Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Google Local 3-Pack SEO & the Role of Citations

When it comes to local SEO, ranking in the Google 3-pack is the prized placement for local business. To underscore the value and importance of Google local 3-pack SEO, here's an example:

Google Local 3-Pack SEO
Let's say you are looking for a plastic surgeon in your area; a quick search turns up 23 plastic surgeons in your search radius. With 23 options, are you really going to drill down on each listing and research each individual plastic surgeon? This is the intention behind Google's new local 3-pack.

Google displaying the "top 3" companies associated with 'pins' on a map, in direct geographical proximity to the user, has really caused a stir in the cyber world. Of course the top 3 will vary depending on the user and their location, but it still puts the pinch on businesses to rethink their local SEO strategy. Below we offer insights on how to embrace Google 3-Pack SEO and how citations have a pivotal role in this area of search engine optimization for surgeons and other local businesses.
local search engine optimization for surgeons

Local SEO Ranking Factors & Citations

Considering Google will decide which businesses go into the 3-pack based on many ranking factors like domain authority, reviews, and geographic proximity, there are somethings that are controllable and actionable for local 3-pack SEO. This is where citations come into play. A citation is simply a reference to your business online. It can be a full citation which lists all of your business information, or a partial citation which only lists the basics.
Local SEO Ranking Factors & Citations

A full citation is desirable as it lists your company name, address, web address and phone number. This will not only make you more visible but makes you easier to find than limited information. A partial citation will only list perhaps your name and web address or name and phone number. Keep this in mind when placing citations. People do not want to do the work to look you up if another business beside you is fully listed with all the pertinent information.

Building Citations for Google Local 3-Pack SEO

Google will search for any mentions of your business name and information. If you have several mentions, such as in blogs, reviews, social media and yellow pages, Google then compares you to other like businesses in your area to find the top ranking, thereby completing the 3-pack.

If you are average with others, you will then land on the secondary, more choices page. But when it comes to local SEO, the most important thing of all to remember in your citations is consistency. In order to remain competitive, ALL your info has to be exact across the board to verify that you are even a legitimate business. This means you have to be vigilant. If, for instance, your phone number changes, visit every single place you may have a citation. Be it a partial citation or a full citation, make certain the updated information is correct in every possible area.

Citations are more important than ever before in promoting awareness of your business and improving your chances of landing in Google's "Snack Pack." Some companies hire a person just for the task of increasing their online presence. If you explore every avenue and put in the effort, you can start getting your name out there. Remember, With more citations comes more consideration from Google for the coveted local 3- pack.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

German Bliss Launches Parts Division for Woods Mowers & Equipment

German Bliss is an emerging on the web as one of the top Woods  equipment parts dealers. Offering a wide range of Woods replacement parts for mowers and equipment, German Bliss is quickly making a name for its comprehensive inventory of Woods parts online.
Woods equipment parts division

Whether in need of Woods parts for CWB mowers, Woods Mow'n Machine, Woods backhoes, Turf Batwing rotary cutters, and others, the online parts store of German Bliss has just unveiled a new complete (and continuously growing) division for Woods equipment parts online.

Shop Woods Equipment Parts With Confidence

woods-parts-assemblyThe new division for Woods mower parts at German Bliss provides a wide range of Woods mower parts that meets your required specifications, as clear PDF parts manuals are shown with the part itself. When it comes to popular models and bulk purchases, German Bliss is your one-stop online destination for dependable Woods Mow'n machine parts.

The company provides a broad range of Woods Mow'n Machine parts along with parts diagrams to ensure you to make the right selection when making purchases. The company strives to be among the undisputed parts experts for mowers, earthmoving equipment, and other machines.

Supporting a Premium Name in Land Clearing & Earthmoving

Woods equipment is one of the most premium names in land clearing and earthmoving machines. Woods Turf Batwing rotary cutters have been designed for operations even on the extremes of the real world use. Whether mowing pastures or cutting grass, Woods has the best rotary cutters that suit a wide range of needs.

Woods mower partsWoods provides a great variety of the rotary cutter models and parts to fit your financial capability. The top Woods Batwing rotary cutters include: Woods MD315Q-5 SN 5000 & Up Rotary Cutter, Woods HD315Q-5 Batwing Rotary Cutter, Woods HD210R-5 Batwing Rotary Cutter, and Woods D210R-2 Batwing Rotary Cutter among others.

