Thursday, March 26, 2015

Practice Management Provides Epic Billing Services For FQHCs

Practice Management is one of the few medical billing companies that has excelled at providing FQHC billing services (Federally Qualified Health Center billing) with the utmost degree of professionalism and value to clients.

In the United States, Practice Management leads the industry standard as one of the top medical billing providers. The firm possesses years of experience, which includes optimizing the FQHC billing process to cater to a wide range of billing challenges and objectives.

The company provides a talented team coupled with advanced billing software capabilities. This company’s proven track record has enabled them to support FQHCs by decreasing the amount it takes to fulfill decrease the time it takes to fulfill unresolved bills of patient, while simultaneously allowing them to maximize profits in a timely and efficient manner

Practice Management is the go to FQHC service provider for many reasons. Listed below are some of the company’s core services that they provide.

Individually-Tailored FQHC Billing & Coding Services

Practice Management takes a personalized approach for each of their clients, to ensure that the highest level of service is provided. A very comprehensive billing plan is created between Practice Management specialists and clients. Together, they study the various strengths and weaknesses of various medical billing and coding. They then work together to pinpoint areas of improvement. Consequently, they build upon the improvement of operating productivity, which results in a more fluid payment process. This in turn, creates an increase in revenue.

FQHC Billing Credentialing Solutions

Physician credentialing is crucial in maintaining the cash flow for the new practices. When properly applied, credentialing solutions can aide in the elimination of cash flow drawbacks that delay timely billing fulfillment. In addition, Practice Management provides hospital credentialing as well.

Electronic Organization of Health Records

Practice Management is able to remotely access all FQHC and medical billing activity. It utilizes this approach by obtaining information through a web portal. The information it is able to access includes claim submission, charge entry, processed payments, and follow up.

Medical Billing Services Nationwide

From Florida to California, this medical billing company services health centers nationwide. Communication is of utmost importance. They use a variety of ways to communicate with clients via email, telephone, and video conferencing, throughout the entire billing process. Along with medical billing, their services span through many types of practices including pediatrics and chiropractic.

Medical Billing Consultation

Practice Management also provides consulting services for FQHCs. For example, their revenue cycle consultancy group will examine a practice’s cycle of revenue for operations and general billing procedures. The billing consultants then suggest recommendations for improving various processes. Here are just a few listed below:

  • Software File Maintenance
  • Fee Schedule Analysis
  • Payment Receipt and Claims Tracking
  • Maintenance of Software Files
  • Insurance Preparation Processing

Why Hire Practice Management for FQHC Billing?

Practice Management offers top quality service from a highly experienced team of medical billing professionals. They can handle a wide range of FQHC billing request, and as a result have been able enact some benefits listed below:
  • Reduction of Payment Delays
  • Increase of Revenue
  • Reduction of Overhead Costs
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
For more information, learn about Practice Management's FQHC billing services or check out the company on


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