Friday, October 9, 2015

Walz Expands Into Mailing & Labeling System Solutions

Walz Label and Mailing Systems is a reputable company that was established in 1966 by Fred Walz and Patricia Walz as a family owned business automation company. The headquarters of Walz Label ( is located in central Illinois and the business offers several branches all throughout the state.

Walz Label and Mailing Systems offers automation solution for businesses so as to meet the needs of them. Growth is a must for great companies, and as technology changes, companies need to improve their internal equipment and resource in order to provide a sufficient level of solutions.

To help companies adapt the the changing technology in mailing, labeling, packaging, and shipping, Walz has expanded it business to include a mailing and a labeling division. Walz provides mailing system automation solutions for businesses all over the Midwest.

The company offers individually-tailored solutions to best suit an organization's specifications, budget, and support needs. Walz Label and Mailing Systems represents an independent dealer that stocks products from manufacturers that are world leading in the mailing systems industry.

Mailing Systems & Support Solutions

The new mailing system products and solutions that Walz has initiated focuses mainly on the products and solutions tailored for mailing operations ranging from small post offices to businesses. The labeling division of the company provides various products and supplies for data collection and identification. This division offers warehouse management options to pre-printed labels.

mailing systems

Both divisions of the company rely heavily o technologically advances mailing machines, postage meters, address printers, and various other products. There are jobs undertaken by Walz that require both divisions to work together. All the industry knowledge has to be incorporated in projects like those the demand the mailing systems of Walz.

Helping Clients Cut Costs & Allocate Resources

The dedication to client administration is dissimilar to anything that you have encountered anywhere else recently. While the vast majority of this entity's rivals use 800 numbers or outsource their call focus to offices over the globe. At Walz, you will be welcomed by a live individual, situated in one of our workplaces. Rather than cutting expenses connected with client administration, the put resources into their most imperative item.

In every business domain that specializes in labeling, production and packaging the need and search for advance machines and equipment is a must to make sure they can supply the best solution and production. Walz mailing machines and address printers don't just focus on parameters of technicality but also on the features of the machine like the multi-purpose feature.

Flexible Business Automation Solutions

The new divisions of Walz focus on implementing flexible and well designed, solutions for business communication at all times, both physically or digitally. This company will help to build, design and service the automation that handles the material solution to improve the capabilities of the customer and high returns on their investment. This will include apply and print, shipping, sorting, conveying weight checking dimensions, packaging and warehouse control equipment and also the IBOD that has changed the industry.

There are many remarkable benefits to acquiring Walz solutions. Some of these solutions include direct mail marketing and great customer support. Walz offers a professional mailing service that is sure to reach out client directly. The government postal service may not be able to make the necessary deliveries in the timely manner you desire. You will not be assured of the expected arrival times.

Learn more about the company by contacting them or visiting their address location at:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 877-971-1500

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