Comprehensive Selection of Woods Mower Parts

In addition to Woods mower parts for finish mowers and rotary cutters, German Bliss also provides replacement parts for 18 models of Commercial Walker Behind (CWB) mowers. These mowers feature a twin loop and a pistol grip as in the case of hydrostatic mowers and the gear models, plus pistol grip controls are provided. For the best cut in all conditions and seasons each of the model of CWB mower is characterized by a 7-gauge fabricated floating decks for optimized performance.

Woods CWB parts available at German Bliss are for the: Woods CM52DHE, Woods CM48BD (2/92), Woods CM52DHE, among others. The Woods mower parts from German Bliss are designed for maximum durability, quality, and best performance.
woods parts

German Bliss is proud to represent one of the most dependable dealers of Woods equipment parts. The demand for quality replacements, particularly for premium equipment and mowers like Woods, is high; however, the supply for specialized and highly-specific Woods parts is limited. Visit for more information.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Services of Practice Management

Financial challenges in any organization is a sensitive matter. This is why outsourcing certain financial matters is a common practice for many businesses, particularly health and medical clinics like FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers).
FQHC Billing Services of Practice Management

Practice Management is one such company that is commonly sourced for specialized medical billing and coding services. In the health care practice, these comprehensive medical billing solutions come very handy to bring cohesive billing strategies, systems and resources, and experienced expertise in the art of FQHC billing and coding.

Technology Driven FQHC Billing Solutions

FQHC Billing Solutions
To start with, Practice Management is very organized and secure in the handling of client information, their insurance details, as well as all the relevant data before the final billing. They offer highly specialized FQHC billing services that leverage some of the industry's most advanced software and electronic billing systems available.

The medical billing software used has been specially formulated to look into the specific needs of a medical field. The features are very helpful in this field which makes the final billing easier. The number of visits are clearly indicated as well as the charge on each visit. One can obviously track their expenses and ask for clarifications if the need arises. The clients experience in the medical environment has been improved to save on time and to serve many customers.

Advanced & Secure Billing Services

The revenue collected is maximized through the reduction of related costs. The health center does not need to pay for the software installation or the maintenance costs associated to it. What is billed is an agreed percentage of the revenue collected. The staffs number that works directly in feeding data into the system as well as coding is greatly minimized.

Practice Management employs a team of highly specialized FQHC billing experts who not only have the relevant qualifications, but are experts at what they do. They work together to ensure accuracy and a smooth flow to the claim fulfillment stage.

Moreover, the level of technological know how that has been embraced by Practice Management is one that looks into the future. There are new born babies every single day. The system is able to accommodate many clients and protect their information. This is a feature that typical service programs do not have. Embracing the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) billing services of Practice Management is an investment whose returns you will reap for many more years.

Secure Billing ServicesFQHC Billers With Decades of Experience

The medical billing practice also has to look into the level of experience of the service providers. The higher the years of experiences, the sharper they have grow because of the numerous challenges experienced in the past. One does not need trials of an experiment done to their practice because of the technicalities and possible disappointment of patients.

When it comes to medical billing, particularly health center billing services for FQHCs, Practice Management has been in operation for many years now and their record is impressive. Working with them enables the doctor and nurses to concentrate on other serious and pressing issues and that is the service accorded to clients. After all, a happy customer is a good client. They will encourage others to visit your practice for specialized attention. This will not only contribute to a healthy nation through its future generation, it is also good for business.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Shopping for Postage Meters for Sale? Start Here

Postage Meters for SalePostage meters are highly regulated products that are licensed by the United States Postal Services (USPS). For that reason, only selected manufacturers and suppliers have the mandate to supply postage meters and related mailing machines.

The features of today's most advanced postage meters include larger mail dimensions, quick processing speeds, and an increased weighing platform. If you're shopping for postage meters of sale, then below are a couple leading manufacturers you can trust for quality products, as well as where to find them for sale.

Pitney Bowes Postage Meters Pitney Bowes' Postage Meters 

Pitney Bowes has multiple mailing solutions that suit businesses of all sizes. The first commercial postage meter was produced by the company over nine decades ago. Since then, Pitney Bowes has been a key player in postage meters. Its machines are categorized into three including medium, low and high volumes.

