Wednesday, July 15, 2015

5 Trusted Suppliers of Truck Scales for Sale in the U.S.

When it comes to professional-grade, heavy-duty truck scales, having the proper type of weighing scale for the truck is essential, especially when profitability and legality are primary considerations.

 For logistics and transport companies, truck scales provide additional legal safety for the truck driver if an accident occurs, as well as making the driver aware of the weight. Equally as common are truck scales for industrial and agricultural use, such as mining truck scales, ag scales, and weighbridges. In short, there are a wide range truck scales, but only a select handful of trusted suppliers in the U.S.
When it comes to finding the best truck scales for sale, we've pinpointed the top suppliers in the industry: Cleral USA, Vulcan, Teltek USA, Precision, and Walz Scale. Below we go into detail about each of the reputable truck scale suppliers.

Cleral USA

Cleral USA provides quality on-board truck scales, with precision. These scales are located in the front and rear axles and presented on a square display in the cab. This display is a simple one: a calculator like screen with black letters and 7 buttons: tare, cycle, up, down, data, calibrate, and power. It typically takes about 4 hours to install.


Vulcan scales are rectangular with red LEDs for easy visibility and only 6 buttons: calibration, tare, cycle, up, down, and power/menu. This allows for easy use and measurement. It functions well, despite its 1980s rustic look. Best of all, it is made in America. See more at the official site of Vulcan.

Teltek USA 

Teltek USA provides quality scales with a vibrant red or blue, led display for easy reading. The negative aspect of this particular scale is that it can be difficult to read at first. On the display 33.5 is actually 33,500 lbs. Teltek is fairly unique in this aspect. Their round scale also portrays more style than the square counterparts.

Precision Scales, Inc. 

Precision Scales, Inc. also gauges the weight based upon the air in the suspension. The sensor is placed between the rear axles of the truck as well as the trailer. The data is then transmitted to the display in the cab. The display is very rectangular and consumes more space than some others. However, the display is in a red led, so it is very visible, but also has many complex buttons and functions as well. Find more at the website of Precision Scales, Inc.

Walz Scale 

Walz Scale displays can be mixed and matched between trucks and trailers without needing a calibration each time. The display has 16 numbers (0-9, zero, g/t/n, tare, acc, units, delete). The data is displayed with a dull black with a yellow backlight. But the display is a small rectangle, providing more space. Learn more about Walz Scale and their advanced truck scales and payload management systems.


When it comes to load weight management, choosing high quality, functioning truck scales without breaking the bank is important! Of all truck scales for sale, five set themselves apart.

Cleral USA, Vulcan, Teltek USA, Precision, and Walz Scale all provide quality scales with differing features, albeit mostly in terms of the design of the display: some are more condensed than others, while some have a more post-modern feel than the rest.

The displays vary in size, shape, and number of buttons. All of the brands listed are installed on the axles near the suspensions. And they all provide the necessary information. A truck driver who picks one of these will not go wrong!

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