Monday, May 5, 2014

Companies Seek New Solutions as Windows XP Drops Security Support

After 12 years running, Windows XP has put an end to all support. That means no more security updates, online technical support, and non-security hotfixes. As a result, any vulnerabilities and security risks will not be addressed by Microsoft.

Millions businesses and consumers are still using the XP operating system, and consequently, these users are exposed to great risks that will only grow as time goes on.

With respect to the potential risks, current users of Windows XP are recommended to upgrade to newer operating systems. For many businesses, the computers themselves may not be worth upgrading, and many companies are opting to invest in new technology to support their operations.

Here's the kicker that compounds the situation - If businesses are not aware of the risks of improper computer disposal, they could further expose themselves to breaches and information theft.

So in addition to mitigating the risks of an unsupported operating system, proper computer disposal must also be taken into consideration.

If you're an Epic Entrepreneur who's thinking about making such moves with your technology, we suggest you educate yourself about proper hard drive desctruction. Such measures will help protect your business in the long run.

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