The smallest machine here is the Mailstation 2 that processes 18 letters every minute. This machine is designed for businesses that register at least 100 letters per month. Medium volume range at Pitney Bowes includes the DM575 and Connect+ that process 65 to 180 letters monthly. The two of them are accompanied by additional features that can be employed to enhance professional marketing to business mail.
Pitney Bowes Postage Meter for Sale

The high volume begins with the Connect+ 2000 that processes at least 180 letters every hour. The other is the DM infinity that processes at least 350 letters per minute. For the Bowes Pitney postage meters, prices can range, however, that will depend on the postage meter model that's chosen.

Neopost Postage Meters Neopost's Postage Meters 

This is a very popular international postage meter supplier. It is fully geared with high-tech machines meaning all types of businesses have a brand to consider. Neopost offers a wide range of brands beginning with the IJ-25. This brand prints 20 letters per minute and stores eight marketing messages. The highest end of the scale is the IJ-15k that processes 15,000 mail units each hour.

Neopost postage meters showcase innovative technology including ink cartridge units that are changed without hindering the flow of mails. It also comes with mini indicia print mark that minimizes the consumption of ink. Neopost compliments your postage meter by offering inserters, letter folders, and addressing equipment that improve your postage efficiency. Your retail process depends on the machine you need. However, the prices range between $20 and $1000 per month, depending on the model and useage.
Neopost Postage Meter for Sale

Where to Find These Postage Meters for Sale?

When it comes to finding Pitney Bowes postage meters and Neopost postage meters for sale, the best supplier we suggest is Walz Label & Mailing Systems. Walz is an Illinois-based supplier of mailing machines that works with companies all over the U.S. to help source their postage meters and related technology needs.
Walz Label & Mailing Systems

Walz offers business automation solutions that meet the unique needs of each business. It is also a supplier of the best mailing machines, postage meters supplies, consumables, and business mailroom equipment. The postage meters offered here will save you time and money by making the mailing process efficient.

Walz Label & Mailing Systems offers a wide collection of ink cartridges and meter ink that are ordered from trusted manufacturers. High-quality meter tapes are also supplied. The machines you get here include the Accufast FT Tabbing Machine that tabs up to 16, 000 papers hourly, the Formax FD-314 folder machine, the Secap SA-3100 Address printer that addresses up to 10,000 papers, and the Rena image Cs that is low cost but is a high productivity printer.

With postage meters to support your business' mailing needs, you are exposed to many benefits. You can save time by not buying stamps, top up your postage any time, minimize the risk of incorrect postage, update postage online automatically, and finally; your staff can use that time to deliver efficiently.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Facet Tech Now Provides Web Design in Peoria, IL

Facet Tech, one of Illinois' leading companies for technology and business computer systems, has unveiled a new branch to provide web design in Peoria, IL. The new branch is called Facet Web Tech and it seeks to offer custom website development, software development, and other specialized digital solutions for companies throughout the Peoria Area.
 Facet Web Tech

Staffing some Peoria's top graphic illustrators, web designers, software programmers, and website developers, Facet Web Tech delivers full-service web presence solutions. Partnering with other Peoria area companies for SEO, Internet marketing, and specialized branding solutions, Facet Web Tech seeks to become the next top web design company in Peoria, IL.

The Story Behind Facet Web Tech

Facet Web Tech is the newest division of Facet Technologies, is IT-focused company that has served the growing technology needs of Illinois' businesses for over two decades. The founder and owner of Facet Tech, Brian Ford, started the company from his basement. He quickly became the area's trusted technology specialists and developed a substantial customer base as a result.

While experiencing significant growth and expansion, Ford opened Facet Technologies, Inc. in Pekin. Shortly after, he acquired all Nerds on Call operations (a brand centric to computers and repair services.) He then opened Nerds on Call stores in Peoria, Normal, Farmington and Peru, IL. Facet Tech quickly emerged as one of the top IT companies in Illinois, continually evolving its team and offering outstanding support and service to Peoria area customers and beyond.
Website Design Peoria Illinois

In late 2015, Facet Tech expanded to provide website development, custom software development, and other specialized digital services through it's new branch Facet Web Tech. The company offers services ranging from business website re-designs and upgrading in-house software programs to creating new and comprehensive web-based solutions.

The company culture at Facet Web Tech is non-corporate and neighborly-oriented with a specific focus on accuracy, quality, capability, and customer service. These cornerstones have contributed to the rapid growth behind Facet Web Tech's website design solutions. Recently, the company has experienced even greater growth with large businesses, corporations, organizations and professional entities signing contracts for either web development or software development projects.

