Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Competitive Advantages & Economic Efficiencies Gained by Truck Scales

There are numerous economic efficiency and competitive advantages that heavy duty truck scales bring to different industries like mining companies, resource extraction operations, and farmers.

The most common type of truck scale are seen at roadside stations which are designed to prevent axle overloading on semi-trucks (thereby preventing heavy.) Through this efficient system, there is now a reliable method to know the flow of the bulk of goods coming in an out of different cities or states. These goods include produce, household goods, electrical equipment and those coming from mines and recycling centers.

Another advantage that a business can get from truck scales is weighing payloads, such as a farmer who wants to weigh his harvest more efficiently, or a mining site that needs to weigh precious materials. The applications are abundant, as well as the types of scales. Below we go into greater detail about this amazing form of technology.

Different Forms of Truck Scales

There are many different types of truck scales available for sale on the market. Each form is used for special applications and is designed to calculate measurements for specific contexts. Below we go into greater detail about the various forms of truck scales.

Portable Truck Scales (Portable Weigh Pads)

Portable truck scales are popularly used all over the world because of its accuracy and of course, portability. This type of truck scale usually has a lower frame work, and can be set up on dirt and other surfaces that are not typically used. The first portable truck scale record in US history was operated by the Weight Patrol of the Los Angeles Motor Patrol in 1929.

Portable truck scales are generally more costly because of their framework, which are lower than others. However, they are well-favored because of the ease and convenience to move them from site to site. This is why contractors or road builders find this type ideal.

Onboard Truck Scales

Onboard truck scales use either pressure readings or load cell technology coming from air suspension. The unique nature of onboard scales is that they are integrated on the actual piece of equipment, such as a haul truck or conveyor belt. This enables highly efficient weighing. The reason why this type is very popular is because weighing can be done at the loading site. Onboard scales make it very convenient, as opposed to an in-ground scale. With an in-ground scale, a company has to consider scale fees, as well as driver and scale fees.

The truck operation is at its optimal payload so the owner is ensured to have minimal running costs thereby getting more profit. Only select companies offer these truck scales for sale. For instance, Walz Scale is a global leader in onboard truck scales for all types of industries and customers. Walz Scale has a division of its company specifically dedicated to onboard scales, called Walz Onboard.

Truck Axle Scales

This type would need the semi driver's each axle to be lined up on the truck scales. It should be one axle at a time. All of the axles need to be weighed to come up with the total. The disadvantage is that truck axle scales uses so much travel time from driver's schedule.

Although truck axle scales are very convenient and portable, it is observed to be not as accurate as the scale that's full length. This can however, be positioned above ground level and is user-friendly. One just need to know the appropriate approach for this type. It must be perfectly and accurately level and at the same elevation to minimize or prevent errors altogether.

Other Useful Applications of Truck Scales

Truck scales do serve a purpose and it's not only for the benefit of the different industries who use trucks for transport, but also for the taxpayers. After all, all, trucks go through the roads that taxpayers pay to build and maintain.

Not many people know the value of the truck and what it does for many businesses all over the country. Most of the goods and wares that are of necessity in the market are transported by truck. Because of the significance of trucks, laws and regulations have been set in place in order to know how much a truck should weigh during the transport. The standard is usually around 34,000 pounds.

What happens if the trucks go overweight is that, they will have to pay fines. Moreover, knowing the correct weight of a truck makes it certain that the roads that the truck will go through can carry the weight of the transported goods. Thus, there is a need to weigh the vehicle both when it's empty and when it's loaded. This is how the load of the vehicle is calculated. The calculation is done through a truck scale. A truck scale is an advanced weighing technology intended for different contractors and companies, that weighs the loads on trucks to calculate payloads.

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