Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Among the Top Discount Luggage Stores in NYC, and Online

Whether you're looking for discount luggage online or seeking the best luggage store in New York City, there's one business that defines epic entrepreneurship on many different levels.

That business is Lexington Luggage, for the last 33 years the company has evolved from a small luggage store in NYC to a reputable source for discount luggage sets on the Internet via its online shopping website.

Since 1978, Lexington Luggage has grown from a family business to an online luggage provider that offers some of the best brands in the luggage market. And what has helped this business succeed over the years is its incredible prices on discount luggage set and travel gear, as well as their expanse of inventory.

Shortly after the onset of online shopping, the owners of the store established, not only to foster their profits and reach for new market, but to ensure that customers had an easy resource to buy online. Any product associated with traveling, such as wallets, backpacks, duffel bags, briefcases and laptop bags, are featured Lexington Luggage.

For name brand discounted luggage bags and sets, Lexington Luggage retail luggage store in New York, NY offers it all. If visiting the retail luggage store in NYC is not an option, you can browse their inventory of discount luggage sets by going to their online store at you will find trendiest luggage and sets such as the Travel Pro Platinum 7 Deluxe Tote Bag and Briggs & Riley BRX Express Toiletry Kit among others. Also, check their wide range of Samsonite luggage sets which are currently reigning the Luggage industry.

If you want to get a durable high-quality laptop bag or a briefcase cheap, then Lexington Luggage meets your desires. Looking and inspecting their wide variety, leaves you undecided on which luggage bag to buy. You might even end up basing your choice on color. Some of these discounted bags include the TravelPro Checkpoint Friendly Computer Brief, A.Saks Ballistic Nylon Expandable Organizer Briefcase among other executive bags.

Before you commence to explore the world, visit the Lexington Luggage store in New York or the website at for the best travel accessories. Whether you are conducting a business trip or a personal trip, things such as electrical converters, pack-it sacks, umbrellas, luggage carts, travel 3.oz bottles, money belts and shoulder pads comes in handy in their inventory.

You cannot miss your lovely type of duffle bag at Lexington Luggage. The most celebrated brands such as Korchmar duffle bags are a characteristic of what you could find in their stores. Baseline, BRX and Helium duffle bags are also available. With Lexington Luggage, you can get your desired quality, material and color.

Probably, you would like to have a durable quality backpack at a great price. You will not only find different sizes, colors, but also different designs of these bags. Backpacks like the Ballistic Backpack and others are offered at a discount of 50%. Visit for the best backpack.

At Lexington Luggage, you can find various types of wallets, card cases and passports, which come with classy designs, and numerous colors. These discounted high quality brands are only available at discounted prices and you can find all sorts of them that suits men and women. You can also find unprecedented messenger bags of your choice at their premises and online stores.

Aside from offering high quality luggage sets and travel gear, Lexington Luggage also provides for exclusive repairs on most travel bags. In addition to luggage repair services, they also provide exceptional customer service on all orders, both online and in their retail luggage store in NYC. For online orders, they are usually able to process orders on the same day, as well as immediately provide tracking information so customers can track the shipment progress of their luggage order.

Nowadays, almost everyone likes to be trendy, especially while traveling. Your luggage bag and your other travel packages should match your trendiest outfit. You can get high quality luggage and sets, travel accessories among other things from Lexington Luggage in New York. Lexington Luggage boasts an impressive display of entrepreneurship both online and in local New York luggage market.

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