Learn more about this new Peoria web design company by contacting:

Facet Web Tech
2103 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554
(309) 353-4727

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

4 Full-Service 3PL Companies in Florida

3PL Companies in Florida Third party logistic companies (3PLs) play a critical role in the management of their clients' supply chain and product distribution. 3PL companies are an effective solution to reduce operational costs and allow a business to focus on their core competencies.

Outsourcing a company’s logistic operations to a 3PL also, increase access to world-class resources, services, processes and technologies. By sharing resources, a company also increases their economies of scale. By having a company’s resources managed efficiently and according to the fast-paced advancing technology. Selecting the right 3PL company is the best step a company can take in enhancing the management of a company’s resources. Here are the four value-driven, full-service 3PL companies in Florida.

1. United Facilities, Inc.

United Facilities provides professional 3PL services and systems geared towards meeting the demanding logistic needs of various businesses. With their ability to keep greater attention to details from their clients, United Facilities have remained on the frontline in providing a vast range of logistics services right from kitting to final-stage packaging. United Facilities serves as both a Florida 3PL warehouse company and a regional distribution center.
United Facilities 3PL Company Florida

In fact, the 3PL company has 12 food grade distribution centers all strategically located in various parts of US from logistics warehouses in Florida to distribution centers and logistics warehouses in California. United Facilities also has two locations in Florida and Orlando that all add convenience to supply and transportation services.

Additionally, United Facilities has integrated various shipment spots to ease shipment of customer orders. This has made them a pioneer company in outsourcing logistics partner for different companies. They also have raw materials handling, and PC networked systems among other innovative features all meant to enhance their operations.

2. Americold Logistics Company

Americold 3PL Company Florida
Americold is another globally known 3PL Company based in Atlanta. It is well known for providing temperature-controlled warehousing and unrivaled transport solutions. Americold pride to own and operate 182 temperature-controlled warehouses in different parts of the United States, some in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, and Argentina.

Americold Logistics Company offers a full-range of cost-efficient logistic services in transportation, consolidation programs, multi-vendor, and shipment management. They also have industry-leading i-3PL technology that helps provide real-time information through the internet hence keeping inventories wholesome.

3. Star Distribution Systems

Star Distribution 3PL Company Florida
Star Distribution Systems is a forward-thinking 3PL company that offers premium-quality services. They have a wealth of experience and have been operating since 1931. They have a central distribution center that distributes goods to any location in Florida.

Star Distribution Systems guarantees next-day delivery services, and this is what has made them a reputable in the logistics industry. They provide a full range of services including consolidate LTL transportation, cross-docking, state-of-the-art warehousing, and pool distribution among others. Star is always relentless in providing 100% customer satisfaction.

4. APL Logistics Company

APL Logistics 3PL Company Florida
For a business to remain on the right path to success in the current challenging marketplace, it is essential for it to work in close collaboration with the right logistics partner. APL Logistics is a renowned designer and operator of global supply chains that works in delivering products to any place businesses need.

APL Logistics Company provides shipment consolidation and deconsolidation, customs and global freight forward management, IT solutions and much more. They also have 20 million square feet of warehouse space that aid in serving clients’ storage needs. What makes APL unique is their end-end innovative data connectivity that enhances greater viability and chain supply control.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Comprehensive Security Systems & Surveillane Products by Seico of Peoria, IL

Are you looking for the best security system for your home or business? Do you need dependable surveillance products and monitoring services for your property?
Seico Security Systems of Peoria, Illinois

Seico Security of Peoria, Illinois is well-known as the number one choice in the Midwest for comprehensive security system solutions, including cutting-edge surveillance systems and security systems for businesses, banks, and financial institutions.

A Trusted Leader for Security Systems in Peoria, IL

Since 1972, Seico Security has been offering protection to homes, residential communities, industrial, commercial as well as financial businesses. Due to its many years of experience, this Peoria security system company knows exactly what its clients need – whether it’s CCTV surveillance, access to control systems or monitoring equipment, Seico has got your back.

