneficial for general well-being of others, but saying thank you to employees can increase productivity in the long run.

If you're an employer, business owner, or supervisor who cares about the about the power of reinforcement, then consider these creative ways to say thank you to employees.

Develop a Mentoring Program

As an unconventional thank you gift for employees, a strong performer is an ideal candidate to be used in a mentoring program inside the organization. Mentees will be able to development skills quickly with the help of a mentor and identify areas of growth in their professions. The mentor will teach them some tips about career planning and how to increase their knowledge about the culture, structure and organization of the enterprise.

Employees will also have access to new networks and contacts, and the knowledge to find new paths to solve their problems at work. Mentees will also get more confident in their natural abilities to cope with day-to-day issues and how to increase their satisfaction at work.

Send Email or Letter Appreciation

Employees should send an email or letter of appreciation to an outstanding employee saying how much they value his work. The title of the letter could have been written with phrases like “outstanding employee”, “employee of the month,” and so on. These letters will be very helpful to increase the morale of your employees, and you will see even better results in the long run. One of the best times to send an email or letter of appreciation to employees is when they have a new baby in the family.

Lunch Out or Restaurant Gift Cards

As mindful employee thank you gift, a senior leader of the organization should have lunch with an employee with an outstanding performance. You can call it “appreciation lunch” because this name is great for it, as the employee will be lunching with one of the top guns in the organization and learn from them. The employer should plan everything about the lunch with the leader so as to make everything of great delight for the employee - who will talk wonders about the company with her peers.

A gift card to restaurant is also a nice way to show thanks and that you care as an employer. Consider this employee thank you gift idea if taking the individual out is not with your capacity.

Personalized Employee Thank You Gifts

Personalized employee thank you gifts are one of the best ideas can you pursue as an appreciative employer. These types of employee thank you gifts can range from customized items like t-shirts, flashlights, and pocket knives, to simple gift baskets that contain tasteful thank you gifts. Be creative and try giving gifts that are both unique and generous.

Paid Vacation Time Off

Vacation leave is a benefit that will enhance the work of your employees, and their personal lives as well. This employee thank you gift idea can increase morale and productivity at the same time. If it's within your capacity to offer paid vacation time off as employee thank you gifts, then it's a reward the most certainly will not go overlooked.

Employees appreciate when an employer recognizes the great work of his subjects the right way. Excellence can be achieved when an employer use gifts to reinforce the behavior that make the company outstanding in its marketplace and able to crush their competitors.

The ripple effects of these employee gifts (wich are also effective as recruiting gifts will go beyond the boundaries of a certain department, and it will be able to boost the confidence of the entire organization. Emplloyee thank-you gifts are all important when it comes to increase morale and performance inside the organization - and employers should bear this fact in mind.

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