Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Investing in Truck Scales for Sale? What You Need to Know

Truck Scales for SaleIf you're in the transport, mining, logistic, or a related industry, then you're most likely aware that a truck scale is a vital investment. When thinking about investing in used or new truck scales for sale, quality information and buying insights can be invaluable to ensure that the truck scale you purchase offers great return on your investment.

Scale Length & Width

Truck scales are made in a number of widths and standard lengths. Some truck scales for sale, like those by Walz Scale, can also be custom made to the client's desired size for extra cost. Make sure that the truck scale you buy can accommodate the vehicles' wheelbase that you will be weighing.

Room For Movement

It’s vital to put into consideration the turning circle of the longest vehicle that will make use of your truck scale. A huge amount of space is required for ease of movement for the trucks. Ensure that you consider if there is enough driving space if more than one truck is in the surrounding of the scale.

Truck Scale Location 
Truck Scale Location

The weighing site(s) of your business can help narrow-down the type of truck scale is ideal for your location. Above-ground and in-ground truck scales need specific forms of location requirements, let alone the fact that most of these systems are fixed and cannot be moved. Above-ground truck scales do not need a pit foundation, because they are placed on top of level ground.

However, in ground truck scales, after installation, are level with the surrounding ground but do need a foundation of pit type concrete. In ground truck scales are great for businesses with limited room since there is no “approach” needed. “Approach” is the driving space length required for the trucks to drive to the truck scale in place to be weighed.

A Site Survey is Crucial

Carrying out a site survey assists you determine what aspect of your site can be ideally utilized for overhead or underground services. Handling with the presence of sewage, water, gas, and so on. May add to the expenses of the project, however, proximity to these services can as well reduce the costs for your project. To best make use of your site, get in touch with your scale service provider before you decide to break ground.

Building Permits

In-ground truck scale concrete as well as steel pit foundations will need a building permit; however, installations of above-ground truck scales may not need a building permit. You can check the requirements with the local planning department in your area.

Safety Considerations 
Portable Truck Scale

All equipment and heavy-duty vehicles have the potential for accidents; therefore safety is often a consideration when placing a truck scale. Make sure the truck scale is out of vehicle traffic paths and pedestrian. Also ensure the scale area is marked clearly. Both of these factors assist to prevent accidents and help to keep your customers and staff safe. Also, poor traction can be a safety thing if the ramps are also steep for the trucks..

Appropriate Maintenance

All weighing equipment needs preventative maintenance to really optimize its functionality and performance. It’s not just important to invest in the right truck scale, but to invest in a regular maintenance scheme also. Your scale service provider can give a regular preventative maintenance scheme tailored to your requirements.