Home Security Systems

Home Security SystemsUnlike other security systems, home security systems are not very complicated. Seico field technicians, who are highly skilled, can customize your home security system in such a way that it meets your needs. This way you will be able to decide how much protection you need. By working with Seico, you will be able to:
  • Choose which sensors you want installed in your home.
  • Know which areas of your property or home need special security.
  • Program the security system based on what your family or daily routine needs.
The best thing about working with Seico is that you will get to interact with the experts directly. There are also integrated security systems for homes present in Peoria area. These systems are customizable hence can fit any house regardless of its size. They vary from basic security alarms to wireless home security systems.

Financial Security Systems 
 Bank Safes & Vaults

Seico Security if your one-stop shop for any financial or bank security systems. Whether you are looking for drive-up systems, audio systems, vault doors, alarm monitoring or fire alarms, you will find a wealth of financial security systems available. The company is also well-known for drilling safe deposit locks, installing modular vaults and more. Here are Seico’s best financial security equipment:

Bank Safes & Vaults
Here, you will find a number of bank vaults and safes you may need. You can choose from customer or standard UL rated safes to teller receivers (mule). Among the bank vault technology available at Seico, you can find some of the best products available on the market. There is also a section for full interiors such as teller drawer storage, night depositories and cash lockers. Clients are allowed to choose their preferred color for free.

ATM Security Systems
ATM Security Systems BanksSeico is able to secure ATM machines with hold-up and intrusion systems which protect not only the carries but also your ATM assets. There are also digital video security systems for banks which record all transactions.

Data Capture with Video
Video and data integration feature allows you to link recorded videos with transaction details. This helps in solving disputes, eliminating fraud, abiding with banking regulations and delivering the best customer services.

License Plate Cameras
These systems are ideal for drive-up transactions which include credit unions and large financial institutes.

Under-Counter Cabinetry
When it comes to under-counter cabinetry, Korden and Fenco are the best. They are well-designed and very durable. You can also choose the color that blends in with your counter.

Audio & Video Systems
financial security systemsWalk-up and drive-up audio systems models are always available for clients. In addition, Seico offers spare parts for making repairs on such systems.

Seico Security offers the best equipment and services necessary to protect your home or business. Therefore, if you are in Peoria or central Illinois, you should give Seico a call. Or visit their address location at:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

Friday, March 4, 2016

3 Industry-Trusted Sources of Portable Truck Scales

There are several companies that provide portable truck scales for various applications, such as mining, farming, and other industrial operations. However, it is wise to buy (or rent) a portable truck scale from a reputable supplier with a track record for success in the industry.

As a result, it is essential to find trusted information about the company in question before investing in any weighing solution with such a price tag. Make sure that the truck scale supplier you have chosen deals only with high quality systems with proper calibration support services. This is because most of these truck scales cost a fortune, in addition to only working when properly calibrated for accuracy and ongoing reliability.
Portable Truck Scales
With hundreds of truck scale companies in the United States and across the globe, finding the industry-leading suppliers is never an easy search. To help narrow your search, here is a brief review of three top sources of portable truck scales.

Walz Scale

In the united States, Walz Scale is one of the best truck scale manufacturers that provides the some of the industry leading truck scales and advanced weighing systems. In addition, the company offers a complete line of accurate and dependable portable truck scales, including weigh-in-motion portable truck scales. 
Walz Scale Portable Truck Scales

Walz Scale's weighing products offer rugged designs, high-end interface alternatives, and sophisticated technology on the market. The company was established to supply mining companies and farmers with various truck scales and other weighing options for warehousing, logistics, and industrial applications.

Apart from truck scales, Walz Scale provides farmers with payload management solutions like load scanner technology and truck scale software for data analysis as well as management .

Payload Pros

Payload Pros is a solid company that focuses on provision of portable scale solutions for use in mining, construction and recycling industries. Its weighing solutions are designed to provide efficient, affordable and convenient means of performing a wide range of weighing operations.

Payload Pros Portable Truck Scales Payload Pros offers remarkable weighing options that are not only accurate, but also versatile. Additionally, the site manufactures various weighing scale designs made of aluminum or steel, and are suitable for heavy to light duty application. Some of the incredible mining weighing solutions provided by the company include mining truck scales such as wheel weighers.

Payload Pro's portable weighing scales can be used to weigh off-road and over-the-road trucks . Other mining systems offered by Payload Pros include load volume scanner as well as on-board truck scales that optimize loading and haulage of products, and make recording and printing of data fast respectively.


