Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Epic Entrepreneurship in Truck Scales for Farming, Mining, and More

Today, all types of manufacturing, farming, and industrial processes have become extremely reliant on heavy-duty machinery and equipment. So much so that it seems to be impossible to imagine going through everyday life without these robust pieces of technology.

Spanning from mining to farming industries, the dependence on heavy-duty weighing systems has significantly grown. As a result, companies that specialize in weighing technologies and truck scales, such as Walz Scale, have become very useful.

About Walz Scale 

Walz Scale is a supplier and service support company that offers precision weighing equipment (such as truck scales for mining, farming, and shipping) which is used for a lot of applications. Applications of Walz Scale products extend into transportation, industrial, laboratory, agriculture, waste, aggregate, mining and recycling contexts. The company has been around for more than fifty years and it is still going strong. Beyond offering the finest solutions in truck scales, the company’s topmost priority is the satisfaction of its customers and it certainly does work hard to achieve this by offering top notch trucks and equipment.

Mining Scales

Being a global leading company when it comes to mining scales and other industrial weighing solutions, not to mention, the experience garnered over the decades, Walz Scale is certainly a very popular name in the industry. Two of the most popular mining scales offered by Walz Scale would be weighbridge scales and the onboard loader scales. These mining scales help provide accurate weighing and 3D load scanning features which certainly boosts the efficiency of the miners. Any mining site can benefit from the tailor-made and personalized solutions offered by the company. Not only does it improve productivity in the mining company but it also significantly brings down the mining costs.

Mining trucks are no doubt extremely heavy vehicles, therefore if one has to weigh them then one would need an even stronger weighing machine. The mining scales offered by Walz Scale has a concrete surface and a low-profile design which enables effective and accurate weighing of the trucks. An impressive thing about these heavy duty truck scales is that they can function as pit-type and above the ground. The signature self-setting connectors of Walz Scale makes the installation and expansion process a cakewalk. The scale or conveyor belt features a lot more structural steel in comparison to other popular truck scales manufactured by the competitors.

Farm Scales

Farm truck scales are also commonly used in case of the agriculture industry. Keeping up with the needs and demands in this industry, Walz Scale offers a wide array of weighing products, technologies and applications. These farm scales are highly cost effective solutions for farmers and they are capable of taking care of every kind of weighing need. These farm truck scales can be teamed up with peripheral equipment such as remote displays, computers, printers and yield management software programs in order to maximize efficiency.

Onboard Truck Scales

In addition to the above mentioned truck scales, Walz Scale also offers onboard truck scales. Onboard scales help the user save a lot of money and time because they can weigh the truck along with its contents easily, quickly and conveniently. These scales are generally installed on the truck frame itself, thus rendering them ready for weighing at all times! Some of these on-board truck scales also feature the wireless technology which enables individuals to tell the weight of the truck even if they are standing at a significant distance away from the truck.

Payload Pro Software

Incorporating a truck scale or farm scale into your operations is not always enough. Managing weights or making calculations is also key, and calls for the use of both hardware and software. As far as hardware solutions are concerned, the truck scales would fit the bill, but when it comes to software you will have to ensure that you select the right one. Payload Pro is a software program that is one of the best and most advanced programs offering software tools that helps in managing the payload on mining scales. This software program is used in large mining sites, factories and heavy equipment industries.

Yield Pro Software Solutions

Another one of the software solutions offered by Walz Scale is the Yield Pro App, which is very easy to access (especially if you are using an iPhone) and is tailored for farmer and ag producers. It not only supports Windows Operating Systems but it is also compatible with smartphones and tablet computers. It is suitable for farmers mostly as it helps in managing yield and harvest production. This software program is targeted at producers who have massive harvests and would like to optimize the productivity of their farms.

There is no doubt that Walz Scale is a leader for truck scales and weighing solutions for multiple industries. To learn more about this company, visit the Walz Scale website.