Friday, August 14, 2015

An Inside Look at Medical Billing Company Practice Management

When it comes to medical billing, Practice Management based out of Arlington Heights, Illinois, is a company that has the knowledge and professionalism to handle this no matter what type of practice is involved.

The experts of Practice Management are trained in various aspects of the billing process whether it applies to medical, mental or dental practices. Within this company you will find advancement in technology and software in order to handle your billing needs. As a result, Practice Management delivers some of the most industry-leading medical billing solutions which are customized to fit the unique needs of each client.

Comprehensive Medical & FQHC Billing Services

Practice Management focuses on providing you with ways to maximize your revenue by eliminating outstanding bills. The turnaround time for medical billing payment is lowered by using their expertise in the field. Some of the major areas that this company focuses on includes FQHC billing known as Federally Qualified Health Center billing, CHC billing which includes state funded programs such as Medicaid and Medicare billing, FQHC billing and FQHC look alike billing. The staff will guide your practice and educate you on the importance of allowing them to handle your FQHC billing in order to assist with streamlining your revenue and reducing other costs. Learn more about the company's FQHC billing services by visiting

Alongside the company's expertise and experience with FQHC billing procedures and regulations, they also are seasoned in providing the types of services to cater your needs. This includes submitting patient letters, making phone calls, inquiring on past due accounts, all while maintaining the legal aspects in regards to state regulations. This eliminates the need for you to take time out of your field of expertise and will increase your profit margin.

You will also receive ongoing consultations within the scope of FQHC. This type of consultation includes review of your setup, process and software, as well as guidance on ways to handle these topics as well as additional guidance on other front office areas. Primary focus is placed on the technology and software programs that is used with this FQHC medical billing company.

Client-Focused Medical Billers

Emphasis is applied the ability to coordinate and access any software programs in addition to what is used throughout the company. Practice Management makes it to where they are in your office no matter where in the nation that you are located. They will provide conferencing via telephone and video as well as performing remote access to your system in order to provide consultations and complete specific analysis of your revenue and billing.

Practice Management handles surgery center medical billing, healthcare center billing, family practice billing solutions along with FQHC and CHC. Included in the services would be customized reports detailing profitability, productivity and an audit recap. You will find that the ability to access a secure web portal to the system is convenient for reviewing the services that you are receiving and how your accounts are being reflected. With this company, the worry of billing and collections is one less task you have to do. Customer service lines are available to offer assistance with any question regarding any medical billing questions that you may have.

The entire staff at Practice Management is thoroughly trained and cross-trained to put your mind at ease and give you the security that you need to know that the number goal at the company is to maximize your profits and receipt of billing claims. Practice Management prides itself with working using updated software systems and ability to link remotely with most software programs in order to cater to the needs of your practice. If you are looking to concentrate or focus on your patients while maximizing your revenue, then you need to consult with Practice Management to handle all your medical billing needs.

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