Monday, February 17, 2014

Tips for Pinpointing a SEO-friendly Web Designer in Peoria, IL

There are many advantages to working with SEO-friendly web designers in Peoria. You know, experienced web designers who not only have skillsets in SEO and optimized back-end coding, but also web designers who are passionate in helping local businesses in Peoria, IL.

Balancing both SEO and website design can be a daunting task, and acquiring the strategic skills of a SEO guru paired with the creative skills of a web designer can tough to come by. In this article, we highlight the primary attributes that define SEO-friendly web designers and how your Peoria-based business can go about recruiting the right professional.

Choosing the Right Web Designer in Peoria, IL

There are two primary factors that you will want consider when you are choosing a website designer. The first is can the individual piece together an attractive website? The second is can they develop a site that is SEO-friendly site?

The Competitive Advantage of an SEO-friendly Website

When interviewing potential web designers in Peoria to create your site, take a look at their portfolio. In addition to how the designs look, stack up your target audience with some the concepts provided. Are they structurally cleaning and easy to use websites? Does the front-end design look clean and professional? Does the designer use a wide range of design elements (such as mutli-column page concepts and navigations,) or are the designs pretty cut and dry?

You can also try searching primary keywords (found in the HTML's Meta Title tag) to see how well the website ranks in the search results. If the site is near the top, it's evident that the web designer is indeed very adept in SEO.

It is also important to learn whether or not your potential web designer is adept at conversion optimization. Are they familiar with which colors induce certain reactions in users? Are they familiar with eye tracking research and best practices of using certain design elements? These small details can go a long way in the conversion potential of your website.

Keys to Developing a SEO-Friendly Website

These is a critical consideration that you will want to drill down deeply in regards to your Peoria web designer’s skill-sets. Below we outline a few major warning signs to keep in mind during your search:

Poor internal linking: Most websites will optimize the homepage for primary keyword targets, where the internal pages are optimized for more specific long-tail keywords, such as for products and services. The internal pages are often what rank highly in the search results. To maximize the rankings potential for these key internal pages, they must be well linked to be found by search engine spiders. Not only must they be clearly linked, but the links should include keyword optimized anchor text to get the greatest impact for search engine optimization.

Tons of code: Most talented designers should be well-versed in CSS and should be implementing all of the main formatting of the website into this type of file. Too much code, often in the form of color, font, and other styling tags, can overwhelm the page with code (and not enough parse-able content.) This makes it more difficult for search engine spiders to dig through page to find what's truly important - keyword optimized content.

Overly optimized webpages: Often times it is the self-proclaimed web design and SEO experts that think their pages are optimized, when really they are completely over-optimized. Keyword stuffing the headers, meta tags, and copy might have worked in 1999, but the best practices of on-site SEO have changed. It is pretty obvious when you come across a page that has been over-optimized. Poke around the sites of the web designer's portfolio of sites and see what you find.

Takeaway Points

A Peoria web designer who is well adept in SEO is a rare breed. Even if you do find a website designer who can also provide SEO, the price for one's services may be a premium. One solution is pinpointed small businesses or a niche team of website specialists who can handle these services cohesively.

For instance, OIC Group web design in Peoria, IL is small company that offers both custom web design and SEO services. In short, they are a tight team of web design and search marketing experts than can meet a wide range of website needs. Additionally, their Internet marketing team offers expertise in website optimization, conversion optimization, local and ecommerce SEO. Rather than seeking link building services, SEO copywriting, and SEO-friendly web design from separate providers, companies like OIC Group, Inc. can bundle these types of services together.

You can contact OIC Group's Peoria web design branch at (309) 680-5600 or visiting the website OIC Group, Inc..

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