Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Epic Entrepreneurs of Morton, IL

When it comes to economic development in Morton, IL, there's no shortage of epic entrepreneurs.

Morton, IL is a city that preserves a "homey" small town feeling, however the modern day renovations give way to a more innovative and progressive community. Since its foundation in the 1830’s, Morton has maintained a conservative vibe, and yet a growing economy. The Irish, Swiss, and German inhabitants who settled in Morton are well known for their entrepreneurial spirit and economic stability. And today, the town is famous today for several notable companies that have established there throughout history.

Before the settlement of the town, Morton started as a swamp. However, this swampy land has developed fast and the swamps were replaced with extreme fertile land. By the 1860's Morton several successful businesses already brought to town a well developed economy. Among them were grain elevators, a blacksmith, a tile factory, hotels, drug and grocery stores. In 1872 was built Illinois Midland Railroad in order to connect Morton to Peoria. In 1885 the Conibear Drug store housed the very first telephone in Morton.

The fertile land in Morton, along with the advances in technology and the growth of industrialization set a foundation on that the town will grow on and live by for the centuries to come. The first settlers in town have been utilizing the fertile soil for farming. Since then, many industries in Morton started developing quickly, bringing success and economical growth.

Today Morton is not a big town, but it is the center of many companies and industries, preserving its small town’s charm. The location of Morton has served it well throughout history and its unique placement and easy metropolitan access makes it today an economic hot spot for business development.

Morton is famous as being home to “Libby’s Pumpkin cannery”. From its massive Nestle USA food plant and Libby's Pumpkin, today Morton is known as the "Pumpkin Capital of the World." More than 80% of the world’s pumpkin production is processed at Libby's, making it the largest output of pumpkin production in the world. In order to display their pride, the inhabitants of Morton organize each year the four day Pumpkin Festival, which attracts up to 100,000 people.

Morton is also home to the International Parts Distribution Center of the Caterpillar corporation, a reputable manufacturer of heavy duty earth-moving equipment. For more than 85 years, the company has contributed with their heavy equipment to the progress and sustainable change for many countries from every continent. Caterpillar Inc. has its main office in Morton.

Besides being home to Caterpillar and the town’s pumpkin heritage, Morton also has a strong history of pottery. Its beginnings can be traced back to the late 1870’s, when the Rapp Brick and Tiles Work business was launched. The company produced drainage tools for the swampy area. The sister company, named Rapp Brothers Pottery Works has lasted to the modern days and it is still in operation today. They started by producing utensils, bowls, and dishware and today they are famous for their pottery pieces, such as the pumpkin collectible pottery.

American Tire Distributors is another notable company present in town. They are distributors of private labels, major brands, and discount brands of tires, tire service equipment, and wheels. American Tire Distributors has invested 6 million dollars in a new distribution center on a surface of 120,000 square foot, locator on Erie Street in Morton. The new facility will generate 40 new jobs in town and contribute to the further economic development of the region.

Among the construction projects they worked on we can mention the 74,000 square foot school facility in Las Vegas, John F. Miller School. Another remarkable presence in Morton is the first U.S. headquarters for a large Chinese company, Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery Co. Ltd. They have purchased a 50,000-square-foot facility on Commerce Drive in order to establish their U.S. base subsidiary, called Yinlun USA Inc.

This choice proves once again the great economic potential of the town. The Chinese corporation has chose Morton for its strategically located world-class facility based on town’s location and development potential. The new facility has created around 100 engineering jobs in research and development in Morton.

Lastly among the notable businesses in Morton, IL, CORE Construction is a family owned company with a history of more than 70 years. CORE Construction participates to construction projects across the country since the year 1937. The construction company based in Morton has gained a good reputation on the market due to its high level of professionalism, quality works, innovation, integrity, commitment, and experience.

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