AgWeigh Portable Truck Scales AgWeigh is one of the top leading manufacturers of agricultural weighing systems. If you are a farmer looking for reliable and affordable yield management software, truck scales as well as weighing systems, then AgWeigh is the right place for you. AgWeigh portable truck scale products are created bearing in mind the varying needs of farmers all over the world.

Some of the weighing solutions offered by AgWeigh include portable axle scales, which allow you to weigh farm inputs saving you a great deal of time, onboard truck scales that can be used in different conditions and applications and grain cart scales, which are created to work well under all conditions.

With on-board scales and weighing systems, farmers can enjoy ultimate efficiency and simplified weighing process at any time of the day. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as AgWeigh specializes in various systems to help support the crop weighing and harvest management needs of farmers all over the world.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3 Bush Hog Rotary Cutters for the Win

Bush Hog rotary cutters
There's little debate that Bush Hog rotary cutters are some of the best and most well-made land clearing machines on the market. Engineered to perfection and crafted using the finest Bush Hog parts and components, these rotary cutters are a win for various applications. If you're sold on Bush Hog for you next rotary cutter purchase, then check out these three models that gaining traction as some of the top choices.

Bush Hog BH16 Rotary Cutter

Bush Hog BH16 Rotary CutterFamous for its durability, the Bush Hog BH16 rotary cutter is suitable for pasture clipping and grass cutting. One thing that makes BH16 stand out however is that it has rear deflectors which provide much needed safety especially when one is embarking on massive projects.

The machine is built to last and its blades are passed through a heat treatment process to ensure long-lasting sharpness. Besides that, the Bush Hog BH16 rotary cutter is quite stable; its side bands are continuously welded and its rear band is well curved.

Additional Rotary Cutter Features

  • Available in different tractor colors
  • Strongly built to resist bending
  • East to find Bush Hog rotary cutter parts for the BH16 model
  • Splined output shafts built to resist thrust

Bush Hog 1815 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

The Bush Hog 1815 Flex-Wing rotary cutter is a high performance unit that is designed to take on all complex tasks like corn shredding, maintenance of drainage areas and general pasture maintenance. But despite it being tough looking, it is actually quite user friendly all thanks to its smooth decks and high performance cutting and distribution capacity.
Bush Hog 1815 Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter
Ideally, the Bush Hog 1815 Flex-Wing rotary cutter performs best on smaller acreage where precision matters more than heavy-lifting. For instance, it performs better at trimming ditches than any other model.

Additional Rotary Cutter Features

  • Halved axle spindles for quick and economical service
  • It has an improved wing design which provides adequate cover to exposed underneath structures
  • Uniquely designed center section blades for better cut even in the bottom of ditches

Bush Hog 2010 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

The Bush Hog 2010 Multi-Spindle rotary cutter is designed for pasture maintenance, heavy crop clearing and other big jobs that require a versatile machine. One thing that stands out about this machine is that it has a range of hitch types and mounting options. And unlike what you would ordinarily expect with a machine that is this flexible, the Bush Hog 2010 rotary cutter is built to withstand extreme duty providing great performance with minimal maintenance.
Bush Hog 2010 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter

You can choose from three available models in the Bush Hog 2010 Multi-Spindle series, which are – lift model, semi-mount model and pull model. As an orchard owner, you will be glad to learn that you can attend to your field using an offset version of this same model. And because the cutting width is quite large, you get to cover wider acreage in a short time.

Additional Rotary Cutter Features

  • 9 feet and 9 inches of cutting width
  • Its axles are rubber cushioned giving load protection even when the machine is running on a rough terrain
  • For maximum cutting performance, the blade tip is optimized for speed and the side bands are deeply entrenched
  • You can use a manual or hydraulic lift on the pull models

Final Word

When it comes to caring for your lawn, pasture, airstrip or orchard you want to invest in a rotary cutter that is capable of delivering good results. A good model is one that is easy to maintain and one that trims overgrown and unruly weeds without any hitches. Most importantly, you want to find a machine that leaves the grass looking nicer and healthy. Talking about quality, Bush Hog is one of the few manufacturers in the world that have adhered to strict quality standards over the years

Each rotary cutter from Bush Hog comes with its share of merits. However, each model is different in performance from its siblings. For instance, while BH16 is suitable for large acreage, the flexwing is best suited for rough terrain and the 2010 is preferred where flexibility is needed. So depending on your needs, it is easier to make an informed choice now.