Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Epic Business Ideas in Custom Tank Tops at The Neon South

Personalized apparel has evolved into a common business model and marketing ploy that's popping-up everywhere on the Internet. Giving customers the opportunity to custom design t-shirts, tank tops, hats, magnets, and other accessories has offered quite the selling proposition for the creative buyer.

One epic start-up that's beginning to thrive on the Web is The Neon South. Based out of Dallas, The Neon South specializes in custom tank tops, sunglasses, and hats. But as the name implies, this epic company centers it's business model on most things neon, particularly neon tank tops.

Colorful Roots of The Neon South 

The Neon South is a simple brand that spawned from a couple of young and creative entrepreneurs who are avid music festival goers and spring-breakers. Not only did they see a popular interest and demand in customized neon tank tops and apparel, but they also could resonate with their target audience of fellow concert goers, fraternities, sororities, and creative individuals.

So the business began, starting with custom tanks tops composed of many brightly colored options. But The Neon South didn't end with just customizable neon tanks. To further accessorize their rad customer base, they also offer full spectrum of neon sunglasses, hats, fanny packs, and now, pocket tank tops.

Once a popular classic in the 70's and 80's, pocket tanks are being reborn thanks to custom pro's at The Neon South. Customers can choose from a hundreds of different custom color combinations with these pocket tank tops. And what's epically-entrepreneurial about it is that The Neon South is one of the leading pioneers and contenders in bringing back custom pocket tank tops to the market. In fact, custom pocket tank tops are now available for the first time ever on a national scale thanks to The Neon South.

Beyond Custom Tank Tops

In addition to offer custom tank tops in neon and other standard colors, customers can also find a wide assortment of (mostly neon) sunglasses, fanny packs, drink koozies, crop tops and headbands. All of these accessories are available for customization and thus compliment orders for custom tank tops.

There is a select choice of in-house tank top designs available for sale at TheNeonSouth.com, and those products can be purchased individually. However for custom tank tops and other accessories, the minimum order is 20 items. What's neat is that users can either create their custom design on the website, or upload designs to the blank template. The Neon South also offers design customization services for those in need of some creative input.

Unlike some other companies that offer standard custom t-shirts and screen printing services, The Neon South handles each order individually to ensure quality control. Although this makes ordering custom tank tops a bit slower, the response time is fast and an employee of the company may communicate with the customer to make sure all details and specs are met.

So what are you waiting for? If you're interested in custom tank tops, hats, koozies, sunglasses, or other neon accessories, visit TheNeonSouth.com to explore their extensive offering of awesome apparel and products.


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