Tuesday, March 10, 2015

College Grad Creates Custom Neon Tank Top Business

A Baton Rouge University alumni took a relatively simple idea in customizing neon tank tops and blew it out into a business that not only works, but thrives. The primary product offering of custom neon tank tops have turned out a line of apparel that will be enjoyed by any demographic under the sun.

The business is the The Neon South, and the creative brainchild behind the brain is Allen Carey. What Carey did was take an interest and skill in graphic design, and created a new life for himself by developing a business model is designing custom tank tops and neon apparel. While The Neon South has been predominantly targeted to college-age individuals and groups, like sororities and fraternities, Carey has greater plans to take his business to the next level.

Baton Rouge is a Fan

The young entrepreneur said that one of the biggest assets that he sees for The Neon South will be the business of apartment complexes, who will be seeking his shirts for advertising and such. Apparently, there are quite a few of these complexes throughout the Baton Rouge area, whom are highly interested in his company’s hip custom tank tops on the web.

He began selling his t-shirts to his fraternity during his school days. It was that experience and confidence that propelled him into shadowing for various apparel companies, which enabled him a really good view on the business side of things.

An item of interest that Carey had noticed is the fact that his fraternity had more of a keen eye towards the designs which were produced by him, as opposed to the ones that were being created by the t-shirt companies.

The Company Broadens

When the company started, he began selling pre-set designs and before he knew it he had people requesting customized designs, which became super popular in a hurry. The company now sells varied products, which range in unique styles for both men and women.

Carey’s ultimate goal is to make a quality product that people will instantly fall in love with. He noted that the Caribbean, Canada and even Europe have begun an interest in The Neon South and with those type of prospects, he can expect to be seeing quite a nice income.

Carey said that in order for the company to stay atop of such a competitive business they need to always be aware of the changing trends and the perpetually transiting fashion concepts that stave off business failure.

Limitless Potential

Right now Allen Carey has a right to be feeling on top of the world. His custom neon tank tops business is rocking and he has an obvious limitless amount of potential that shows no sign of losing steam. That is what it is all about.