Thursday, December 12, 2013

Piano Distributors: Your Epic Source for All Things Piano

Purchasing a piano for your family, business, or personal interests can offer intellectual stimulation and lifetime enjoyment from all avenues. Aside from providing elegance and sophistication, every musically-inclined individual must consider owning a piano or keyboard, because it is a timeless and recession-proof investment.

The first step to owning a piano is to seek out a reputable piano dealers that offer you a wide-selection of the leading names in the industry. Additionally, piano dealers who offer expert sales knowledge, customer support, and piano lessons further define the epic sources you want to visit.

Piano Distributors is one piano dealer that offers all of that, and more. For over 50 years, the Piano Distributors has been a prominent and trusted piano dealer offering diversified and top quality piano brands at very competitive prices. Top brands such as Yamaha, Young Chang, Baldwin, Hardman, Cable-Nelson, Kawai, Kurzweil, Pearl River, Petrof and PianoDics are offered at Piano Distributors.

Furthermore, Piano Distributors have been providing service par excellence in several key locations in Florida, Georgia, North CarolinaIllinois, and Missouri.

When you avail of the products and services of Piano Distributors, you are assured of the highest degree of professionalism and expertise. Furthermore, with Piano Distributors, you are guaranteed that their:

  • new pianos are of top quality and come with manufacturer warranties.
  • used pianos are skilfully reconditioned by expert technicians and come with dealer’s warranty.
  • employees provide you with top of the line after sales services.
  • team of experts and industry professionals who address all your piano concerns.
  • sales team can best assist you have the best experience with your piano.

The Piano Distributors also offers a wide range of services so you won’t need to go anywhere else for all your piano-related concerns.

Renting Pianos 

Do you need to hire a piano for an event or a special celebration? The Piano Distributorshave designed a unique rental system where you can rent prized pianos for specific events or for certain monthly schemes. Furthermore, you can examine the piano in your home and pay only a rental fee, which will be deducted from the purchase price, once you decide to buy the piano.

Moving Pianos

Moving a delicate piece like a piano is a complex undertaking. With Piano Distributors, you can move your piano from one location to the other safely as it will be handled by a team of professionals and industry experts.

Piano Lessons

Whether you're seeking piano lessons in Raleigh or in Atlanta, Piano Distributors can help you connect with the right piano professional. They can help you find a teacher who is proficient in teaching young children, or adults who simply want to fulfill their long-time dream of playing the piano.

Tuning and Repair Pianos has a pool of industry experts and technicians who can help address all your piano repairs and tuning needs.

Selling Pianos

If at any time you need to sell your piano, you can have it consigned at Piano Distributors and connect with the right buyer. In some occasions, the company may even buy your piano outright.

Storing Pianos 

In case you are renovating your home but you don’t have a place to store your piano, Piano Distributors have ample storage facility whether you need to store your piano for a long-term or short-term period.

What sets above its competition is its trademark Piano Match system that will allow you to find a piano according to your specifications, whether is used or brand new. The company is tops when it comes to all things pianos.

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