Monday, February 2, 2015

Birmingham Coin & Jewelry: Top Gold Buyer Serving Bloomfield-Birmingham, MI

When you need a reputable gold buyer in the Bloomfield-Birmingham area of southeast Michigan, look no further than Birmingham Coin & Jewelry. Recognized as the local's choice among gold dealers in Bloomfield-Birmingham, MI, Birmingham Coin & Jewelry has served as the one of the top silver and gold coin dealers in Birmingham-Bloomfield Hills, Troy, Rochester, and Shelby Twp. areas for over 30 years.

The experts at Birmingham Coin & Jewelry take the guess work out of the gold selling process. For over 30 years, the Birmingham-Bloomfield Hills gold buyer has helped customer determine the purity, weight, and fair market value for their gold coins, jewelry, watches, and other precious gems.

A Briefing Before Selling Your Gold

While promises of top-dollar cash for gold, silver, jewelry, coins, and precious gems are everywhere, it's important not to settle with just any gold buyer. When the time comes to sell your gold and silver assets, it literally pay to be well-informed about how to consult a professional gold dealer.

There's no doubt that you want to get the highest market value when selling your gold and silver items, however you need to be realistic about such transactions and what determines market prices. Finding an independent gold buyer is not difficult, but getting fair prices from your transaction takes time, research, and planning. Before you sell your gold coins, jewelry, watches, and other assets, know what exactly what it is that you have, know what it’s worth, and what to expect during the appraisal and weighing process.

What to Expect With Birmingham Coin's Gold Buyers

Before visiting Birmingham Coin & Jewelry's store located in Birmingham, MI, there are few things that you should know about your gold assets. The first consideration is whether or not your silver or gold items are heavily worn. If so, the gold might only be worth what the current melt-down value.

The second consideration is the form of the item, such as piece of jewelry or a coin. If you're selling gold coins, the experts at Birmingham Coin & Jewelry can look-up the gold coin and provide you the current numismatic value, which is based on market trends.

The third consideration is dependent on whether you gold is in jewelry form. In the case that the jewelry is from a famous designer, Birmingham Coin & Jewelry can determine a fair market price for the gold jewelry and make you an offer. If jewelry is broken beyond repair, often times the item will need to be weighed and only the melt-down price can be offered.

In addition to selling your gold and silver items, if you're interested in buying gold to broaden your investment portfolio, Birmingham Coin & Jewelry can help. The Birmingham gold dealer can supply you with world coins and bullion at a moments notice.

To learn more about southeast Michigan's top gold dealer, contact the phone or address information below:

Birmingham Coin & Jewelry
33802 Woodward Ave
Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone : (248) 642-1234

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